SPL XI - Commencement Thread

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I am adding to the numerous memes to congrats Mannat, I know I KNOW it's not the way you wanted in but you've been working hard for so many years to get past the dumb mockery and you are legit a positive presence to a team so go off and enjoy every moment of it.

(Leave another mocc dying because you didn't get your players though and I'll haha you to oblivion)


You’re so golden
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Merry Christmas everyone! The PR is currently a work-in-progress and we will have it ready before week 1. I appreciate the lack of people hounding me for it each day! Thank you to everyone who has ranked thus far and contributed to the making of the article. We are working towards making the article another great read leading towards SPLXI.

LGI Cryos
The Genesis Rankings:

1. Lopunny kicks
2. Insult
3. Charmflash
4. Eo Ut Mortus
5. Empo
6. Trosko
7. Relous
9. TDK
10. Aim
11. Ima
12. Blarghlfarghl
13. Tace
14. Soulgazer
15. Star
16. Sacri
17. Le Lliolae
18. ZoroDark
19. Robjr
20. Christo
21. Garay oak
22. Jayde
23. Twixtry
24. Nat
25. The Hallows
26. Lusa
27. Reiku

1. SMB: Surely the most obvious pick and for good reason. An absolutely dominant force in the tier for the past 2 years, and one of the few consistent players in a tier with massive variance, along with emforbes. Has shown mastery of other tiers and amazing in-game poise. A negative record would be shocking.

2. Ezreal: Coming off a ridiculous Snake its hard not to overhype this guy, however this is a big drop from SMB. I could see a swing back to mediocrity here for Ezrael, especially after a humiliating defeat at the hands of emforbes to cap off his Snake.

3. Memoric: Memoric has been a mainstay within the upper echelon of individual DOU performances for years after his puzzling departure from the SPL spotlight. Nothing really was lost, no oxidization on this machine so I have no reason to doubt he won’t command this pool like he has in the past.

4. Stax: Another guy who has had strong individual showings after ducking out of the team tour spotlight. I was never quite as impressed with him as the aforementioned players but he has proven himself to be a cut above the rest of the herd.

5.MajorBowman: Although he was a disaster in Snake 2, his dominance in this tier prior to that tour cannot be overlooked. I feel that Bowman will either be mediocre or a star here, depends on his focus and motivation, which may seem like an astrologic nothing but is perhaps the sole factor that cuts the line between the two.

6. Tman: Impressive Snake, a bit more understated elsewhere. Not much else to say.

7. Kaori: Look past the 0-9 to see a true competitor in the past. I think being on a fresh raiders team as the grizzled vet can inspire some competitive sentiment in Kaori. Once again like Bowman someone who has shown us a high cieling.

8. Qsns: A mainstay in DOU for a while, but always a fringe starter for me. Individual results have grown lately so this could spell a huge breakout. Easily one i could be way off mark on.

9. Marilli: The SPL never impressed me too much and I havent seen anything since.

1. Osh: The best player in the pool and the best LCer. A truly elite player who never fails to make a splash. The same ilk of a Pohjis, lax, adaam for me.

2. Luthier: My hero.

3. Jake: a great player whose creativity will shine in this new tier.

4. Ggggd: It has been a while since we have seen this guy play, but he left the scene on top. Has still been active in that time so no reason to believe he won’t re-ignite that flame here.

5. HT: A very hot and cold player on a bit of a streak. Paired with Star creates some proven chemistry that could easily propel him to the top.

6. Tazz: A tad overrated in my opinion, but his results speak for themselves when comparing him to the remainder. I’m not expecting a terribly exciting showing though.

7. LilyAC: H-hey, your game against Luthier was really cool aha.

8. Serene Grace: I like this guy, I think he has the potential to break out here but lacksupport.

9. Trash: Meh, never impressed me much.

1. Blunder

2. Eternal Spirit

3. Welli0u

4. suapah

5. Gondra

6. Sabella

7. Update

8. Posho

9. Adri

1. CBB

2. Quaze


4. Santu

5. Luigi

6. Lycans

7. Leftiez

8. Persephone

9. Sjneider

1. Dice

2. Finchinator

3. Pearl

4. Raiza

5. zf

6. John W

7. Fakes

8. Caetano93

9. Zokuru

1. Tamahome

2. The Grand Babido


4. ToF

5. Jirachee

6. Honor

7. Hyogafodex

8. Vay

9. GaryTheGengar

1. BKC

2. dekzeh

3. pasy_g

4. CyberOdin

5. z0mOG


7. Alexander.

8. eden

9. Teclis

1. Fear

2. McMeghan

3. FriendofMrGolem120

4. Earthworm

5. Sulcata

6. KratosMana

7. Mr.E

8. gorgie

9. Descending

Fuck mannat

Happy holidays!
Happy Holidays everyone. The Cartel is doing something never before done in order to bring entertainment until week 1. An exhibition scrimmage between our A and B squad will be taking place. Please post predictions as the winner of the prediction contest will receive a private 10 minute conversation with pro spl player Mannat. Please take this time to pick his brain and absorb his wealth of knowledge about this competitive game.

The Magma Bigs (A Squad) vs The Cartel (B Squad)

SSOU Ima vs Sage
SSOU Soulgazer vs Ricardo
SS: Aim vs Jytcambell
DOU: Ezrael vs Frania
LC: Trash vs Ninjadog
SM: Sabella vs Adaam
ORAS: Santu vs Kushalos
BW: Fakes vs jacob
DPP: GaryTheGengar vs Haru
ADV: Eden vs Callous
GSC: Descending vs HODOR
RBY: Nails vs Dio
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