Smogon Snake Draft II - Stage 2, Week 5

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lost gg

Thanks Arifeen and Teddeh for drafting me on your team, I had a fun time playing NU and being around for my first snake tour. I'm gonna keep this short but I want to thank the whole team + chat for the relaxed but supportive environment whether we won or lost weeks. Huge shoutouts to the NU community for all the kind words :D


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it's always hard to post after this marvelous insight by z0mOG....

Won vs Mysterious M, gg.

Shoutouts Bro Kappa & LittleBigPlanet2 for the team. Wof sucks tbh :3. I had fun this Snake even if i didn't end up managing, which was what i signed up for. Enjoyable team environment, thank to whoever took part in our team discussions (in particular to the exclusive nagger fob and woatli groups and [22$G] gang) - it was very nice to find people from other teams/unpicked players cheering for us and being very helpful without a direct gain. Thanks to my memegers for believing in me as a r2 pick, too. I wanted to add that me + ES are the best Clash Royale duo even if he INTs too often.

Good luck to Serpents (poshomilas & free elo din) and Cobras (Corazan milas et la famille :D). Byez.
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i won a game of pokemon, gg!!
i would like to deeply appologize to my team for my poor performance, something about team tours just makes me not play my best, i feel pressured to win and judged everytime i lose, and it gets worse with each loss witch just piles up and makes the game really unenjoyable for me, i think i will stick to playing individual tours from now on as that where i get most of my fun out of this game, and where i can play my best.
i would also like to appologize to anyone i may have been unpolite(or straight up an asshole) to during the period of this tour, i was seriously tilted and it took everything from me to not just pop off at everyone around me
sincere appologies to KW, as while i will man up to everything i said about your questionable plays or whatever the results are still crystal clear, and im far from having my own results to back me up on any of the claims i make, so congratulations on your showing and good luck in spl
shoutout slurmz for being 30x more useful to my team than i was
peace :)
won vs finch, gg.

shoutout to gama for the team, glad it got me a W in my only OU official game lol. also just wanna thank teddeh and feen for drafting me, especially so early. wanna thank my whole team as well as everyone else in our discord that helped out, you all honestly made it a really fun tour. shoutout to everyone on this site i've gotten to know and talk to over the past few years. it's been nice bros, peace.


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alright my teams out so i thought id do some shoutouts for the jerk

im personally satisfied with how this tour went though we didnt make poffs. I feel I played with few regrets even in the games I lost and even though a few things didnt go my way, 3-3 still aint bad for what a collection of 12? experts in the field determined to be the 2nd worst player in the tour.
first off id like to thank my managers Arifeen and Teddeh for drafting me and Tricking for believing in me as both an ou player and as a lover

thanks to everyone on the team and in chat for making this an enjoyable tour. im glad i got to get to know everyone esp Realistic Waters for being the goat as well as setting Jytcampbell on his loss streak, Dundies for being swole irl, and Eternal Spirit for being one of my favorite users to talk to in chat despite being my most disliked smogon user as recently as wcop:blobshrug:.

s/o to the naggers woatli, hmnip, rabbit, as well as LL and slurmz for actual support and tryhardery in addition to their naggotry
s/o 22$G BIG$Z for havin the biggest BAgs of money on the site in stark contrast to Empo -or and fatty for bein an ol tarter sauce lookin ass
also s/o to teal6 for sending me a nice pm after wcop even though we had never spoken before

I was pleasantly surprised with the chat quality even though it was kinda toxic (which was to be expected given the people) but maybe it was the mutual toxicity that made it work. I'll wrap this up with wholesome logs of my team giving feedback on one of my builds

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 1.27.28 PM.png
bet yall thought i forgot to s/o Will of Fire hahhahahhahaha - Hiye

Edit: also s/o to FMG for unironically losing to rozes
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LC KING GAMA strikes again, dang this tier is so easy.

i won gg op

Was a cool season astrotias, our lineup being ranked last (or dead last af like some ridiculous user said) def motivated us in the start, specially knowing that we had a lot of good names in our roster and one of the strongest ou cores. Things didnt work that well in the end tho, specially our lower tiers, but theres nothing to regret here and im proud of you all for the effort you all put on it the whole tour. Our team atmosphere was cool too and i def wanna team again with you guys in the future. Ty baril chat as usual, outsider friends and the people who joined the chat to help (there were a lot btw, like literally more non players than actual players), i didnt do as well as ive doing in team tours lately but 6-3 is p fine anyway and i got a lot of help in you guys. Im still thinking if i wanna join spl this time again to wrawn some nerds but idk yet, for now i wish the best of luck to my remaining friends and lmk if you ever need something.
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