Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Finals [Won by Poek97]

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Poek97 I remember when I saw you as a fkin noob in the OU forum like 3 yrs ago posting nonsense

now 3 yrs later I rooted for you all the way and knew you could do even back during top 8 when you were like "It's not gonna happen"

get some confidence bitch

gj friendo happy for u n_n JESUS IMAN
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oh well, did 2-0 the entire of the tour, got finals and played poorly in a WB losing two series... and even showing to be one of the best players in the tier in a so little time, losing the tournament playing a finals so badly discouraged me very much, but w/e what can i do now.

but the thing i really need to do now, regardless of being disappointed with myself is to thank everyone who helped me over the past few months. I had great experiences on several occasions and i always had people who volunteered to help me, supported and encouraged to show all the potential i had.

Thank you A Hero's Destiny blunder bro fist Brum Century Express Chill Shadow Destiny Device GOAO GriefSeeds Hyogafodex Ice Tea JohnYiu Lcans lighthouses Luigi Mr. Highways Nintendi njnp Real FV13 rozes Sand Castle Vai Lusa Valentine Znain. You were responsible for my solid run in this tournament, doing thousands of matches with me, giving tips with teambuilding and supporting me whenever u could. i couldnt win the tour with you but it happens, maybe in a next time ill have the chance again.

Also thanks Tamahome, Hec, Kirigakure, Disenchanted, HaxBro.K, e7e, Spl4sh and HRC Multi (also the spanish HRC and EG clans haha), unfortunately you couldnt help me during the tournament but whenever u could u were there supporting and cheering for me, you guys are awesome.

And for the people who criticized me so much saying that im bad after such a solid run on my part, i only challenge that they try to do the same in the future. You probably won’t will be able to, because you can’t even get close to the level i have at this tier, but you can try. Good Luck.

Gratz poek for the trophy.
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