Smogon Snake Draft III - Week 9

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Won my third game of Rain Simulator 2019 vs. LLL, gg.

Thanks for the season, Cobras. I had a lot of fun; I've never been on a team that got along so well so quickly. Don't be too disheartened about the result or any regrets you may have about your own play or contribution. Several of you are younger players, and if you plan on sticking around here for any amount of time, you'll inevitably encounter these setbacks; what's important is acknowledging them and taking the steps to address them. Ultimately, we failed to do so in time to clinch a playoff spot, but I have all the confidence in the world that the next time we team together, we'll all be the players we aspired to be during this tournament.
won vs teddeh, gg boss. thanks to Raiza for the team

thanks to boomer snaga and Chill Shadow for drafting me and letting me be a part of this team, we may not have made it but like i said yesterday this is the most fun i've had on this sorry hellscape of a website. hope we can continue our cah may be good night cerk but its not good bye cerk

rooting for the evigaros obviously


turn around and leave again
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Hope the corpse of our team isn't cold enough yet for me to say a couple words. Thanks to snaga and cs for getting me even when you couldve probably just let me in your chat and I wouldve taken it, Im glad I got to be part of a team and one with such a good environment at that, lots of friends and new friends I got to meet throughout the season, I honestly had near 0 expectations of getting drafted after my wcop performance and this was more than I couldve asked for. Cant help but feel empty after getting so close to playoffs to miss out but regardless of the result Im happy I got to spend this season w yall, this will prob be my last team tour until next wcop but I hope I get to team with some of you sometime again. Was fun while it lasted cobros


levi when we win ekans
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A quick shoutout to my managers and finch for drafting me and everyone on the cobras for such a great environment; feels like it's sinking in now that we won't have this group of people contending for a trophy for another 2 weeks, but I'd like to shout out all of our players. It was really something special seeing our energy the first half of the season; that's something I haven't experienced in an official tour (despite my own disastrous showing) since like SPL 8. snaga thanks for the 3DS game and ChillShadow thanks for the amount of work you put in as an assman into scouting, you were invaluable. Thanks Corporal Levi for team building stuff pretty much throughout the season, you've been the best teambuilder in the tier for a long while in my eyes. Thanks taranteeeno for the help week 9 too, you're a boss.


Well, this is where the adventure ends :c too bad, it ends with a lack of luck vs kush but I remain satisfied for the my first tour

Although we had a shitty run, I want to thank each of you @Serpents for sharing this tournament with me in good conditions. I would particularly like to thank my managers, who were kind enough to believe in me and give me a chance before the tournament starts, where many were not counting on me. I started the tournament by shitting myself and gradually I became more and more confident. This trust and the experience I have gained will help me a lot and I will come back stronger. Thanks a lot, guys. Now I would like to thank all the people I could trust and talk about my builds, test them, because they were quite special. Thank you very much Yggdrasil60 , Quartosa and Louna .

Finally, I make an honourable mention to zv who accompanied me throughout the tournament, helped me a lot during the preparation and helped me to diversify my palette even more. You can't imagine the exuberant amount of weird things with us two together. Special s/o to the last builds

See you soon

im down to rematch whenever u want finch :psysly:
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