Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 1

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VMed Otterpaw just before. Hopefully we'll arrange a time ASAP, although it is a slightly worrying sign that he hasn't been online for the last three days
Activity Post: Ala did not respond when I PMed him at our agreed time. He then left a VM saying that he could not do it over the weekend.
Yeah, this is an activity post.
We tried to get it done early on, but he couldn't manage it because of the fact that he's moving. We won't be able to even contact each oter until the 26th, but from what I've been told, he'll have all the time in the world after that, as will I. We'll probably get this done on the 26th.
Activity post - I got my opponents message and contacted him. We should be battling pretty soon.

Edit: Won the first match pretty confortably with no hax, should play the other ones soon. 1-0.
Horrible, horrible first game sees me win with an assortment of crits and misses and general hax, hopefully the other games will go better.
I won 2 matches against my opponent, even though the second one was a little haxxy at the end.

GG bro, thanks for being so sporting.

lost game 2. won game 3 in a quite haxxy battle both ways. i won 2-1 for clarities sake.

ggs lucas, it was fun. all those games were scary and exhilarating to play.
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