Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament II - Playoffs Round 4

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Winners Bracket
Tsunami- vs Omfuga-- he is just too GOD :O
foxlord vs
Alexander.- alexander is one of best player in tour but somehow foxlord will win 0_0

Losers BracketABR vs FlamingVictini-2 great player must be fun to watch
xray vs cosine180- havnt seen xray lost a game unless that gay teams
Leftiez vs High Impulse- seen high impluse playing oras well but leftiez is just too good so can go either way
boudouche vs Tele-seen tele struggle in most of the games idk how he reaached hele


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-Tsunami- vs Omfuga
foxlord vs Alexander.

ABR vs FlamingVictini
Xray vs cosine180 - closest one, I hope replays will be back by this serie
Leftiez vs High Impulse - Dialga is banned
boudouche vs Tele
You are playing against Tele.

You do not bring Pinsir because you can counter balance.

Tele instantly brings his only team.

You lose against Tele.

You bring Pinsir next time you play against Tele because you're not stupid.
-Tsunami- vs Omfuga- VoD wins again, classic.
foxlord vs Alexander.

ABR vs FlamingVictini
Xray vs cosine180
Leftiez vs High Impulse
boudouche vs Tele

-Tsunami- vs Omfuga (Haha isn't this the match that Shake's been dreading?)
foxlord vs Alexander. (Foxjesus is on a rampage! Alexander's been playing really well though from what I've seen)

ABR vs FlamingVictini (I really like the teams FV uses, but I'm rooting for ABR. Should be a fun series!)
xray vs cosine180 (Cosine knocked me out, he has to win! Both very good players, looking forward to this series!)
Leftiez vs High Impulse (I played Leftiez on the ladder once and he won so yeah)
boudouche vs Tele (OLT just isn't the same without Tele haha)
Winners Bracket

-Tsunami- vs Omfuga - no other way
foxlord vs Alexander. - don't know, don't care much

Losers Bracket
ABR vs FlamingVictini - more interesting teams
xray vs cosine180 - zwei Deutsche, beide gut, wahrscheinlich beide nett... macht was gutes drauß
Leftiez vs High Impulse - could go either way, but Leftiez needs this trophy
boudouche vs Tele - boudouche will prolly whoop his ass, but Tele is OLT
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