Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament II - Playoffs Round 3 [New LB up]

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dude who are you to criticize my team choices? did u ever accomplish anything? id accept criticisms if they were coming from players like, WhiteQueen, CBB, McMeghan.

but coming from you, one of the biggest tryhards on the site who has been playing for way longer than me but still hasnt accomplish half of what i did. na im not ready to take that

like honestly, ur only good at circlejerking when spl/wcop comes around. u dont really shine in any competitive aspect of the game. so shut the f up pathetic tryhard
Alright while were at it, someone please explain to me what CBB has ever done to be so highly regarded here? Not even trying to be offensive, just curious.


a quality human being
If Tele lands that turn one crit everyone goes hope, when Omfuga does no one cares
there was no hax, but even if there was, i wouldnt be complaing about it, unlike cosine who only blamed hax when he lost to me.
im honest enough to admit its my own fault for losing game 1. i made that team specifically for omfuga, and it worked out becos it had a good match up. but i didnt make the right plays i needed in order to win in various moments of the match (like sacking gliscor when i should have sacked landot)
it was a throw, its tough becos u dont get to play games like those everyday, but ill do my best to leave it behind me and focus on the next game, so i can possibly give myself another shot at it. its gonna be hard, i dont have a good feeling with oras atm, but i have too much respect for this tournament and for my fans to stop fighting for it
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