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sup, Im giving away 2 pokemon, 5 of each. They each can be downloaded on pokecheck for free or you can try and win these without crappy pokecheck ribbon. To win simply post a picture of a cute fox for riolu or a Ferocious shark for Gible. The first 5 for each are the winners. You may only enter for 1 pokemon. Any questions ask in a reply.

1.Captains(riolu) RECEIVED
2.Zachilles(riolu) RECEIVED
3.Geobro(riolu) RECEIVED
4.Perfect Cell(riolu)
5.PkmTrnrRed(gible) RECEIVED
8.Golden Arcanine(gible)


Egg Moves: Hi Jump Kick, Blaze kick, Bullet Punch


Egg Moves: None

These were both RNG abused on a retail pokemon black. You will have Semi-Redis right to the pokemon you choose. I forgot to say I clone via Pokecheck.
That picture is broken, I cant see it. Can you give a different link? Or just a different picture, whichever you want.

Edit: Looks like we got a winner! You will be added.
You can receive it whenever you would like.

EDIT: Hey perfect cell, VM me when you can pick it up, it seems as though I cant message you.
Ha cool picture, I will add you for gible.
There is still a chance for Riolu to anyone who wishes to enter for that.
a0161613, Golden Arcanine, Drifblim and, waffles101 have been added to the list and that concludes this giveaway, I will try to VM you when I see you online or you can VM me when you see me online.
Not open for further replies.

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