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Sample teams are back for SS NU! Please use this thread to share your competitive, on-meta teams. Fun or off-meta teams should continue to be shared in the SS NU Bazaar.

:silvally: by corthius

by corthius

by corthius

by roxie

:silvally: by roxie

:silvally: by Expulso

by Oathkeepre

:silvally:by Catalisador

:silvally:by Catalisador

by Catalisador

by SpacialRendevous
by Kiyo

by Kiyo

:silvally:by Finchinator

by your_bro

by your_bro

by your_bro

by Rabia

by Sjneider

by Shwiftyshiftry

by Catalisador

by wuhoodude

by Katy & zeefable

by Meri Berry
Silvally-Ghost + Spikes by Rabia

Standard Hail by S1nn0hC0nfirm3d

Focus Sash Salazzle Balance by Meri Berry

Taunt + Toxic Talonflame by Meri Berry

Nasty Plot Celebi by Meri Berry

Swords Dance Glastrier by Rabia

Swords Dance Drapion by Katy

Choice Band Tyrantrum Balance by Socrates1O1

Glastrier HO by S1nn0hC0nfirm3d

Choice Specs Sylveon Balance by poh

Bulk Up Scrafty by Sjneider

Rock Polish Golurk Balance by Rabia

Starmie Balance by Phantomistix

Choice Specs Diancie Bulky Offense by GW

Nasty Plot Rotom-C Balance by Pokeslice

Choice Specs Sylveon Bulky Offense by S1nn0hC0nfirm3d

Swords Dance Silvally-Ground by poh

Choice Specs Heliolisk by Rabia

Doublade Balance by poh

Snorlax Bulky Offense by poh

Choice Band Aerodactyl + Work Up Tauros by Rabia

Set Up and Hope to Win by Togkey

Silvally-Ground + Choice Scarf Indeedee-F by Rabia

Encore Salazzle Bulky Offense by Danny

Spikes Offense by Rabia (and someone in SCL I think?)

ProTox Talonflame and Friends by Danny

Guts Machamp Bulky Offense by Togkey

Choice Specs Sylveon by zS

Choice Band Grimmsnarl by Rabia

Life Orb Aerodactyl Bulky Offense by Danny

Sirfetch'd Pivot Spam by turtledoggo1

Choice Band Grimmsnarl by xerovis

Drampa Moment by Togkey

Choice Band Passimian by Togkey and Danny

Clefairy Stall by Togkey

SubTox Mantine by Togkey

Sand by Togkey

Encore Salazzle + Pivot Exeggutor by Pokeslice

Shuca Berry Swords Dance Toxicroak by Pokeslice

Choice Band Tyrantrum by zS

Physical Offense by Togkey
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Sup, y'all. I'd also like to submit a few sample teams for the current SS NU metagame. I personally think that, currently, the samples seem to lack some archetype diversity so I think these teams could help with that matter.

SD Decidueye: :decidueye: :ninjask: :garbodor: :bronzong: :guzzlord: :charizard:

Lure Itemless Mienshao: :mienshao: :garbodor: :vaporeon: :escavalier: :rotom-mow: :sigilyph:

Kingdra screens: :aerodactyl: :espeon: :kingdra: :omastar: :silvally-ghost: :bewear:

Those are a few of the teams I posted on the NU Bazaar earlier this week. I've had great success with them and each showcases a different type of strategy/gameplay aspect.

Edit: here are some other teams I've also been using currently. They're all pretty solid as well. Might add some replays later!
Edit 2: fixing Sirfetch'd's bugged sprite.

Bulk Up Scrafty: :copperajah: :scrafty: :dragalge: :comfey: :decidueye: :starmie:

Standard CM Sigilyph: :sigilyph: :comfey: :guzzlord: :weezing: :mienshao: :copperajah:

CB Guzzlord: :ninjask: :sigilyph: :vileplume: :guzzlord: :gigalith: :blastoise:

Ninjask + Exploud: :ninjask: :Exploud: :comfey: :vaporeon: :bronzong: :sirfetch

Bug spam: :ninjask: :ribombee: :druddigon: :bewear: :blastoise: :silvally-steel:

Tyrantrum webs: :aerodactyl: :swirlix: :bewear: :tyrantrum: :decidueye: :silvally-ghost:
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Do I have Alzheimer or why don't I remember asking
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hey it's me!
<<click here for the pokepaste>>
The team is build around the broken combination of strong fighting type wallbreaker + Future Sight. What this combination does is to use Future Sight turn 1, switch into the fighting type turn 2 and hit something with a strong physical fighting move + the Future Sight. This can get overwhelming for the opposing defensive core pretty fast.
The strong fighting type I chose is Sirfetch'd who gains a lot of popularity at the moment, due to Bewear and Pangoro being banned. Its Scrappy Close Combats are no joke and nothing switches into the combination of Future Sight and Sirfetch'd's Close Combat comfortably. Even tho you click CC most of the time, Brave Bird and Knock Off are good coverage/utility options to have. Brave Bird vaporizes Vileplume, a common fighting type check, and Knock Off being Knock Off in Gen8; you can't go wrong with that. First Impression is good, especially as the team lacks a scarfer (I have tested this and didn't felt the need of using one), and makes it easier to revengekill offensive threats such as Shell Smash Blastoise.
Galarian Articuno provides the second part of the combo and is imo the best Future Sight pivot right now. Hurricane is a powerful second STAB and Recover keeps it healthy so you can pivot more through out the match.
The rest of the team is a fairly standard defensive core, Dragon/Steel/Fairy + Arcanine since the team was kinda weak to Copperajah. If you want to you can go for Talonflame > Arcanine and make Flygon Choice Scarf and that maybe fixes the speed problem but you then become a lot weaker to opposing Golurk and Choice Band Tyrantrum.
I can not stress this enough but Galarian Stunfisk is only and I mean only for opposing Cresslia on the team. Should it get banned, Im changing it back to itemless Bronzong and Soft Sand Flygon.
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Hello. (wait whut who's this guy lmao)

This team is build around magneton + wish pass . Indeed, magneton has a niche in the tier because it can trap steel types with his ability magnet pull. But here we will rather play it with Analytic because steels types in NU are played a lot specially defensive (Escavalier; Copperajah). I play it specially defensive here for checking some threat such as dragalge , specs decidueye , Galarcuno or otherwise Blastoise shell smash. 44+ evs SpA for ohko mantine and a chance to ohko diancie (68,8%) after rocks mainly. 68 evs Spe for outspeed Blastoise bulky spinner. s/o weakermaker for ur help

Edit: Passimian works on Mienshao . Now that mienshao has been ban passimian is the new rk fighting type in the tier. Of course he’s slower than Mienshao but it has a better poison move than Mienshao with Gunk Shot . He can Knock Off, U-turn too and He can pressure others pokemons with Defiant.
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Hey there. This is my first team that I'm posting here to submit as a sample, and it does really well.
:aerodactyl: :espeon: :kingdra: :silvally-ghost: :blastoise: :flygon:
<<Click here for Pokepaste>>

This team is built around dual screens. Aerodactyl is usually the lead as it it sets up Stealth Rock and also prevents other lead Pokemon from using status moves with Taunt. Rock Tomb is for speed control. Double Edge is to knock yourself out to prevent a turn of Rapid Spin/Defog if you're brought down to your Focus Sash.
Espeon is the screen setter, obviously. It's ability Magic Bounce is useful for preventing Defog removing your screens while setting up your screens. Yawn puts pressure on mons trying to setup on Espeon. Psychic is for STAB.
Kingdra sets up Focus Energy and Agility, then you can go on a crit spree. Draco Meteor deals with bulky waters like Mantine, Gastrodon, and Vaporeon. Surf is STAB.
Ghostvally sets up Swords Dance and Flame Charge, then can sweep once mons like Braviary are taken care of beforre hand. Multi-Attack is strong STAB. X-Scissor is for coverage against dark type Pokemon.
Blastoise with Substitute and Shell Smash does wonders in dual screens. Substitute helps get off Shell Smash and can help with status conditions like Toxic. Surf is STAB. Dark Pulse is for the flinch chance.
Although DD Flygon is a bit iffy, it uses Throat Chop to stop Hyper Voice Sylveon, and also deals with Bronzong. Earthquake and Dragon Claw are STAB moves.


aka Ho3nConfirm3d
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This is the standard hail team that I've made and used for a while now. During the first half of this suspect test, multiple users including myself used this team or slight variants of it to make reqs. Even more have reached out to me for it or have shared the team amongst other players after I passed it to them. It's a pretty popular team that is evidently, with the handful of non-mainers that have already made reqs with it, pretty easy to use for people unfamiliar with the tier.

The team itself shouldn't need too much explanation given that anyone familiar with NU in the past couple months is very likely to have played hail or read previous VR noms / teamdump posts about it. Regardless, the nuances of a post-Mienshao meta allows for Arctovish to run Jolly and outspeed Choice Scarf Rotom-C, which is such a great perk when that's the new main Choice Scarfer on teams. Decidueye is a great way to punish the handful of faster Choice Scarfers like Flygon and Heliolisk, and works really well to break cores like Escavalier + Vaporeon that give hail sweepers trouble. Toxic Spikes is also a great option for Dragalge to deter Gastrodon and force Mantine to Defog, since that can alleviate some pressure off of Artco's shoulders.
In tandem w the goat ho3n’s hail team I wanna insert my stall which completely shuts down hail. Built it for the suspect test because everyone and their mom was using hail. Don’t blame them it’s easy reqs just needed to be prepared for it. There tends to be a lack of stall teams in the sample thread which may deter some (a small amount mind you) of players.
:vaporeon: :Braviary: :escavalier: :mudsdale: :Weezing: :sableye:

Quick look at the team, started with vape to beat arcto and sandslash, then added Escavalier because it not only has a decent hail match up but also is the best cress counterplay on stall bar haze. It also gives me a knock off user and a way to pressure teams with swords dance. Next I added Braviary and opted for a SpD set because I was fairly weak to Special Decidueye. It gave me a defogger and a ground immune, a way to deal with most Golurk and many other ghost type threats. Needed a rocker and since the steel slot was already taken mudsdale seemed like a good fit since most of my team was SpD oriented anyways. Muds also gave me a Head Smash switch in and a blanket physical wall. Last needed a fighting resist so Neutralizing Gas Weezing came in mind to beat Machamp’s Guts set and to set up toxic spikes on Espeon Screens HO teams. Last mon was a catch all physical set up check, and since Pyuku is lame asf when I already have a Vaporeon, I opted for the only other option: Sableye. Sab also gives me a spin blocker and a secondary fight immune although be wary of Scrappy Sirfetch’d. Hope you guys enjoy the team and like shutting down hail.

A few replays:
Ho3n’s Hail Team
Fat Balance
Xboss Hail
Ho3n Hail v2 I have been really enjoying this team recently.

Tyrantrum (if it lands head smash) is one of the most powerful breakers in the tier. The only good check/counter to it is Mudsdale which gets pressured heavily by the rest of the team. Rotom's volt switch and Vaporeon's flip turn give Tyrantrum a lot of free switched making it even more terrifying.
The defensive core has great longevity due to Vaporeon's ability to Wish flipturn out, which mostly benefits Mudsdale and Copperajah.
The other breaker on the team is copperajah which does a phenomenal job in this metagame and heavily pressures common walls that are switches to Tyrantrum, such as Mudsdale and Gastrodon - Rotom-Mow is the better option as a switch-in of course.

The team orignally had Inteleon and Ninjask > Vaporeon and Salazzle, which made it lose to Ho3n's hail spam quite dramatically. Vaporeon or some water absorber is a necessity in this metagame. Salazzle seemed like the most logical option for speed control and can quite generally be quite the nuisance. I still have to try out if the sub toxic set works better on this build.
All in all, the team feels rather stable and deals with most of the current metagame reasonably well.

Some calcs:

252+ Atk Choice Band Tyrantrum Head Smash vs. 92 HP / 252+ Def Cresselia: 244-288 (60.3 - 71.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
252+ Atk Choice Band Tyrantrum Head Smash vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Bronzong: 168-198 (49.7 - 58.5%) -- 69.5% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
Sad to see your favourite zero brain activity weather strat get banned?
Tired of getting walled by Vaporeon and Mudsdale?
Shivering your timbers whenever you see Entei?

Well, I have just the team for you. Introducing, HAIL 2.0! (This is outdated - run surf over GKnot on Raichu, and run Terrain Pulse over DPulse on Blastoise)
Memento allows you to send in whatever sweeper you think will take out the most mons, set up, sweep till you die. Then you send in another sweeper and set up on their crippled mons, repeat. Drapion may surprise you, but if you ever do have to send it out, 99% of the time it's checks would have already been sent to kingdom come by one of your other sweepers.

This team is undefeated so far (excluding that one time I misplayed in a room tour final), and with that, Happy Cheesing!
Some information that will aid you:

Sceptile EQ only ohko's Entei at +2
AlolaRaichu GKnot does NOT ohko Mudsdale (surf is viable as fire coverage if you want)
AlolaRaichu Focus Miss is a 2hko on Glastrier
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'Sup, y'all. Your favourite non-binary NU player Catalisador is here to add some team diversity to the Sample Teams thread with three easy-to-handle builds with fun little mons that I've been playing around! And a fourth spicier option for those with refined taste...

:froslass: :copperajah: :vaporeon: :silvally-fairy: :indeedee-f: :guzzlord:
Scarf CM Indeedee:

First is a team showcasing Froslass's capabilities as an offensive Spiker. With Golisopod and Roserade departing to RobberyUsed, we are now lacking in hazard setting diversity. However, Froslass is an extremely solid option thanks to its ability to pressure common anti-hazard measures such as Xatu, who's been rising in popularity recently, Rotom-Mow, defensive Flygon and Dhelmise with its potent coverage moves and decently fast speed tier. Furthermore, access to Taunt allows Froslass to punish fatter walls such as Vaporeon, acting as a secondary breaker for the team.
Vaporeon + Copperajah is the standard Steel-type + WishPasser core that provides us with a sturdy defensive backbone, in conjunction with a defensive variant of Silvally-Fairy to better handle the likes of Sirfetch'd, Machamp and Hitmonlee. Guzzlord is a potent offensive threat that also has defensive utility by checking Poltergeist-spamming pokémon, such as Decidueye and Dhelmise, as well as checking the, arguably, best pivot in the metagame: Rotom-Mow.
Lastly, Choice Scarf Indeedee provides us with speed control while decimating hyper-offensively-oriented teams. Calm Mind is the move of choice as opposed to Dazzling Gleam for a third slot in order to add a better matchup against fatter cores.

:aerodactyl: :xatu: :salazzle: :kingdra: :omastar: :decidueye:
NP Salazzle screens a.k.a The Grimm Troupe:

A typical screens setup with lead Aerodactyl and screens Xatu. The latter provides Magic Bounce support that prevents hazards, which benefits our Salazzle, as well as Teleport support for a slow momentum-grabbing option. The breakers of choice are NP LO Salazzle for speed control and amazing coverage, although the surge in Jellicent usage makes it trickier to get free sweeps, hence the presence of Agility Critdra, being able to break through common bulky waters.
Omastar is another must-have on screens teams, on my opinion, thanks to amazing breaking potential and coverage. Lastly, Decidueye provides a spin-blocker to keep our Stealth Rock on the field and a potent breaker with amazing priority. Just your typical screens!

:virizion: :jellicent: :bronzong: :guzzlord: :talonflame: :goodra:
SD Virizion:

Another typical balance team so I'll give a short explanation: this time we're showcasing SD Virizion to break through common Water-type + Steel-type cores. Lum Berry allows it to setup with more ease against status-spreading pokemon. Next, a defensive core of Jellicent + Bronzong makes our team very sturdy, while an offensive double Dragon-type core in CB Guzzlord and Scarf Goodra gives us potent breaking and revenge-killing options as well as extra defensive utility. Lastly, a defensive Talonflame to provide Defog and round up the defensive background of the team.

~~~ THE HEAT ~~~

:aerodactyl: :sandslash: :kingdra: :emolga: :sylveon: :bronzong:
Enjoy the best Rotom-Mow COUNTER in the metagame (actually... the only counter!).:psywoke: . It also showcases DD Aerodactyl + Sub Critdra.


chill guy
Well, I've got my reqs for Glastrier suspect, so now I can present this without worrying about getting cteamed on ladder. The alt's record wasn't my best ever, but I've been working on this throughout the run so cut me some slack


ninjago (Ninjask)
Ability: Speed Boost
EVs: 252 Atk / 88 Def / 168 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Acrobatics
- U-turn
- Protect
- Swords Dance

xabu (Xatu) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Foul Play/Psychic
- Thunder Wave/Toxic
- Roost
- Teleport

flergern (Flygon) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 72 Atk / 220 Def / 216 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Earthquake
- Toxic
- U-turn
- Roost

cool beans (Celebi) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 180 SpA / 76 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Leaf Storm/Giga Drain
- Psychic/Shadow Ball
- U-turn
- Heal Bell/Healing Wish

Silvally-Steel @ Steel Memory
Ability: RKS System
EVs: 104 Atk / 152 SpA / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Multi-Attack
- Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Surf
- Defog
- Parting Shot

pokey (Sirfetch’d) @ Leek
Ability: Scrappy
EVs: 48 HP / 252 Atk / 208 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Close Combat
- First Impression
- Quick Attack
- Brave Bird/Steel Wing

:Ninjask: :Xatu: :Flygon: :Celebi: :Silvally-Steel: :Sirfetch

:Ninjask: Yeah, don't need to explain this guy at this point. U-turn for days, threaten lots of stuff with Acrobatics. SD when you feel safe enough to do so, like when something is locked into Earthquake or if you're just really confident they'll switch (ballsy players only). Now invested to creep Scarf Tyrantrum, because I hate that guy.

:Xatu: Ok, so the Mudsdale/Bronzong/whatever has now switched into Ninjask. Just U-turn to Xatu and laugh. I have Foul Play and Thunder Wave to annoy things, but you can use Psychic or Toxic if you want. Just Teleport outta there. If they stay in, U-turn to Xatu again. If they switch on Teleport, well, you've got five critters to choose from. Mess them up. This particular version is creeped to use Foul Play on Decidueye or whatever.

:Flygon: This is my Fire resist and my Electric resist and my Rock Resist and you get the point, and it uses a combination of Earthquake , Toxic, and Rocky Helmet to pin damage on the likes of Arcanine, Talonflame, Aerodactyl, etc.. Creeped for the likes of Drapion, opposing Silvally, whatever. If Ninjask scouts Choice Electric moves, then this guy is your safe man.

:Celebi: I wanted something with Heal Bell, U-turn, and capable of messing up Vaporeon because I hate that guy. Has some nice resistances and a good speed tier. Creeped so that you'll survive a Smashtoise Ice Beam. Probably. Shadow Ball is an ok move to hit Bronzong with if it's really determined to just stay in and Iron Defense at Xatu. Heal Bell lets you clear status consistently, but Healing Wish can be nice in a pinch if you really need Silvally to take more hits.

:Silvally-Steel: Say hello to the Steel pivot that isn't named Togedemaru. Armed with Defog, because sometimes Xatu's gonna have a hard time by itself. I have Flamethrower equipped, but sometimes you can really use a Thunderbolt, Surf, or even Ice Beam, so pick whatever floats your boat. If Ninjask scouts Trick, this guy is your safe man. Consider running a bulky set just so you can eat more hits.

:Sirfetch Wallbreaker alert, and no, Quick Attack isn't a typo. It's here to mess up Sash lead Aerodactyl. You're barely tanky enough to have a very strong chance of surviving a Dual Wingbeat. Even if they Sash your Close Combat, you'll hit 'em with Quick Attack and forget about it. Also armed with First Impression, because sometimes your best bet against Screens cheese is to go fishing with a First Impression crit. Brave Bird is a nice neutral move on Fighting resists, but Steel Wing is also acceptable to break through Fairies without piling on massive chip. If you opt for Steel Wing, I highly recommend Psychic on Xatu for Vileplume, and Thunderbolt on Silvally-Steel for Mantine.

The biggest challenge in piloting this is gonna be watching your chip. You're gonna be sad if enemy Starmie gets in on Xatu when it Roosts, for instance. In general, you want to avoid being forced out by faster stuff. Fortunately, you can come back even if that happens, because you have the fast boy Ninjask that just so happens to threaten near-OHKOs on the likes of offensive Starmie, Inteleon, Salazzle, etc. You also have Mr. Dual Priority helping in that regard. Wallbreakers that you can't 2HKO with Ninjask, like Glastrier, Copperajah, and the like are things to tread lightly around if they get in on Ninjask.

Replay: Vs Electric Terrain
Replay: Vs Electric Terrain, but again
Replay: Vs Balance
Replay: Vs a different Balance
Various degrees of manhandling.

Replay: man this game was obnoxious
Replay: Vs the final boss
Proof that this team can last for a long battle.

Here's a pastebin, and feel free to swap moves in or out- I do so myself a lot.
Mari's Latest (April 2021) (

(click sprites for team)

As the alt suggests, it is time to acknowledge Toxicroak as a legitimate threat and make its rise to NU a reality. Not only does it hit hard, it is also able to exploit both Vaporeon and Sylveon, NU’s premier wish passers. I added Guzzlord for its great defensive typing, Bronzong as my rocker, Flygon as my defogger and Volt-immune, and Rotom-Mow for speed control. I chose Vaporeon at first, but changed it to Sylveon to better check Fighting-types and also complete the Dragon-Fairy-Steel core. Since the change slightly worsened my matchup against Poison-types, I changed Bronzong’s last move from Protect to Psychic. EVs are also super standard (252/252 EVs on 5 mons) and thus easy to understand. Overall, a fun yet effective team to use.

  • :toxicroak: The star of the team. Low Kick > Drain Punch since most NU mons are pretty heavy. You should definitely go ADAMANT if you are using Toxicroak. Jolly does not outspeed anything in particular, whereas Adamant Croak outspeeds Jolly Decidueye/Tyrantrum, which is more than enough.
  • :guzzlord: This thing is not only fat but also able to force progress by spamming Knock Off. Heavy Slam to catch Fairies like Diancie on the switch, Dragon Tail to deter set-up sweepers, and Rest for longevity. Alternative moves include Toxic or Sleep Talk.
  • :bronzong: Chose this over Copperajah as I found his abilities, typing, and moveset more useful here. Body Press to hit Copperajah and Guzzlord hard, and Psychic to hit Poisons. You can also choose Heavy Slam to hit Fairies or Protect to complement Toxic and scout Choiced mons. I prefer Heatproof as I already have 2 ground-immunes. Plus, you can bluff Levitate too (not anymore since I shared this team already lol).
  • :Flygon: Defogger and a check against most Physical attackers. Speed EVs outspeed Jolly Toxicroak haha. I did not even realise that I have stacked double Dragons on this team, so do watch out for Glastrier and opposing Dragon Claw Flygon.
  • :Rotom-Mow: Speed control. Leaf Storm helps to catch Grounds on the switch.
  • :Sylveon: The team’s cleric and check against Fighting-types. You can choose Hyper Voice for the added damage and to bypass Substitute.

edit: added another replay

I hope you guys enjoy using Toxicroak as much as I do! Let’s steal :garbodor: from PU next.
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This is, actually, not impressive at all! Click sprites for importables.
:heliolisk: :celebi: :blastoise: :mudsdale: :talonflame: :copperajah:
So, this week I've been trying out a standard, bulky offense team built around Defensive NP Celebi. I've been quite succesful with it, reaching the 1400s with 80% GXE withing 25 Ws - 2 Ls (I forgot to get the print, so y'all are just gonna have to trust me on this one). So, I decided to leave the team here for y'all to try it out! It is really solid and got me a good 20 - 0 winstreak.

P.S. I had a little loss streak testing other teams, but reclaimed my points with
a fun terrain team lol, hence the 33 - 9 / 42.
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chill guy
Remember my last pivot spam team?

What if I did that, but again, and more oppressive.

:Ninjask: :Dragalge: :Magneton: :Flygon: :Xatu: :Vaporeon: (click team!)

:Ninjask: Is still NU after all this time, man. Good job holding onto NU this whole time, little buddy.

:Dragalge: Spittin' poison and spittin' facts- get that Draco chip (or Focus Blast if you like missing) on Steels, then Flip Turn out to your many Steel-killing tools. If they Water Absorb your Flip Turn, that's ok- you just beat them down with Sludge Bomb anyway.

:Magneton: Ok, it was daniYSB 's idea first. Specs is cool and all, but you can't pressure Protect Vaporeon that way to save your life, so Eviolite is preferred. Analytic is all right, but Magnet Pull means their favorite Ninjask checks have a fair chance to just get big fat chipped and there's nothing they can do about it. Protect is cool for scouting Flygon or whatever.

:Flygon: Just read the description of Flygon from my last team, and say hello to Defog. It's Ground, it pivots, it floats. It checks stuff. It annoys stuff with Helmet.

:Xatu: B o u n c e --> T e l e p o r t

:Vaporeon: Resident stall lord's main purpose is to be a physical sponge with Heal Bell. You could probably fit something better here if you aren't obsessed with having Heal Bell. Go nuts. Itemless is just a meme for Golurk but it saved my skin at least a couple of times when I didn't want to risk Ice Punch or Stone Edge hitting Ninjask.

Stuff to watch out for:
Tauros- sometimes, you'll just have to accept that your best course of action is annoying it with Rocky Helmet or LO damage until you can force it out with Acrobatics.

Starmie- Starmie and other things will make your day suck if they get in on Xatu, so uh, don't let them do that. If all else fails, you have Ninjask to check them with though.

Mudsdale/Bronzong- If they man up and attack Xatu, Xatu will be sad. Bronzong is w/e, but if Muds just wants to sit there and click Rock Slide, you'll have to dislodge it with Vaporeon or spam Psychics or something.

Here's a few sample replays for some basic operation:
replay1 replay2

magneton fears no man

As I developed it, it went 29-5. About half of the wins were utter washes as it has an iron grip on momentum against certain structures.
:kingdra: :uxie: :drapion: :copperajah: :flygon: :braviary:
click the sprites for importable

dududub 3.png

proof of peak (currently on the top 40 of the NU ladder, behind fellow brazilian Thiago Nunes)

Sup, y'all. Roselia maniac and Torracat advocate Catalisador here to drop a solid new team. So, I've reached the equivalent of the reqs. for a suspect test with my dududub alt using a new Substitute + Disable Kingdra team and decided to post it here for y'all. It showcases extremely underrated threats such as Uxie and defensive Drapion and is quite different from my usual builds, so it was quite fun to build and play around with it! Hope you guys give it a try!

:ss/roselia: :ss/torracat:
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I've noticed a distinct lack of an Exploud team in the samples, which is why I'd like to offer one of my own.

:exploud: :flygon: :bronzong: :vaporeon: :talonflame: :hitmonlee:
(Click sprites for importable)

The team is designed around Exploud and giving it as many chances to wallbreak as possible. Hazard damage really eats into what little longevity Exploud has, so I elected to use a bulky Flygon as hazard removal and to provide U-turn support. Bronzong came next, as Flygon covers its vulnerability to Drapion beautifully. Shadow Ball is a tech to annoy Xatu and stop it from brainlessly Teleporting. Spdef Vaporeon is the dedicated Blastoise check and special wall. To show just how absurdly tanky this thing is, it has a pretty fair shot of living two consecutive Mowtom Leaf Storms at full and being able to wish back up. Talonflame rounds out the defensive quartet and offers a suitable answer to Decidueye and company while being a soft-ish check to Sirfetch'd (Knock Off complicates things, but you have a good shot of proccing Flame Body even if you only get tagged twice, so it suffices as a panic button here.) Will-O-Wisp and U-turn are also very effective for supporting Exploud's Boomburst spamming. In regards to speed control, I opted for an off-meta pick in Hitmonlee. The main draw with Hitmonlee was its synergy with Exploud: Exploud obliterates typical HJK resists like Garbodor and Sylveon, which can often pave the way for Hitmonlee cleaving through the opposition late-game. Just be mindful of Protect from Vaporeon (feel free to run CC over Earthquake if you're worried about that.) As an added bonus, while it does fall short of Scarf Flygon, Hitmonlee outruns Mowtom by one point, which is pretty funky.

Be mindful of Guzzlord, as while the team has tools to deal with more offensively inclined sets, Toxic variations can cause a lot problems if given the opportunity. Tauros is also a threat, so you'll need to manage Talonflame effectively in that matchup.


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:Ninjask: :Exploud: :Xatu: :Mudsdale: :Diancie: :Articuno: <---- CLICK HERE FOR FEET

(Friggin' Excellent and Epic Team)

:Ninjask: must be named 'ninjago' it increases your crit rate I'm serious bro

:Exploud: haha BIIIIIG voice. If they switch Bronzong or whatever in, consider clicking Boomburst again, right in its face. Worse case, you get more chip, best case, they switch Lisk in and die because they predict your easy switch to Xatu. Tauros can also be used here to similar effect if you want a different Normal type.

:Xatu: Xatu is here to deter rocks and so you can make big brain plays with your normal type of choice. Just make sure to actually switch it into zong or muds once in a while so they don't catch on lmao

:Mudsdale: Uh I just wanted a Ground type and I am sick of Flygon. Being able to wall Tauros is neat considering most of the rest will get shredded. I rubbed my face in the keyboard and called it a spread, adjust as needed

:Diancie: No, not a typo, I actually put Stealth Rock on a team for a change. Diancie's mainly here to Heal Bell, and as insurance for when enemy Exploud gets in on Xatu or something. Don't be scared to just Body Press the opposing Steels every now and then.

:Articuno: Hello I'm backup Fogger, and I'm also Obnoxious. Ok, I was disappointed af to find out that Pressure doesn't apply to their Heal Bell, but it's not all bad- at least you don't fall over in front of Blastoise and you still annoy the average Vaporeon. Fishing for Freeze is a valid and skillful strategy
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a SD decid and a specs Sylveon team I made, thoughts,

Gurdurr @ Eviolite
Ability: Guts
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Bulk Up
- Drain Punch
- Knock Off
- Mach Punch

Decidueye @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Overgrow
EVs: 252 Atk / 8 SpD / 248 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Leaf Blade
- Swords Dance
- Spirit Shackle
- Shadow Sneak

Bronzong @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD
Sassy Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Iron Defense
- Body Press
- Gyro Ball
- Stealth Rock

Tauros (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Sheer Force
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Body Slam
- Earthquake
- Iron Head
- Throat Chop

Comfey @ Life Orb
Ability: Triage
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Calm Mind
- Draining Kiss
- Giga Drain
- Substitute

Sylveon @ Choice Specs
Ability: Pixilate
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Mystical Fire
- Psyshock
- Shadow Ball
- Hyper Voice


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Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 1.05.53 AM.png

I wanna preface this with I don't think this team is as good as it was when i originally made it (beginning of NU open) but I still think it's pretty usable. Wanted to abuse the vap spam that i was seeing and BU scraft seemed like a great and underrated threat that no one prepped for at the time. I paired this with spd garb bc my favorite and I think the most consistent playstyle in SS NU is spikes bo and the rest of the team just kinda filled itself out.

I dont rly have replays on hand to showcase how the team is played but if you look through the NU open threads, I think youll find a couple that really puts this teams strength on display.


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This might get outdated quickly, but here's my first team after a day of laddering. So far, 20-3, with 3 losses before swapping Heliolisk in (instead of Dragalge, which I had first.)

:Ninjask: :Bronzong: :Xatu: :Drapion: :Comfey: :Heliolisk:

JULY NINJASK 1: 4Pivot/0Boot

:Ninjask: Bleurgh I don't think I need to explain Ninjask again. Rocky Helmet, Draining Kiss priority, Toxic Spikes? All very good for wearing stuff down into Acrobatics range, in addition to its own U-turn.

:Bronzong: Really wanted to try Trick Toxic Orb, and boy, it delivers. Three attacks + Toxic Orb leaves you walled by... little, actually. Leftovers Vaporeon, Boots Arcanine, Rocky Helmet Xatu? All have items worth removing and replacing with perma-poison, that make Ninjask's job easier. Also a generic wall that doesn't fear Trick that much. Kind of misses Leftovers a bit, since it wants to be walling Exploud and Sylveon, but your other, faster partners make for good secondary play against them even if Zonger goes down.

:Xatu: Pivot team hates pebbles, what can I say? Night Shade means you beat down Iron Defense Bronzong. Psychic lets you threaten Sirfetch'd, and it gives you something to do to the likes of Weezing and Vileplume.

:Drapion: The previous two dislike Dark-types and Ghost-types, and Drapion happens to fair well against them. Shuca means you fear Golurk a little less. Toxic Spikes actually is pretty neat for wearing down stuff, especially after you Trick/Knock some Boots off.

:Comfey: Guzzlord deterrent, part two. Compress backup Defog and Heal Bell into one slot. U-turn vs Steel-types means you can retreat to Xatu without fearing them doubling to something like Exploud. Draining Kiss is an excellent component of the soft play against stuff like Blastoise. Various items are good here. Kebia Berry means you can U-turn on Drapion without fearing a Poison Jab too much.

:Heliolisk: Oh man, Heliolisk is looking kinda hot now that Flygon is gone. I explained in the NP, but dude. Hyper Voice followed up by Volt Switch (to Xatu!) will wear through stuff like nobody's business. Grass Knot will blast Golurk, and hit Mudsdale pretty hard. I guess Quagsire deserves a mention here too, for dying to Grass Knot. I prefer Silk Scarf, but Magnet and Expert Belt are probably ok too.

------ Replays
Vs Stall Heliolisk out here showing why Quagsire is bad, and also the power of being able to freely Volt Switch after wearing something down with Hyper Voice; four pivots strongly control the flow of the game here, despite letting Xatu get weakened into Sludge Bomb range, and accidentally clicking Knock Off a bunch of times I shouldn't have (hey, the move is good, ok)

Vs Offensive Balance? Idk if I labeled that properly, but whatever. Showcasing here that against certain team structures, you have an enormous advantage. Basically kept a stranglehold on momentum for the vast majority of the game. A Flip Turn read kind of helped.

Vs Offensive Balance? Tricking Toxic Orb onto Xatu was pretty crucial, as Xatu was prevented from wearing me down with repeated Rocky Helmet damage. Between that and getting an earlier-than-expected poisoning on Arcanine, my advantage in the earlygame was solidified. Bronzong fends off Sylveon just enough during this time. I shouldn't have sacked Xatu to Sylveon, but despite that, the damage was done, and Ninjask was able to blow through Ferroseed after getting in on Spikes.

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