Smogon Snake Draft I - Introduction


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I feel players like Gondra, Tricking and Ojama are ranked lower than they should be... but I won't really get into that. Other than that, it was a really interesting read, good job with these Power Rankings :) I'm thrilled for tomorrow's match-ups! Good luck to all the competition (except if they play us, of course lol)
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Apparently I can't post this in the replay thread so rip me. Sorry Mazary apparently it's disrespectful but fuck Finch.

Since I'll never see the games live, some replays I'm looking forward to are:

[LEVI] Finchinator vs. blunder [SIDE]
[NAGA] FlamingVictini vs. Leftiez [SERP]
[TAIP] iloveleague vs. imsosorrylol [ASTR]
[BUSH] ABR vs. imsosorrylol [ASTR]
[ASTR] Nedor vs. Posho [SIDE]
[TAIP] njnp vs. Posho [SIDE]
[BUSH] Omfuga vs. reyscarface [RATT]
[NAGA] Alexander vs. John [RATT]

[PITV] teal6 vs. Sacri' [NAGA]
[PITV] teal6 vs. Pearl [GLID]
[PITV] teal6 vs. bugzinator [BUSH]

[TAIP] -Tsunami- vs. Mael [ASTR]
[TAIP] -Tsunami- vs. col49 [SIDE]
[TAIP] -Tsunami- vs. Chill Shadow [RATT]
[PITV] Ajna vs. Meru [NAGA]

[PITV] meeps vs. Kushalos [NAGA]
[LEVI] FLCL vs. Hootie [SIDE]
[NAGA] Kushalos vs. Lax [SERP]
[NAGA] Kushalos vs. Rodriblutar [RATT]

[TAIP] ZoroDark vs. OP [ASTR]
[LEVI] Dundies vs. Kingler12345 [SIDE]
[ASTR] OP vs. Kingler12345 [SIDE]
[TAIP] ZoroDark vs. GOAO [RATT]
[BUSH] Sken vs. OP [ASTR]

[TAIP] Pohjis vs. thimo [ASTR]
[TAIP] Pohjis vs. Evuelf [SIDE]
[TAIP] Pohjis vs. Fireburn [RATT]
[NAGA] Mazar vs. M Dragon [SERP]
[NAGA] Mazar vs. Fireburn [RATT]
[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. Mazar [NAGA]
[PITV] Lacus Clyne vs. The Trap God [BUSH]
[GLID] Arii Stella vs. Dice [LEVI]
[GLID] Arii Stella vs. M Dragon [SERP]
[LEVI] Dice vs. M Dragon [SERP]

[PITV] Level 51 vs. miltankmilk [NAGA]
[PITV] Level 51 vs. marilli [BUSH]
[PITV] Level 51 vs. MajorBowman [GLID]
[TAIP] Biosci vs. Memoric [ASTR]
[TAIP] Biosci vs. Kaori [SIDE]
[TAIP] Biosci vs. Stax [RATT]
[GLID] MajorBowman vs. Jhon [LEVI]
[PITV] miltankmilk vs. Stax [RATT]
[BUSH] marilli vs. Memoric [ASTR]
[BUSH] marilli vs. Stax [RATT]

Go Mazar, Posho, and Dice :3


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I know this isn't technically the right forum, but this is the active tournament, is a current topic, and SPL is coming up anyway.

I'd like to sincerely apologize to the teams that Mazar shafted with his debauchery during SPL (probably every team?), especially to the Raiders & Scooters who we played in semis and finals. This is a fuckin' atrocity, a mockery of our tournaments and the players that participate in them.

To the best of my knowledge, no other Tiger was involved whatsoever and, if they were as oblivious as I was, didn't think twice about the success Mazar was having. I had bought the whole "I've changed" thing kit and caboodle, maybe because I'm a good-hearted schmuck who typically sees the best in people until they rip the facade away.

So thanks, Mazar, for ruining our tournament run with your stupid-ass antics, for completely and entirely invalidating the effort and heart the rest of the team put into building, testing, and playing. Tama and Roro and everyone else deserved their victories, but you singlehandedly stole the glory and pride of victory from them. Thanks for ruining three official tournaments with your despicable, shameful behavior and continuously undermining literally everyone that played with and against you. What a goddamn feat.

Let's all share a resounding

fuck mazar

Have a nice day.
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