Smogon Snake Draft IV - Week 9

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lost, gg

I'd like to give a huge shoutout to Bebo and PinkDragonTamer for the help in RU throughout the season; I really appreciated being able to bounce ideas off of you guys, and it made the first tour experience a lot easier and less stressful for me [even tho i still did build last minute like 3 times rofl]. i also owe a shoutout to Osh for the team i used vs snaga, got me my first win so tysm <3

finally i'd like to thank the whole ru community, especially Feliburn and Ajna, for making the tour community a welcoming place -- i was very discouraged after starting 1-4 and really appreciate you guys going out of your way to offer support & encouragement.

gl to all the teams in playoffs!
won gg

Even though this season didn't go as I hoped, it was still really fun to be on a team tour environment and finally get a chance at playing in the big leagues. Thank you to everyone who helped me prep throughout the tour and especially thanks to FlamingVictini and Christo for giving me a shot. I'm glad I ended it out without being winless on the sheet! Good luck to the playoff teams, I'm looking forward to some heat games :)
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