Smogon Snake Draft III - Week 9

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won vs gary, gg
This wraps the season up for me, so a few words on that. Obviously it didn't end nearly as well as we'd hoped for, despite an all in all decent atmosphere early on and a strong group of players we never truly came together as a team. We undoubtedly failed so there's obviously a lot of things to regret but I don't feel like focusing on that specifically. Whenever I enter a teamtour, one of the things I look forward to the most is teaming up with players I don't know too well and in that regard this season has delivered. I genuinely enjoyed getting to know a bunch of you better and talking, be it about mons or real life stuff. Special shoutouts to durza and corcks for not giving up after a rough start in the uu slot and to 0ni for stepping in NU in a rather spectacular fashion. As for me, I'm satisfied with how my games went all things considered, definitely could have done better here and there but that's how it goes, will definitely keep on trying to improve as always. Looking at the playoffs contenders, my support goes to Nagas, a team I've been apart of for 2 years that I'd love to see succeed. See y'all in SPL :toast:
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gg harris, was a fun and wild one. idk if the mambas season is going to end soon (obv i hope not) but i wanna thank every single member of the mambas experience and whoever supported me during this journey. 3-6 obv isnt a good result and im sure i could have done better, but im proud of my wins and my loses, i had fun playing them all. Lets go mambas, we can still do it, i know.
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