Smogon Premier League XI - Week 7

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@ bigs: fakes still hasnt accepted my discord friend request (sent on monday), and he hasnt logged in on smogon since friday, do something please. A last minute sub wont work. I can play friday, saturday and sunday afternoon, from 2 pm to 5/6 pm my time, and may try for sunday evening
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RBY OU: Caetano93 (100) vs (0) Nails

Tremble with fear, the doctor's been unchained! You think his 4-2 BW record looks good? Just WAIT until he destroys the RBY playerbase! You might think you're in the lead but you're not. He's behind you, he's in front of you, he's everywhere. How do you fight the fucking shadows? Your booms will miss, your Chansey will paralyze, his Alakazam will wake up after 0 turns of sleep and your Tauros will get crit by Dan fucking Ronaldo when you have a 99.99% chance of winning. The nightmares never truly go away..
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