Smogon Usage-Based Tier Update: May 2015

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Its not, Trev is outclassed defensivly but offensivly is another story
But its an ass offensive 'mon anyway, 10 extra base atk is so small that it will very rarely make a difference. As a bulky attacker, it is outclassed by Torterra and SD Viriz. Defensively, it is outclassed by Gourgeist-XL. tl;dr: don't use Trevenant.

It is still ranked lower than them all on the RU viability rankings anyway, js. It's in C atm (although I think it could go lower tbh).


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I dont see torterra having natural cure... To be honest isnt a good mon but it has some traits to not be completely ass AKA "Dont use". Putting it on the levels of hitmonchan and ambipom is exaggerating. Having natural cure is actually pretty nice. This isnt a viability ranking thread but just gonna end this saying you guys use the term "outclassed" so liberally and not taking important details into account.

It will most likely drop anyways, just saying.


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-Tynamo-, Hoopa and its alt forme start in OU and will remain there for at least until August, regardless of July usage (assuming one or both aren't banned to Ubers). In August they will be eligible for a quick-drop to UU.
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