Space Western Mafia

You all gang up on Slim Guldo Because Dale said so. He dropped a piece of paper when he died.
Itchni said:
Dear Slim Guldo
You are the leader of the Uvv’ang Tribe
Your tribe is nimble and agile, and you are the hunters of your planet. You have developed your Psionic powers to inflict venom on your foes. This venom will temporarily paralyze them which allows for efficient and effective hunting. You will use this for your advantage by crippling targets with venom by messaging me with “Night X – Paralyze USER” USER will not be able to perform any actions that night.
You are allied with the ALIENS and you win if you eliminate all harmful targets
It is now night 3. Night 3 will end in 48 hours It will happen in 48 hours and there will be no delays. I am very sorry for being such a bad host. I never expected my term to start off so heavily and I have just been busy beyond belief.
<&itchni> so theres some really bad news guys
<+jalmont> you had a near death experience?
<&itchni> no but my computer did
<&itchni> along with some important files
<+jalmont> o
<&itchni> both my spreadsheet and word document are gone
<+jalmont> can you declare me the winner
<&itchni> i don't know what to do now
<&itchni> I don't have DOLLARS totals or items and shit
<&ALEXMORGAN13> why werent you using google docs
<+jalmont> is your spreadsheet on google docs
<&itchni> i don't trust myself with google docs so no

So we have 2 options i still have originals when i got my game approved. I kinda know how much you should have so if you know how much you should have and what items you currently have send me a PM with that info. Or we can call this game off. I would much prefer option 1 but if you guys want option 2 that's fine as well.

If i have most peoples DOLLARS and items within 2 days I will continue this game as best as possible. I am really really sorry this happened.


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i recently realized that i deleted my pm box because it was getting full

as a result i have no idea how many DOLLARS i have

if you know how rich/poor i am lemme know
Due to an unfortunate mix of events this game will be cancelled.

I am very sorry for this guys, i was extremely stupid to try and start a mafia during the beginning of the term. That along with my computer dying and losing the file while not being able to recover the information.

I will definitely do a post game this weekend. Once again i am very very sorry to abandon this game.


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my role was so dumb

bg (meaning mafia will try to kill me before i can get my dollars up), can't guard self, and only 4 dollars a day, plus some nigga kept stealing 1 dollar from me

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