Smogon Premier League XI - Week 5

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kael came back in time for wcop LOL thank god.

We are safe now.
Ok Gama( Brazil Nick name fórum)

If you need me I'll be back in wcop.
And i rootinng for you Eternal Spirit in your game
SM OU: frisoeva vs Eternal Spirit.

and other question:
I don't have time for translate mcm vs dice
but whats is happen?
i remember, Romain is a good boy.
but pokémon is a serious business
good luck Romain in your match
I rootinng for you.

ADV OU: Blightbringerr vs McMeghan

Get a tip

If you have a good memory use the team, you training with me in spl3.
if you don't remember, send pm for me,
Because i have log .
ADV team mcm spl3 > spl eleven

I miss playing with you guys
Not open for further replies.

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