SPL XI - Commencement Thread

22 May 1940
Germany defeated France

22 December 2019
Smogonazis defeated Ojama

No body cares about Ojama's wishes, his likes and dislikes... :psycry: people only slamming him that why he went for auction when he's so choosy about his managers.
Well... the thing is...



I also don't care :fukyu:
Take my cucamembert in your mouth bisch, u think u will do wot u want but no u r wrong and you will get what you deserve, u useless bcoz of u those 1 or 2 players chance who could get into spl is also gone who could be bought in the same price. U deserve no respect, u don't deserve to play in this tournament, f off,, u opportunity stealer u chutiya u better not post anything in or about SPL DO U UNDERSTAND
Now go and cry to your mom that parivard made an angry post on you and get slapped by your mom on your ass for not playing for a person WHO BOUGHT YOU AT A PRICE WHICH IS MUCH ABOVE YOUR IRL COST, U 2 RUPEES PERSON

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