Smogon Usage-Based Tier Update: February 2015 (See Post 222 for April Quick Rises/Drops)

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We technically only lost viriz from last tier shift :/

Gosh RU give back our camel... now I have no excuse to run vibrava ;-;
So assuming I am reading things right, there will still be a three month major tier shift with the 3.41 cutoff, but with each month transition cycle, the first month will have a quick-shift with the 6.7% quick-raise and the 1.7 quick-drop, then another quick-shift in the second month with the 4.4% raise and 2.28% drop, then the major shift with the 3.41 cutoff, I take it? I might be wrong though.

Also Hitmonchan is still RU...Seriously when are we ever going to rid of that scrub-ass piece of garbage...WHEN?!

Also Virizion is back with us in RU...MWAHAHA.
P2 would have to get a lot of usage in OU to move up. And as it stands now, P2 isn't very viable in OU.
As soon as you get rid of that one conkeldurr your pretty much good to go. Just got to bring a talonflame and be careful of knockoff. Then spam thunderbolt,ice beam, shadow ball, thunder wave, physhock, toxic, and after doing 3 of those moves recover AWAY
| 61 | Hitmonchan | 3.843% |

rip glhf

re: p2
p2 lost a lot of viability the moment greninja and salamencite got the boot, and it wasn't a particularly exceptional pokemon in the first place. it doesn't hit very hard and it's really just a utility check to stuff, something which not many team archetypes can actually afford to run atm.
Welp, while everybody else tries to threaten the other tiers into not taking their Pokes, I'm just gonna say I absolutely love this decision. This really helps keep the metagames fresh and interesting while we don't have new games or new HAs coming out.
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