Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - December 2008

^^someone give that guy an award right now!!!!

anyway, intresting to see how much I was using Cleffa compared to everyone. I use Docile nature
My prediction last month did not come true. Neither Rayquaza nor Groudon have taken the #1 spot, and Kyogre remains the #1 most used pokemon (and as of right now, I don't see that changing) and by a respectable margin. For the first time in this ladder's history, the RSE trio's grip on the top 3 has been shattered. There are a number of reasons for this. One battler, by himself, had significantly impacted usage by himself by using the same team repeatedly (Darkrai/Dialga/Groudon/Mewtwo/Scizor/Rayquaza). Out of the 4249 uber battles last month, he played in a staggering 1022 of them, meaning that he is responsible for approximately 12% of all usages that month. To my knowledge, he has played very little this month, so any conclusions on shifts in usages must keep this in mind. Second, Darkrai and Dialga still rose this month (especially for the former). I'll go into more detail on these individually.
Amazing how that one battler single handedly had a huge impact on the entire month's statistics. The pool of dedicated Uber players is really small, and the statistics can be skewed pretty strongly by one person.
Hard to believe that a few months ago, you said: "Scizor is a good sweeper!"
and people laughed at you - now look it!

Suprised that Lucaro is still in the top ten also!
| Blissey | Move | Thunder Wave | 39.9 |
| Blissey | Move | Toxic | 27.5 |
| Blissey | Move | Thunder Wave | 42.1 |
| Blissey | Move | Toxic | 31.2 |
| Blissey | Move | Toxic | 40.3 |
| Blissey | Move | Thunder Wave | 36.5 |
This is one important thing to notice. I used Vire a lot this month, and did noticed a fall in it's importance within the team.
This is the proof that DPP is following RSE steps, with TSS teams gaining more importance and a much stallier metagame...
Can't wait until this month's usage statistics. It'll give good insight into New UU and help players understand what they need to look for if they want to get into it.

I foresee Jirachi passing Azelf for number one lead ._. Tyranitar may drop a bit because of Jirachi. That's just theory though (see next).

I haven't been playing Standard practically at all this month, so I can't make any definite predictions about what'll change in Standard.

I wonder if Parasect Uber usage will rocket :P

Speculation anybody? For all tiers (bar suspect)?
From what I've seen, the most common lead is Metagross and I don't blame it so it'll probably see an increase in lead percentages.

Heatran is on every other team I see.. scratch that, make that about every team I see. They are becoming rather predictable.

If Heatran increases in usage, I could see an increase in P2's but this month I didn't see too many.
Yes, lead Metagross is easily one of the most common leads you will find. Extremely consistent at getting the rocks down, forces Suicide leads to do only 1 thing with MM/BP, and can go boom. Good stuff. The rise in this Metagross usage seems to have led to less Azelfs and Aerodactyl, who can only set up rocks and do nothing else, while Heatran and Nape leads have gone up. Tyranitar seems to have lost some of his touch too (probably those Metagross leads).

I think panamaxis had a lot to do with Metagross, showing off Metagross on his offensive team. I saw it on his RMT, and tried it on my that same day, and have used it since.

MixMence usage has gone way up too, and lots more Salamence are running max speed (because other Salamence are).

From what I have seen, Scarf Flygon has gotten even more popular, and so has LO Cune.

Idk why but I still see Electivire a lot...people don't seem to get the damn thing just kinda sucks.

For Ubers: I'm not sure how accurate I am, since I keep playing the same people "mostly"
MixQuaza is waaaay up. I see far more MixQuaza than any other kind.

Otherwise, except for some more Scizor leads, less Deoxys leads, and a few other minor things, nothing much has changed.
Nah, E-vire has always been like this, where everyone wonders how it's OU, but it stays in anyways. Personally, Donphan and Ninjask are more confusing to me as to how they are OU than E-vire.
And I'll agree with the Metagross lead - panamaxis's lead is absolutely amazing..

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