SPL XI - Commencement Thread

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Banned deucer.
I don't understand why smogon is banning new users such as white mannat zamrockk and totalprolapse of the anus from signing up, I'm new here and to me it seems disencouraging for newcomers to be not allowed to sign up for SPL, if smogon were more welcoming some of these users (Zamrockk, Totalprolapse) could even become contributers to the tour environment and rise to positions of power such as SPL manager giving them leverage over younger newer people like they once were and that seems like something that would be pretty beneficial and never go wrong

ROUND 3: M Dragon vs Ugly Duckling 2-0

i welcome you to make SM rankings if you feel strongly enough about me
I'm sure we all appreciate the google screenshot, but slander is also defined as maligning another's good reputation, depending on the definition's source. I don't think UD was mistaken in using the word in the context of his prior post, but I guess I should have expected another clumsy insult here.

As for UD's recent career, those of us who have paid close attention to his matches and teambuilding would likely never make statements like the ones you did earlier. There are many good reasons that UD is a respected pillar of the ADV community, including his chat presence, willingness to engage with newer players, expertise regarding gameplay, and occasionally meta-defining teambuilding.

While I did so enjoy the tier prowess that was clearly demonstrated in your recent series vs BKC, I must concur with the request UD initially made of you.
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