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Serperior would actually be much more threatening if it had Taunt, but seeing as it doesn't, without Life Orb it can barely 3hko clefables with spdef, and without knock off it can't properly deal with chansey either, though chansey risks a substitute on a toxic, but seismic toss 3hkos LO. It's also 100% walled by Mega-Alt, unless some random HP Poison variant lol. Spdef Amoonguss is uncommon, but I'm pretty sure amoonguss can take +2 HP Fire and ohko with sludge bomb after LO
Im afraid the problem is it that it does get taunt.

Personally here is how i rate current stallbreakers in terms of potential

1) Hoopa
2) Manaphy
3) Goth
4) M-Pinsir
5) Serperior

As in i see Serp as top 5 but there are harder mons to deal with for stall or at least harder mons that i usually struggle to beat.

Amoonguss is a pretty easy hard check to serp and is pretty much the only mons that can deal with serp when it does carry taunt. However taunt/synth/leafstorm/hpfire is ridiculously hard to deal with as once it gets in it outspeeds everything can heal off damage from stoss or moonblast and just blitz through a stall team solo. Luckily nobody really runs that setup but if they do then its nearly a 6-0 from turn 1 or when it gets a clean-switchin.
Serperior is a threatening mon against stall because it can attack and boost at the same time, so it can't exactly be stopped by taunt. It can easily clean teams after a boost or two and stall has difficulty beating a boosted serp because quagsire is easily KO'd anyways. It can can glare faster supportive mons like latias or use hidden powers to blow past its counters, such as HP fire for scizor/ferro, HP ground for tran, and even HP rock for Spedef Talonflame. Serperior also has access to taunt, synthesis, and knock off. When combined with the occasionally-ran substitute, it can be a difficult pokemon for stall to deal with.

Fortunately serp has a few counters on stall such as unaware clef, Mega venasaur, amoonguss, Mega Altaria, and any of the pokemon listed above if Serperior brings a hidden power they aren't weak to. Otherwise, something on the stall team will have to live a hit and either KO, cripple, or phase Serperior to avoid the sweep.
Im afraid the problem is it that it does get taunt.
My mistake! I'm thinking of a sceptile set I was using to replace serperior, Sceptile doesn't get Taunt, Serp does. Thus, serperior can deal with chansey and set up to +6, and potentially 2hko Amoonguss if hazards are up or if amoonguss was low before it switched in.
Sp def talonflame is an excelent answer to serperior (f*ck hp rock hipsters).
Skarm at 100%hp can use a desperate brave bird to get serp really low, but you need to sac something before so as to switch skarm in.
Amoonguss is a blessing vs serperior.
If you are good at predicting, you could try and toxic serp on the switch and then softboiled stall with a chansey or skarm.
Gothitelle can trick scarf so that another pokemon can recover stall all leaf storm pp's (although, if it subs when you switch gothi in, you are done).
Heatran, MVenusaur and unaware clefable also come to mind.

All in all, serperior poses a very dangerous threat to any playstyles as long as the player is good enough to pull the trigger at the right time.
The contrary + leaf storm + outstanding speed combo is absurdly strong. Thankfully serperior has bad movepool and that's the only reason for it to not be ban material.
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Shed Shell won't help you. While it will help you with Gothitelle, you actually need Leftovers recovery to defeat Chansey even with a Rain Dance set. Also, Gothitelle is the only pokemon Shed Shell works against, so it will basically do nothing 97% of the time. You are better off running a Chansey / Clef / Goth lure to get rid of them / their item (for example Knock Off CM Clefable will provide way more utility than shed shell manaph. I'd even consider knock off manaphy over shed shell manaphy though you should use neither of them)
Repeatable Switch ins to
Serperior are:


Source: OU Checks Compendium ( )

of those, the really viable options on Stall / Semi stall would be Megasaur, Talon, Malt, ZardY, Amoonguss, Tornadus-T. (I don't like the ones with stealth rock weakness unless it's a mega sableye team or a starmie team.)

Note that Chansey should currently be running 252sdef, due to Manaphy and Serperior.
(252hp 0sdef Chansey can easily lose to Manaphy even with no tail glow with no rain dance.
252sdef with Eviolite can stall out itemless Serperior's Leaf storm.
+6 252 SpA Serperior Leaf Storm vs. 0 HP / 252 SpD Eviolite Chansey: 300-354 (46.8 - 55.2%)
+6 252 SpA Serperior Leaf Storm vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Eviolite Chansey: 376-444 (53.4 - 63%)).

(Non Substitute) Serperior is one of those stall breakers that can get shut down by gothitelle with a trick, since it now gets walled by most grass resists and Chansey.
There is a lot of such stall breakers, but note that it can only shut down one of them per game and can be overwhelmed if two are on one team. [Similar to counter skarm which probably won't live to beat another threat if something sets up to +6 on it and it goes down to sturdy before killing with counter].


Stall breakers crippled and effectively neutralized by
(rain dance)
(nasty plot + heal bell)

Furthermore the following can be revenge killed after a bit of chip damage:
(no whisp, no cm)

(Mirror coat revenge kills Taunt + 3 attacks Gardevoir after one taunt has been used, if it is around 50% health (such that the return damage from focus blast kills it).)


Edit: One stall breaker that's largely overlooked is Nasty Plot + Heal Bell
Togekiss. Repeatable Switch ins are just
Gothitelle can trick a scarf onto it, but with a few flinches it can break trough even chansey with 252 sdef and eviolite and still obliterate the stall team.
(+2 252+ SpA Togekiss Air Slash vs. 0 HP / 252 SpD Eviolite Chansey: 130-154 (20.2 - 24%) -- 65.1% chance to 4HKO after Stealth Rock.
21.6% chance to get three flinches in a row and kill chansey at +2 even if they sacc something to get it in.
36% chance to get two flinches in a row and kill chansey if it switches into +2 scarf tricked Togekiss.)

Edit2: The reason for this is that Togekiss doesn't perform very well on an offensive team facing offense. It is, however, an excellent win condition for stall vs stall.
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Mega Medicham Checks
Guaranteed switch in:

Situational swith in (depending on Medi's moveset):

As you can see, Ice punch eliminates most of the Situational switch ins. What remains is basically just Mega Sableye and a number of psychic types that resist Medicham's dual stabs. Note that most of these Switch ins don't like volt turn. Actually all three of the Mega Medicham teams I have recorded pair it with a volt turn core (link).

Even though it gets fire punch, since it almost never uses it, Shedinja is actually another guaranteed switch in. But that is only usable on mega Sableye teams, so there is really not much point in Medicham worrying about Shedinja.

Accordning to the latest stats, Mega Medichamp's move distribution is:
Fake Out 96.430% | High Jump Kick 89.105% | Zen Headbutt 72.601% | Bullet Punch 65.871% | Ice Punch 36.861% | Psycho Cut 17.524% | Drain Punch 11.020% | Other 10.588%.

Gothitelle with some SpAtk investment (around 124 at least) can be used to revenge kill Mega Medicham. Edit: note that hjk + bullet punch will ko gothitelle if it does not run enough bulk.
124 SpA Gothitelle Psychic vs. 16 HP / 0 SpD Mega Medicham: 121-144 (45.6 - 54.3%) -- 53.1% chance to 2HKO
124 SpA Gothitelle Psychic vs. 16 HP / 0 SpD Mega Medicham: 121-144 (45.6 - 54.3%) -- 94.9% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock
252 Atk Pure Power Mega Medicham High Jump Kick vs. 248 HP / 8 Def Gothitelle: 183-216 (53.3 - 62.9%)
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If you want to be anti-meta, Sap Sipper Azumarill is nearly as perfect a counter to Serperior as you can get. I forget if doughboy's old old stall team had it with the resttalk azum, but that set is a very hard stop to serp. And it doesn't even need spdef to do it so it isn't wretched at toxic stalling zardx as well.

I'm still really far behind the meta at large. Right now, I'm still working with my old Rhyperior/Chesnaught cores (filling in drapion for hoopa). But jeez, I just end up getting carried by CM mega slowbro 90% of my games so it's all good.
So delving a little into semi-stall, this is what I came up with:

Slowbro-Mega @ Slowbronite
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpA
Bold Nature
- Scald
- Slack Off
- Psyshock
- Calm Mind

Drapion @ Assault Vest
Ability: Battle Armor
EVs: 248 HP / 120 Def / 140 SpD
Careful Nature
- X-Scissor
- Poison Jab
- Knock Off
- Earthquake

Chesnaught @ Leftovers
Ability: Bulletproof
EVs: 252 HP / 36 Atk / 220 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Wood Hammer
- Drain Punch
- Spikes
- Leech Seed

Chansey (F) @ Eviolite
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SpD
Bold Nature
- Wish
- Soft-Boiled
- Seismic Toss
- Heal Bell

Skarmory @ Shed Shell
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe
Bold Nature
- Roost
- Defog
- Counter
- Taunt

Scizor @ Choice Band
Ability: Technician
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Bullet Punch
- U-turn
- Knock Off
- Superpower

It won the tour I played it in even in matches that were completely unfavorable. One replay I don't have is me getting super salty on an azumarill living my chesnaught (168 HP?) with 1% hp on a slightly low roll and revenge killing it. Scizor came through clutch even against a bisharp that flinched drapion on an EQ turn when sharp was +2. Managed to take 3 pokes with Band Bullet Punch.

Specific problems are Volcanion (as seen in my latter replay, I noted it. Later learned that volc lacked roost) and MScizor if Skarm goes low. Stallbreaker mew is annoying as hell, as well. However, I'm pretty sure a burned Scizor can still dish some major pain on Uturn.

I'm trying to get some people to help me test it to see if there's anything obvious to fix.
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