I recently jumped into the craze of drawing Pokemon/Gijinkas so I thought this place wouldn't be a bad place to start off. I'll be starting with a really old drawing (from before BW was released) as well as some gijinkas but I'll add more when I get them done. Enjoy!

PS: In the meantime, I'll be taking requests but only of Pokecharacters (eg. Touya/Kyouhei/Cynthia etc.) with one signature Pokemon. I may or may not have time to complete your request but I'll try my best!

Please help me improve! Thank you:)

i saw the art you did in the card project thread and they are great, so i decided to check this out.

there isn't much i can say about your stuff yet because there isn't a whole lot to go off of, but you have a knack with drawing things perfectly with proportions kept in mind—especially when drawing people.

if you wanted critique, then i guess i can say i'm a little bothered about the "unnatural" appearance of the bolt and flame around zekrom and reshiram's mouths. strong flames aren't usually transparent, and the way you drew them makes it as if they glow when that is not really the case. rather, they impart lighting on the subjects around it. that lighting is missing on reshiram and zekrom; you just kept their usual colors for the most part instead of adding some of that blue and orange light on them.

keep posting art (post the cards you did here too). it's pretty cool and shouldn't go unnoticed, so this is just a bump for you. :)
Hi there! I really enjoy your style here; it's soft, bright and cheerful and I enjoy how you executed the fabric for the female holding a sword and the sword itself. They both look really well done and very detailed. My only advice is to work on perspective on that piece; to me it looks like the castle is about to fall over.
As for the Melotta card, it's really cute and the background is well done and it doesn't take my attention away from the Melottas. The contrast for that piece is great (Background is light whereas the Melos are darker).
Anywho, keep up the great work!
Gonna try to spit out a few more pieces before school reopens...and hell breaks loose.

So I was asked by a friend to draw my favourite Pokemon and favourite Pokemon character. Hands down, Touya...though Steven and Riley tie for second I guess. My favourite pokemon is actually joltik, but it's too small to fit into the

More Art!

OwO Wow it's been a while since I've been here. But I've still been drawing!

I'd like to think that I've improved a lot, but...I don't think I have...After a while, it feels like my abilities stagnate somewhat...

Anyway, enjoy!

Madoka Magica:

Shingeki no Kyojin:



"Alone at the Top":
I couldn't find the energy to ink this, so I coloured on my sketch OTL...Guarrrrr now the end product is so messy-looking I don't even...

Hyuu with Liepard, Mei with Eevee. Anyone else thinks Hyuu is the awesomemest rival ever?

Oh man I love the way you do fabric, it looks so natural ugh I am envious. Also the colours in that piece with Serperior are just beautiful n_n Keep it up!
More Art!

More Stuff...Don't have much time to colour properly nowadays so I'm sketching and doodling like a madman. The Japan does not look like him at all. I fail so bad, I'm sorry :v

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland:

N as a kid (didn't know he had a Darmanitan at that time):

Sorry for the lousy resolution. My scanner was having fits. My first copic work after centuries of my markers gathering dust.

Japan from Hetalia (somewhat OOC?):

Done for a friend...I was told she likes pink...

French Maids! (cos who doesn't like them?):

Random Drawing (and my amazing naming sense):

I realised afterwards that the center guy looks like Accelerator from Railgun...
Lol everything is so halfhearted nowadays. Anyway here's a inked piece which I will eventually complete. Hopefully. Feel free to colour but note me if you do. The uninked spot in the center of the picture is supposed to be trees haha.

Exploring Goldenrod
Sketch: 20 minutes
Ink: 1.5 hours
Colour: lolwut
Juxtaposition of the new and old within a city. Like any metropolis, Goldenrod dazzles with its modern architecture, bustling department store and newly-finished Global Trade Center. But at the same time, it has its old, abandoned or ugly districts not meant for the eyes of visiting tourists and trainers. Particularly with its thorough revamp in 2009, such areas are few and sparse. But if you look carefully, maybe you can still find that forgotten tea shop that embodies memories of an era past.



Jamming to the beat
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oh Stephen, you smooth bastard

Lovin' what you did to the clouds, really focuses all the attention on the couple and their mons.
Can you make a 1920x1080 wallpaper featuring Mamoswine, Aegislash, Kyurem-B, Mega Mawile, Rotom-Wash and Starmie all side by side looking all terrifying and such? Thank you.
Can you make a 1920x1080 wallpaper featuring Mamoswine, Aegislash, Kyurem-B, Mega Mawile, Rotom-Wash and Starmie all side by side looking all terrifying and such? Thank you.
I could try ^^ I actually only meant to do sketch requests but I might actually make a full colour one for you provided you let me do as I wish to the artwork (eg. Print posters etc). Just curious is that your gen 6 OU team?

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