Smogon Tour 10.5 -- Round 1

Beat Jacob in ubers with a little bit of luck dunno if it mattered but didn’t help him gg

Edit: regarding my opponent cheese for uu, we had a scheduled time but I forgot because he refuses to even give me his discord to make it 10x easier to get in contact and get a game. And now he is ignoring my wall messages in order to try and reschedule while replying to other people. So yes I missed the time but I feel he is being unreasonable and just fishing for activity. He even said on wall message he’d rather schedule on forums for activity reasons lol... sad Cheese5555 so are we about to play or
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Requesting extension for DPP OU, didn’t get response until Friday and I wasn’t able to play this weekend cause of life stuff
RG Moti hasn't replied yet, thats why I'd like to call act

I also claim an extension/ac win vs my other opponents, Emeral is never on and revulsion forgets ourabout our matches
ok already in contact with sovahkiin. i'm contacting the others oppo.

Edit 1. contacted oppo, lost dpp ou vs soulwind. my uu oponent didn't aswer yet*. playing sovahkiin soon.
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