Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - October 2008

I would like to thank you so much for this. It has been invaluable in set development and writing stages of peer editing. Thanks a ton.
It's amazing how much work you have done for the community. Thanks a ton. These statistics help a lot in the development of the metagame.

Deoxys-S as the number one lead even after getting banned is insane, and only then did people realize it was such a great lead in Ubers.

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In response to Frost's post: I wouldn't think that far, because even with Platinum's improvements, it still lacks all of the ingredients that make Celebi and Skymin good and reliable autoheal!
(even with the Skymin usgae looking to fall....)

As usual, great job and thanks to Doug =)


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When Doug gets the chance. It's usually done by the 5th or 6th day of the month.

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Guys, we should be patient, Doug is kind enough doing all of this for us on top of his real life obligations and priorities. :/


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Blame Game, will you marry me?

Yeah, I'm really anxious to see these but Doug has so much stuff to do in his real life and does all these nice things for us so I understand.

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