Smogon Snake Draft III - Week 5

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Tournament Rules and General Guidelines


Ambrette Astrotias (8) vs (2) Berry Forest Bushmasters
OU: Tamahome vs z0mOG
OU: Cdumas vs blarghlfarghl
OU: Updated Kanto vs xtra$hine
OU: Santu vs Vore Gidal
DOU: Mint16 vs SMB
UU: Lycans vs yeezyknows
RU: Feliburn vs SPACE FORCE meeps
NU: Jrdn vs Eternally
PU: false vs Serene Grace
LC: ZoroDark vs tazz

Terminus Taipans (8) vs (2) Shinto Ruin Serpents

OU: ABR vs Star
OU: le LLiolae vs yjh971203
OU: Mana vs BKC
OU: ima vs Sacri'
DOU: Ezrael vs Demantoid
UU: robjr vs DurzaOffTopic
RU: Alpha Rabbit vs Nat
NU: Sjneider vs 0NI
PU: Teddeh vs soulgazer
LC: jake vs BurntZebra

Lake of Rage Leviathans (6) vs (4) Sky Tower Lindworms

OU: Charmflash vs Indigo Plateau
OU: Insult vs xImRaptor
OU: Tace vs Lopunny Kicks
OU: Welli0u vs Relous
DOU: emforbes vs Croven
UU: Corazan vs HT
RU: roman vs Ajna
NU: Garay oak vs col49
PU: Xiri vs tom holland
LC: Luthier vs trash

Black City Mambas (8) vs (2) Celadon City Cobras

OU: xray vs Eo Ut Mortus
OU: Heroic Troller vs KingKdot
OU: PDC vs dice
OU: Empo vs FMG
DOU: Human vs qsns
UU: Christo vs Accelgor
RU: Averardo vs UltraBallz
NU: ict vs Finchinator
PU: Sam I Yam vs Raiza
LC: LilyAC vs Kingler12345

Rumble Hall Rattlers (4) vs (6) Lanakila Nagas

OU: frisoeva vs Tricking
OU: TonyFlygon vs ramboss
OU: teal vs Kebab mlml
OU: TPP vs Jimmy Turtwig
DOU: Spurrific vs Nails
UU: SoulWind vs Adaam
RU: TDK vs Kink
NU: Kushalos vs Plas
PU: rozes vs Sam
LC: London13 vs Osh

Deadline will be September 29th, 10:00 PM EST.
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Ambrette Astrotias (5) vs (4) Berry Forest Bushmasters

OU: Tamahome vs z0mOG | This is a tricky one. Gonna go against the sheet a bit. I think Tama's a better player overall, but z0m should be better at SM OU from what I've seen. Small edge.
OU: Cdumas vs blarghlfarghl | Well, the blargh bolding streak was fun while it lasted. Perhaps he will be bolded again next week against inferior competition. Cdumas is back to his spreadsheet warrior ways, and there's nothing I love more than a sheet bandwagon.
OU: Updated Kanto vs xtra$hine | Kanto's been on fire and I'm not too convinced about xtra yet so
OU: Santu vs Vore Gidal | Vore is a new gens player from Oceania...that really says all you need to know about his skill level LOL Santu's had some nice results across diff tours lately so.
DOU: Mint16 vs SMB
UU: Lycans vs Amane Misa | Lycans is still one of the hottest players of 2019 and Misa is still pretty unproven. Big edge
RU: Feliburn vs SPACE FORCE meeps | meeps got back on track last week after a poor start. Look for him to keep it rolling here against a struggling mainer in Feliburn.
NU: Jrdn vs Eternally | I still don't think Jrdn is very good and Eternally has had a decent tour + solid Slam performance.
PU: false vs Taskr | the BKC of PU is outperforming the real BKC. Also, I'm definitely not bolding false LOOOL come on ppl u kno the drill he's like -9 on the sheet
LC: ZoroDark vs tazz | tazz has looked shaky and he's very unproven in non meme tours. ZoroClick has been solid lately and he usually gets some wins. Decent edge.

Terminus Taipans (4) vs (5) Shinto Ruin Serpents

OU: ABR vs Star | Should be fire. ABR's uncharacteristically struggled, but no way this man is gonna be negative. Star's heat af though so this should be a good one. Small edge.
OU: le LLiolae vs yjh971203 | LLL miraculously took down Clicking last week. Not a huge yjh believer but he's looked better in the games I've seen of hin than LLL.
OU: Mana vs BKC | bro LOL IS THE GOAT GONNA BE 0-5? It's definitely possible. Mana is decent enough and usually puts up a solid record. There's really no evidence that BKC is good at SM OU so...yeah. Slight edge out of respect.
OU: ima vs Sacri' | ima has gotten some surprising wins but Sacri is a better player
DOU: Ezrael vs Demantoid
UU: robjr vs DurzaOffTopic | LOL how the fuck is rob with god tier support 0-4. Durza's still unproven as fuck and his only win came off the donation of the year, although he did play well generally in that 1. Gonna trust the body of work in what is in theory a good bounceback spot.
RU: Alpha Rabbit vs Nat | Nat is pretty much gonna be bolded every week so. Also, Rabbit doesn't exactly seem to be very good.
NU: Sjneider vs 0NI |really bolding this obii knockoff LOL Sjneider has crashed back to earth after a solid start while 0ni has 2 surprising wins. Both these players are probably below average so I'm going with the hot hand.
PU: Teddeh vs soulgazer | I'm a big believer and Teddeh and think he can definitely end with a heat record after some misfortune. This is lower tier god SG, though, the king of the sheet who might just 9-0 these bums LOL
LC: jake vs BurntZebra | Zeb's looked surprisingly solid. Going against Star is tough, but gonna trust the proven veteran once more.

Lake of Rage Leviathans (6) vs (3) Sky Tower Lindworms

OU: Charmflash vs -Tsunami- | by some miracle, I beat Tama last week LOOOL Got off to good start after he sacked Scizor and the mu was p free from there. I still don't play this tier tho like LOL and I'm in terrible form. Charm should be solid enough to take this.
OU: Insult vs xImRaptor | Insult is blazing hot, and is smashing ppl in Snake. Raptor has surprisingly done pretty decently, but I'm not convinced yet. Going with the hot hand
OU: Tace vs Lopunny Kicks | Tace is prob like decent but spreadsheet warrior Lop Kicks is def better. Solid edge.
OU: Welli0u vs Relous | Not the biggest fan of the Well when hes not farming bad player pools. Relous has been pretty fire this tour and should take this.
DOU: emforbes vs Croven
UU: Corazan vs HT | What kind of black magic did HT use to be 3-1 LOOOL HOW WTF no way bros. Corazan meanwhile might be the luckiest player in the tour LOOL this guy's probably fucking ass but at least he's still in Slam I guess. Gonna trust the luck against a bad player.
RU: roman vs Ajna | Ajna against an unproven mainer who is probably garbdicks. Next
NU: Garay oak vs col49 | Garay got back on track last week. Meanwhile, 49 has looked shaky at best and things dont get any easier here. This should be close, though. Minimal edge.
PU: Xiri vs tom holland | Spiderman finds himself back in the lineup after Indigo Plateau, to absolutely no one's surprise, got fucking demolished again LOL tom can't possibly be much better, though. His plays have been suspect at best, and he threw what seemed like an autowin mu in his debut. He just might not be good enough to be viable on the big stage. No idea if Xiri isn't awful, but at least he has a win lol.
LC: Luthier vs trash | The Lindworms LC has been an abject disaster this tour LOL both trash and tko have struggled mightily, and Luthier has had some nice moments. Decent edge.

Black City Mambas (1) vs (7) Celadon City Cobras

OU: xray vs Eo Ut Mortus | xray has been decent, but Eo has been jesus this tour. Decent edge.
OU: Rexus vs Jytcampbell | ah. our first cross out of the week LMAO Jyt is garbage 4 sure and Rexus is a PU main
OU: PDC vs dice | Are u kidding me LOL WHAT YEAR IS THIS? PDC??? LOOL DIDNT THIS MAN SAY HE WASNT PLAYING TOO oh my god. He is definitely washed and dice has been heat as fuck. Big edge.
OU: Empo vs FMG | Still think Empo is a bit overrated and I like FMG slightly more. Minimal edge.
DOU: Human vs Tman
UU: Christo vs Accelgor | Accel has been a threat but come on people. THE BEST UUER CANNOT BE NEGATIVE. Christo is too good. Big edge.
RU: Averardo vs UltraBallz | UB is solid enough to beat a mainer that is probably garbage bop.
NU: ict vs Finchinator | Should be close, but I think Finch is a slightly better player currently.
PU: Sam I Yam vs Raiza | He's 3-1 with his only loss coming to sg so sure have your token bold against a clown.
LC: LilyAC vs Kingler12345 | I said Kingler at 2nd was absurd...but 0-4? LOL jesus he should at least get a few wins ppl. I thought 4-5 was a lock tbh. Not too convinced by Lily so here u go Loaf. Small edge.

Rumble Hall Rattlers (6) vs (2) Lanakila Nagas

OU: frisoeva vs Tricking | Clicking usually wins in 2019 and the other dude may or may not be a meme
OU: TonyFlygon vs ramboss | idk how tf ramboss beat ABR but LOL I don't really think he's that good and Tony is solid enough. Decent edge.
OU: teal vs Kebab mlml | who the living fuck is this?? LOL what the hell his name is tilting me tbh. teal's been good. Big edge.
OU: TPP vs Jimmy Turtwig | yeah idk LOL no predict.
DOU: Spurrific vs Nails
UU: SoulWind vs Adaam | Still not too high on Adaam and SW's obv one of the best players in the past few years. With neutral luck, he would be 2-0 and he's definitely a better player overall.
RU: TDK vs Kink | Not entirely convinced about RU TDK, but he's definitely better than King UU LOL come on people.
NU: Kushalos vs Plas | The other guy is really unproven and probably trash and Kush is fire.
PU: rozes vs Ktütverde | I feel like Ktut literally lucks every week LOL bolding rumblers pu is like stabbing yourself but idk LOL I'll trust shiloh to tryhard and perhaps outplay.
LC: London13 vs Osh | Osh has been decent enough and he's way more proven than wannabe London Beats
false vs taskr - taskr has proven to be fantastic and should honestly be 3-1 rn if he did not get lucked vs ktut. on the other hand, i think False is a good player but I for one have been underwhelmed by HJAD support, even though I had high expectations of it. Small edge to taskr.

Teddeh vs soulgazer - I might seem like a maniac bolding Teddeh against soulgazer after recent results, ,but hear me out. Teddeh got lucked two games in a row now, and he knows good and well that he is better than what his record says. He will probably tryhard AF this week and make sure he is in his top form. I will be shocked if he gets haxed AGAIN, and I do think that we will see a 100% epic gamer mode Teddeh this week which will be enough to snag a win from the also-epic Soulgazer. I do think soulgazer is one of the best players in the pool along with Teddeh though, and this will be an epic game. Very small edge to Teddeh, I would typically see soulgazer winning this but after Teddeh got haxed twice he will come back this week with rage and vengeance.

Sam I Yam vs Raiza - I think Sam I Yam is a fantastic dude and mons player but Raiza has been consistent and the only game he has lost is vs soulgazer, who teched tf out of him with some insane chople kabutops set. soulgazer really teched him which is super impressive that he did so, but I don't see anyone else doing the same thing to Raiza. A small edge to raiza, because Sam the Yam is good and could definitely make this game interesting.

rozes vs ktutverde - ktut has been lucking people like a madman, and his strength is gaining matchup advantage vs people. rozes literally has zero stuff to go off of for scouting and ct'ing and is solid enough of a player to clutch this i am pretty sure. It will still be close though bc it isnt like ktut is bad or anything, and if the chef doesn't help rozes build, it could be a subpar team on rozes part anyways bc IDK how much rozes has built for PU in the past. small edge to rozes

overall all of these games are really close


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OU: Tamahome vs z0mOG - neither has been doing too great but I think z0m has a better grasp of the meta and is a better builder so he can prob take this
OU: Cdumas vs blarghlfarghl - took long enough for blargh to lose a game and this week doesn’t look better for him, Cdu’s showed that he’s still good and brings generally solid teams every week so I’d expect him to win
OU: Updated Kanto vs xtra$hine - Kanto’s on a hot streak rn and I don’t see xtra stopping him unless he handicaps himself in the builder
OU: Santu vs Vore Gidal - Vore had a decent wcop performance and has looked more impressive than Santu, slight edge

OU: ABR vs Star - ABR’s off to an uncharacteristically average start and is against another opponent that knows him very well, he’s def the better player but if he gets cteamed again he could be looking at a negative record going into w6
OU: le LLiolae vs yjh971203 - never been a fan of yjh and he makes too many mistakes for me to feel confident in him beating Lio who isn’t amazing but is certainly better
OU: Mana vs BKC - yea BKC’s not doing good rn, between predictable team structures and sloppy playing I don’t think his losing streak is coming to an end here
OU: ima vs Sacri' - ima’s had a decent showing across a few tiers and Sacri’s fairly inconsistent so this could be a close one, expecting Sacri to take it regardless but I wouldn’t be surprised if ima pulled the upset

OU: Charmflash vs -Tsunami- - no reason to believe shake’s gonna stop charm’s killing spree
OU: Insult vs xImRaptor - Insult’s been fire lately whereas Raptor’s coming off an intriguing loss where he definitely got the shorter end of the stick in terms of luck, doubt he’ll put an end to winsult
OU: Tace vs Lopunny Kicks - on the other side of the spectrum Tace is on a cold streak in snake and is coming off 3 weeks in a row of poorly executed games, he got bailed against tpp last week and odds are he will find a way to flinch down a Magearna with Gren or something to win this one, gotta bold Lop Kicks nevertheless
OU: Welli0u vs Relous - not sure how good well is at ou and Relous has looked hot and is 4-0 I believe so he should take it

OU: frisoeva vs Tricking - a Tricking loss in sm is a rare sight, 2 in a row is hard to believe and friso prob won’t be the one to make it happen
OU: TonyFlygon vs ramboss - ramboss’ w1 loss is hard to forget about and even though he beat ABR last week I think he will struggle against Tony who’s had some solid wins so far
OU: teal vs Kebab mlml - I don’t think either is particularly good at sm but teal seems like a generally more solid player as a whole so he should be favored
OU: TPP vs Jimmy Turtwig - TPP played nice last week and is very dedicated so I’ll give him a slight edge against Jimmy who’s still kind of a question mark to me in sm, especially after his team choice last week


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UU: Lycans vs Amane Misa (50-50) pretty high on both of these looking forward to a good game
RU: Feliburn vs SPACE FORCE meeps (50-50) i have no idea who to bold here

UU: robjr vs DurzaOffTopic (65-35) rob was off to a rough first half but hes still got a significant edge over durza
RU: Alpha Rabbit vs Nat (30-70) hard not to bold nat here after her performance so far and rabbits been somewhat shaky

UU: Corazan vs HT (45-55) i have tried to erase coras boltbeam blissey from last week from my mind but to no avail so ht gotta do it
RU: roman vs Ajna (40-60) cool matchup giving the edge to ajna still but i def see some upset potential from roman

UU: Christo vs Accelgor (0-100) yeezy clapped christo last week and i can only see accel continuing the trend here (fr tho thisll be a hard one accel gl)
RU: Averardo vs UltraBallz (40-60) ive been enjoying both of these guys builds so far and id say the mu is pretty even but as a former cobra im biased

UU: SoulWind vs Adaam (45-55) close but i trust the uu open champion to bring this one home
RU: TDK vs Kink (60-40) not too keen on kinks builds so im bolding the overall more accomplished player tho ill be happy to see kink upset
Coach Carter gimmick corner with PU predictions;

False 51 vs 49 Taskr
Super close one and looks like a coin flip for me. I had my faith last week for False before he got subbed out (ig he got sick or whatever was the reason anyway) that he finally plays that remaining 10% of the games well. False's team building support equals the gap between these two players a lot, because happily both of the managers knows Taskr prettttttttttttttty well I would say. Without the support Taskr would be the favorite here without question. Good and interesting match coming for sure!

Teddeh 51 vs 49 Soulgazer
This week highlight game for sure and other super close one. Overall I think this game can go either way and the mid game will play a big role. Which ever will be on drivers seat after the mid game, is hard to see choking on massive dicks. I like to see Teddeh bringing a better team, but Soulgazer will be able to play anything around and pull the trigger when its needed. Since one need to be bold, here we go:

Sam I Yam 30 vs 70 Raiza
Clearest game of the week what comes to earlier weeks performs. Raiza been doing well if we forget last week game vs. Soulgazer. His teams has been pretty standard, solid and easy to play with, which should right now out perform Sam's regular teams. So far Sam really havent brought anything new, Raiza takes this down.

Rozes 35 vs 65 Ktutverde
Ktutverde will for sure come in as a favor for this match. Rozes making his entry to PU scene and I just can not see him bringing better team (please prove me wrong) than Ktut will. Specs Jigglypuff better prep Rozes well with all the "random ass" techs that Ktut got in his sleeves. I mean... There is plenty of those and I'm pretty sure something new coming up again. Ktut for 4-1 stats :mad:

Xiri vs T0m Holland
Xiri's teams are super ass BWAHAHAHAHAAH
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Pointless PU predictions by trash kan

PU: false (30) vs Taskr (70)
Taskr has been playing very well so far, his only opponent that he didn't convincingly outplay was soulgazer, while false.. is just not looking good at all. Yes, okay, HJAD/EviGaro support is there, but Astrotias' only win was versus GaryTheGengar and their teams don't exactly fill me with sheer excitement either.. unless Taskr brings something stupid because of HJAD-knows-me-i-know-him-better mindgames, he should take the win here.

PU: Teddeh (40) vs soulgazer (60)
Yay, the highlightest of all PU highlight games this snake! Being haxed or not, Teddeh hasn't been as impressive as soulgazer, who is probably more expected to win this match, being an undefeated lower tier god. I just hope this will be a good, European-time-friendly game untouched by RNG.

PU: Xiri (70) vs tom holland (30)
Tom holland got another chance, this time versus Xiri. Interesting match, considering that Tom has shown quite a bit of improvement both teambuilding and playing-wise, but Xiri is a future Grand Slam champ and tlenit1 is frankly a better builder - I'm really looking forward to see their teams this week. Xiri is the favourite here.

PU: Sam I Yam (45) vs Raiza (55)
Their records speak for themselves.. but despite of them, this should be an even match. Sam might actually be a bit better of a player... but, well, their records speak for themselves, so Raiza has an edge.

PU: rozes (40) vs Ktütverde (60)
Ktut's games were.. interesting, but still.. he has a lot more PU experience than rozes. Mons is mons, but versus Ktut's non-standard teams this might be crucial, especially considering that it's now known who was the Rattler's PU solution, so Ktut can prepare. Of course rozes can outplay and Ktut can bring something completely off like the team he used versus Raiza week 3, but it probably won't happen.
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Updated Prediction

Charmflash vs. Indigo Plateau | Charm has been solid this tour and has a chance to live up to his R1 billing. I'm not a big believer yet, but there's upside. IP, though...LOL I mean COME ON PPL LOL HES LITERALLY THE WORST PLAYER IN THE TOUR LMAO at least put sorry in. hes garbage too but hey he got like 3 wins in spl somehow. IP has played like complete dogshit in every game, making highly suspect moves like Leaf Storming a Scizor. It would be a major shock if he killed more than 2 pokemon tbh. Big edge.
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