Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)

time to vote! and as seen by the discussions in here and discord, you are allowed to vote for Keldeo to keep its Poison Heal ability. voting lasts for 24 hours.
voting has ended! without any doubt, Keldeo shall keep Poison Heal.

And now, back to our one and only slates for new mons to be buffed:
:ss/escavalier: + Stakeout (Replaces Swarm)
:ss/absol: + Fairy type + Fairy Wind (STAB) + Speed Boost
:ss/rotom-heat: + Strength Sap
:ss/beartic: + Fighting type + Close Combat (STAB) + 20 SPE
:ss/blastoise: + Psychic

5 days of discussion!
Escavalier: I don't have much to say about it, but I like it. This thing+Red Card will be interesting.
Absol: The new fairy type fits thematically, and speed boost doesn't sound too shabby. Stab Play Rough is also cool, but why fairy wind out of all moves?Rotom...Oh god
Beartic: No Comment. Hope we don't have a repeat of Barraskewda in rain.
Blastoise: BASED IN EVERY CONCIEVABLE WAY! I will support the idea, no matter what.
sorry i skipped the hour warning again i've been busy and forgot to tell the council

so let's head straight to voting! 24 hours until it ends as usual

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