Smogon Snake Draft II - Stage 2, Week 5

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Lost gg, i planed to take a huge break from this game bc of this night wasted but hey i got picked, huge thanks to my managers for picking me without know anything from me and i hope i did a great job as a sub, i tried my best. Thanks for letting me start sometimes even if that wasnt my main tiers, i had a lot fun at learning new tiers. You guys are incredible and it was a lot of fun talking with you, i learnt a lot on the irl part as the pokemon part and thanks for all the kind words, if you ever need me for something... s/o to the whole team i love you guys, cclm, bushtush and ilovemilk for helping us you guys were incredible, and the friends that i met throught the tour like tricking, GL serpents! :D


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won vs ezrael, gg

i'd like to say thank you to chill shadow and snaga for drafting me and each one of my amazing teammates, these months have been really fun and wish to share team with you any other time on the future :psyglad:
As for me, I'm really glad I could finish positive on my first big team tour and even more after my bad start. Huge s/o to KyleCole for joining the team chat to help me and giving me tips on how to deal with this kind of tours when things aren't going as you wished they were, really appreciate it man :)
Im gonna keep this short but since my team is officially out I’d like to just shoutout the entire cobras team for being so chill in chat through both wins and losses and not being a boring room. I hope snaga and chillshadow get their recognition since people had doubts bc theyre “new” which is bs. This was a fun tournament and I’m glad i got to experience it with you guys. Go cobras and shoutouts to all the others who helped except bushtush.
i just wanna say im super happy about our team and lycans and it was really a fun ride, narrowly losing out some weeks was disappointing of course but im still happy of the performances of everyone. To the dudes that were disappointed by some losses i hope u dont take it too seriously and just learn from them to improve because u guys seriously have all the potential in the world. thx to the TDs or whoever made the decision to give us a chance, i really appreciate it.
special shoutouts to ILoveMilk, Bushtush and KyleCole for joining our chat from the start and helping out as if they were part of the team. And to Nat as well who joined in stage 2 and helped a lot.
i really feel like i learned a lot this tour and i know i can improve for a future manager run and do better and im only sorry i couldnt be the best manager to these dudes who deserved it.
Hopefully i'll see u guys in spl and team with u again (snaga said ok btw!!)


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ggs serpents and good luck in playoffs! i'm obviously very disappointed to not make the top 3 after all those finals in a row, but it was bound to happen eventually and we just weren't good enough today. levi and edu, you were especially incredible and deserved better from the rest of us.

good luck to the remaining teams and i'll obviously be back not playing in spl x :bloblul:


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I know at end of the tour ppl always says the same was a good season etc but for my part i'll say i enjoyed these months.
To my managers I hope have covered his expectatives you guys really drafted a good team, I always end in the French team somehow haha and i couldnt asked for a better one tho they always work so well together.

had the oportunity to play next to a player as Cdumas :toast: (ur vision of the game is amazing dude LOL) and Tamahome which was something i was waiting for.

SMB me alegra de poder haber jugado contigo en tu primer tour oficial lo hiciste estupendamente como esperaba, has evoluciona como player tan rapidamente :weary:

And finally a special mention to Corazan.. to be such a great teammate one of the best i ever had :heart: also for Bushtush (RIP) even when u were recommending me to use sub gengar every didnt have any obligation to help me during these months and you did ur best idt i could've get these wins without ur help this tour. this record belongs you as well.
Well, I want to start by thanking TonyFlygon & ABR for trusting me as a player. I feel I could've given more though sadly I didn't because of me playing like a pussy. I am really sorry for that, and I hope that you can keep trusting me as a player for future tournaments. It gives me a bad feeling leaving the tour like this because I was so excited to keep playing and show all that people that call me a bad player that I can really be worth playing this.
Thanks to all Bushmasters for an overall good experience, and a huge shoutout to ABR & BKC for always being there helping with ideas and with teambuilding. You're both incredible players with whom I would always like to be on a team!
Also special thanks to rozes for playing 59861548 test games with me even though you were at work :cwl:
Finally, I really hope that you enjoyed being on a team with me! And specially hope that I was useful to the point where you'd like to repeat the experience of having a beaner on your team.
See you all on SPL!! (I hope)

Serpents to win all
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I don't understand. Where is this hate for abr coming from? Is it malice? Is it jealousy? Not jealousy about our record, of course - though we fought tooth and nail to the bitter end, our poor luck in earlier weeks unfortunately proved to be our downfall. Perhaps it's jealousy over his tremendous ability, though. After all, he is not only one of the greatest Pokemon players of today, but quite possibly of all time. I didn't know much about him before I joined the team, only that one of my closest friends, starmaster, worshiped him as a god. Having spent a season working with abr, I can see that this was justified. The power he wields when he performs a post-battle analysis is frightening to behold, the way he effortlessly moulds mediocre teams into the top squads of any tier he touches almost magical. Not once did I find myself unimpressed by his brains, his skill, his work ethic. I would call him the kingler12345 of level 100, but he is far more suave. He is my idol, and I will forever be grateful for tony and abr choosing to take me under their wing.

Rest of the team was great too - thanks for the season guys :heart:
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