Smogon Premier League X - Semi-Finals

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alright boys we had a good run. team full of super talented players but we hit our form in the first four weeks and needed to hit it in the last four instead, loved this run anyway, you're all good people and i'm happy to have worked with both new and old teammates. free bugzinator

ggs to the tyrants, not much else to say after a set like that

i'll be dropping rby teams and thoughts in the roa subforums so keep an eye out for that if you care. looking forward to finals as a spectator, thanks to everyone who participated and made SPLX as great as it was
Since we're 100% out now I'd like to get a few things off my chest.

First and foremost I would like to apologize to my teammates for not performing better when it mattered most. I really tried to bring the optimal team every week and have spent countless hours thinking about how I should best approach each week but I failed to cash in on those last few wins. I should have also been more helpful in tiers other than my own, I wish I had involved myself more with those.

Next I would like to thank the Wolfpack management for giving me this oppertunity to prove myself on the highest stage despite a rather unimpressive performance during Snake II and the entirety of the Wolfpack team for being such an enjoyable bunch, you guys made these past few months a bliss.

Before this tournament I was wondering why everybody was holding you in such a high regard but now I get it. You're not only amazing at bonding people for the same cause and bringing them together but also possess a great deal of knowledge across every competitive smogon tier.
Thanks for letting me run my crazy ideas but also involving yourself enough to be a great deal of help. Without your hard work and passion the Wolfpack wouldnt have been able to even make it to playoffs so I wholeheartedly think you deserve the biggest shoutout and are the best manager smogon has to offer.

You are the player I looked up to the most & I think its safe to say that we've become good friends after this experience. Testing and playing GSC/SM (as well as other gens) with you has been very fun and I think I was able to get a lot better because of those games. Thank your for carrying the Wolfpack and doing as much for the team as you did, out of everybody involved I'd love to team with you again the most.

The biggest steal of the entire auction. Not only did you prove to be a very active and enjoyable chat presence, you were also able to help the team in various different ways be it via teambuilding in NU, providing qualitative test games across multiple tiers and generations or beautiful visuals. I honestly think that you have a great mind for the game & have just set youself back unnecessarily with whatever happened on US West. Believe in yourself man, you're easily a high tier player when you want to be.

While your record doesnt exactly mirror the amount of work you've put in for the Wolfpack, you were nothing short of amazing for our team. Thank you for carrying 3 slots while being helpful in 5 others, you are one of the most solid teambuilers on smogon period and have been the best leader a new player could wish for. I didnt 100% agree with all the choices for ORAS / UU but I think thats always going to happen no matter who you team with & you did listen to my thoughts when I felt strongly about stuff be it in my own games or Terrakion in UU (please ban this monster btw).

The Idiot Ninja
You looked like a top tier RBY player throughout the tournament & knew exactly when to bring whatever wild techs you did. I honestly thought that you were way too abrasive at first but tbh I've kind of warmed up to you. I still dont agree with all of your opinions but keep doing you man, you're one of the greatest in this tier and lets play league again sometime =)

Technically not on the team but in reality you were one of the most important people on the Wolfpack, especially during the first half of the season. Thank you for testing with me and supporting some of my wilder ideas. Great job mentioning HP Ground on Ditto btw, even if it was meant as a joke.

Kick le 100!! Ive had a lot of fun tearing up SM OU alongside you during the regular season. 13-5 #10 ranked SM OU duo just felt insanely satisfying and I dont think people will count us out as easily going forward. That being said I dont agree with your team-choosing process whatsoever and feel like you could have done a better job listening to people when they had a sound argument like in the waterium vs icium Manaphy instance. Nevertheless, I dont have a lot to complain about when it comes to your overall performance and hope that we'll be seeing eachother again soon be it on the same or on the opposite side.

When we traded you the only think I knew about you was that you were one of mael's tutees and beat him in wcop qualifiers. Over the course of the tournament you managed to convince me that you are most definitely a solid DPP starter and your attitude towards prep and the tour in general has been great, thank you for being amazing.

Proving that OU players can pick up lower tiers and do well in them once again. You've done well this SPL, thank you for being on our team & bringing in those juicy wins. You werent the most active person but you involved yourself just enough and played your role on the team nicely.

Speaking of RU, thank you for all the effort you've put in for us be it building in RU or forging the optimal EV spreads for our Pokemon. You're a smart & well-spoken guy, I have a lot of respect for you in every regard possible.

Another fantastic 3k steal. You've been a tremendously good investment for the pack, adapting the the DOU meta from VGC in mere weeks and created the perhaps most notable team this SPL. You've been a nice presence overall and I'm excited to see where you go from here, thank you for being a part of the Wolfpack my Ice Beam clicking friend

For some reason we havent been able to interact a whole lot, I dont know if it was due to our difference in timezones, a fault on either of our sides or because your lower tier friends dont like me but the little interactions we did have have all been positive as far as I'm concerned. It sucks that your SPL didnt quite go the way you wanted it to but I loved the teams you people came up with in NU & am positive that you can do much better in coming tournaments.

Sucks, dude. I loved having you in the team chat, you were always super cheerful and fun so I feel extra bad that your SPL didnt go well. Unfortunately I know very little about ADV OU so I couldnt tell you what went wrong but especially during the earlier games you looked quite strong, actually. I hope you can find your style again and keep dominating the ADV OU scene.

Fuck. You looked really hot early in the season but there were quite a few things that didnt go your way. Between predictable teams, unfavorable luck and limited activity this season turned out to be quite unfortunate for you but I'm sure you could become a mainstay in BW OU if you keep at it and work on your flaws, you have a great feel for the game.

Thanks for jumping in when our UU player got banned. You know that I've been high on your abilities for a while now & I'm excited to see where you will go next since you could be making it big in any of SM OU, UU, NU or ORAS OU if you keep at it.

Thank you for jumping in during Fear's absence & putting up a solid performance. You've been a fun presence in chat all season and involved yourself a lot, I really appreciate that.

You're a solid enough player but I really wish you would involve yourself more. I've teamed with you twice now (Snake II being the other tour) and you've been very inactive both times, I wish we (particularly you) would have talked more.

We lost sorry lad :psycry:

Some of the most hilarious memories I have of this tournament involve you in some way, be it you trolling the entire smogon community, myself (31/30/31/30/30/1) or just turning your own channel into the selfie channel. Personally I think that your ban was pretty unjustified and you have really been missed on our team.

crayon pop Paraplegic
Thank you for helping our team out in DPP/ADV and DOU respectively and being good chat presences.

Shoutouts to the people that joined us by week 8/9

ABR BKC bro fist Nails

Thanks for trying to help us get this trophy, you've all (except nails
) put in a ton of effort for our sake just to see it go to waste. You're great players and I'd love to team with any of you.

As disappointing as going out in such a fashion may be, looking back on my successful first year (counting last years OST - this years SPL since I didnt participate in the last SPL) in the smogon tournament scene I can't help but get excited of what is to come. I've been enjoying myself a lot playing competitive Pokemon & would like to start looking more into lower tiers as well as older OU generations, this is but the beginning as far as I'm concerned.

And one last time for all of my newfound friends on the wolfpack, the people that have been supporting us or myself:

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