Smogon Tournament #9 - Round 3

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badabing vs Iconic
Heist vs myzozoa

...and that's all the highlight matchups for this round. also echoing mcmeghan's complaint from last round, there are like 3 or 4 dedicated bw2 ou players left in this tournament.

Metal Sonic

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vm'd opp

why do i get pros as opponents do i look like phoenix wright to you? EARTHWORM? HUH????? WHAT UNLUCKY MATCHUPPING

Round 1 got smogon mod
Round 2 got PO mod
Round 3 got best ou player of all time REALLY?


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Won 2/0 before the end of the prediction round, so SiU acted like a bitch and forced me to rematch.
I had to deal with it, i destroyed that whiny bitch in the first rematch, and then he "disconnected" when he was almost sur to lose the second one (Justice ?). I'm of course taking the win lol

The funniest thing is that he came to see me to complain about that disconnection ahah
4/0, ggs.

<Cerberos> meh w/e, this tournament doesnt mean that much to me so w/e. only r3 if it was finals or something i would be really pissed
I'm pretty sure the "battle before predictions rule" is going to get fixed so people will stop abusing it, but if/while it isn't, I just want to say anyone that has taken advantage of it to gain an undeserved rematch is just terrible, rofl...if you even win the whole tournament, do you think people are going to let you forget that you needed a second chance to do so?
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