Smogon Snake Draft IV - Week 9

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won vs tama, gg

Wanted to say sorry to all my team, I underperformed when you bunch of lovely people had high expectations from me. As I said, Irl became really stressful and busy so I didnt test/build with you guys enough, and that showed up when playing (if only lock down started sooner...). Hope we can team up again so I can redeem myself, and thanks again, especially FlamingVictini for all the support and patience. Love you all <333


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our season's over now i guess, thanks for everything guys and despite the titanic salt spill, it was a net positive exp. and fun tour.

losing one of the deciding games on 1/100 stuff really makes me sad honestly, i feel like i played a good season outside of maybe 1-2 weeks and 4-5 isn't representative of that at all. tbh, i feel like ss is the gen that finally broke me out of the "yea finch is a bw main" phase and this result is just gonna get skimmed over as "mediocre showing" when it really wasn't. i'm happy with how i played and that's what i'm taking away from this, not the fact that togekiss is a rhyperior counter when it's the primary win condition and there's a useless volcarona in the back. and yea, i know this whole thing is one massive personal problem and i hope everyone else had more actual fun than i did because i really do care about this community and i'm glad snake is around. i hope that the people who were doubting it beforehand have at least a bit more optimism about the future of the tour, too.

rattlers, you guys are a great and deserving team, wish you the best and don't let the above dismiss that, just mad salty about my game rn. hoping that you guys or the lindworms take it, good luck to you both

astrotias, we were just as good as some of those teams in the top 4 and you guys shouldn't hang your heads. we made some mistakes that i want back and all of you want back, but we also did some amazing things and i'm proud. sometimes this game does you a favor an sometimes this game kicks you really hard while you're done. regardless, there's so much promise and i cannot wait to see all of you bounce back in future tours. i'll probably leave more on discord b/c shoutouts when you don't make playoffs is dumb, but i hope to team with most of you again sometime soon! even you, tace.

finally, thanks to everyone who posted predictions and a huge thanks to everyone who didn't go out of their way to make people just trying to play a game feel uncomfortable. you guys are all great. it's cool we're taking strides towards inclusivity, removing toxicity from our culture,and i know that i am much more conscious of bad shit i used to do myself, too. you guys are all great and the community is what is keeping me in it at this point because this game is starting to drive me insane honestly.



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gg man, u rlly are the best, stop being so consistent wtf

s/o astros for a fun af season, much love to u all
love u :blobnom:
glad you finally had your breakout season, and i couldn't be more excited to play again next tour. these last 5 years playing with you have been some of my best memories in life, and i wouldn't trade them for anything. wishing you the best forever <3
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