Smogon Snake Draft I - Introduction

I apologize to the Tigers and the rest of SPL VIIIs players that I allowed this to happen under my watch.

I simply cannot understand those who seek to remove all element of tactics from a game such as this. For me, Pokemon is almost entirely about internal validation - "am I smart enough to win this game?" When you remove all of these factors, when you make it so that you will win 99 out of 100 times, you are seeking only external validation - a "GOAT" in SmogTours chat. To me this is such a sorry state of being.


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The only way an online gaming community remains intact and running is if people play fair and show sportsmanship. It's incredibly easy to cheat when you aren't playing face to face, here we gain nothing by it, maybe 10k people maximum in the world will see your trophy, maybe 1000 will care. Play this for the fun of it, not for some intangible "fame". People who cheat and manipulate the system to win are not only pathetic, but they are actively tearing this site and this game down. If you find any enjoyment in playing this game at a competitive level you should not tolerate cheating of any kind.
It only took 7 months of hoping and praying for justice, but in the end the wait was worth it. Shoutouts to my brothers obii and CrashinBoomBang for their tireless efforts in making this possible. Also, a special shoutout to every single person on Scoots and outside scoots who believed me when I said I was cheated, you guys are OGs. In the end, "karma" did strike and sent you all the way back to Grand Slam IV - hope you enjoyed your few months of fame you insufferable cheating piece of trash.

With Mazar out of the way, there is still a special leader of a special clan who will get ethered soon as well, get ready motherfucker you're next.

Love you Scooters brothers always, this was a long long time coming... scoot scoot

In the end though, if Scooters ever need me, and we have to do a tiebreak, I'll be ready.

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I remember watching this game and thinking why does Mazar keep using substitute. Zygarde can just Extreme Speed. Now we know -- he knew Zygarde didn't have Extreme Speed. This is shameful, but I am really impressed by those who figured it out. Sorry to all the innocent members on the Tigers. Nobody deserves this.


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Just woke up and saw the post.
How the heck is possible that every official tournament has to end this way? What's the point of playin a 3+ game on an unofficial site if not just havin fun and prove yourself you're good?
You win no money, you're not becoming famous and the range of people that will see these extra pixels under your nickname is extremely low.
I personally find cheating not just uncorrect and pointless, but it's kinda boring too. Playing matches you're going to win the 100% of the times, is that really exciting? And most important, you're playin in a team tournament, man. This means that if you have an unfair behavior, it will effect not just you, but every mate too, even if they act properly. Play the game if you enjoy it. Sneaking, cheating, ghosting... That's not what I'd define "enjoying", honestly. Thats prolly the attitude of people who can't reach any personal achievement (in game, but prolly in life too) on its own and has to rely on unfair shortcuts like that.
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