[Standard] Ender's Second Game - Game Over! Lots of people won!

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Well, I was concentrating on this, and also, I amn't exactly the best at working out false claims.

EDIT: Also, this was a ton easier, since the mafia didn't even try regrouping, so it was a joke to keep picking them off, while negating their kills.
Yeah hfb...I didn't believe you for a second lol.

Also, what was to stop Undisputed and TA coming back and killing hfb? I wanted to see him dead ._.

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Yeah, don't give every lynchpin a BPV. That's just really not fair. Poor game design in that respect, and the final result shows that. Still, it's clear that the "village" could at least capitalize on that and take advantage of how broken they were. Interesting concept though. That or the wolves got fucked over and that messed everything up. Or both (wolves get fucked up because there were like 4 "village" inspectors <_<).

You know the roles, I won't repost them. Also, your comments here don't need to be summarized and reposted here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~The lynchpins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I wanted to lower the odds of their death to give them a chance to live. Hence the BPVs. However, I guess they were overpowered. I intended them to find their allies by inspection and non-lynchpins claiming. Unfortunately, they were able to unite quickly.
Guards for the better roles.
~~~~~~~~~~~Hive Queen~~~~~~~~~~~~
In retrospect, the ability to hijack a player until death was overpowered
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Peter Wiggin II~~~~~~~~~~~
Unstopable hook; very powerful. In retrospect, I shouldn't have used this (Night, perhaps)
Ok, 2 targets and himself kidnapped for 3 days and nights was too powerful. 3 one-cycle kidnappings would have been better.

The rest of the roles were rather obvious, I think. Though I shouldn't have used as many inspectors/BPVs.

The game started with LonelyNess almost overturning the lynch, but the mafia failed to regroup afterwards. Before he was kidnapped, undisput3d tried to overturn the situation. However, the idle wooooood wrecked that plan by being idle. Anyway, undisput3d almost changed the game flow with that. The rest was just waiting for the inevitable result.

I intended the game to start chaotic. As the lynchpins found their allies and the players found their teammates, the game would have have become more organized. However, the damage done beforehand to all sides would have been great. Unfortunately, the lynchpins organized too early, and I forgot to ban sending role PMs on Night 0. Oops. Anyway, inactivity really hurt the game, and I wish I could have updated more frequently.

Best Player: undisput3d (for reasons mentioned)
runners-up: LonelyNess, hailflameblast, Slim Guldo (moled his ally for a short while, though)

Worst player: Bunnymaster (allied with his enemies so that he'd be spared.)

Yeah, I know the postgame is a bit lacking, but this game didn't have much excitement, and Day 1 & 2 pretty much forced this into a powered-up village. I'll also let your comments be part of it (everything since the end-of-the-game post should be treated as part of it, IMO). There was not much out of the ordinary, bar some roles I now know to be broken.


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I saw I was a lynchpin and was like :O cool. However I had no idea of how the factions interacted. I decided to claim pequinino since it was one of the factions I pinned and got directed to both HFB and Smallvizier pretty quickly, as well as the three pequininos. We also allied with Slim but I had smallvizier inspect him just in case. Lightwolf was also inspected fairly early so that was our Hive Queen connection. I can see the argument for the balance of the game but people don't always act the way you expect them to.
screwed over from day 1 because we were focusing on taking down BunnyMaster who was supposed to be our ally the whole game. I forget who it was, Raito? but the Congress member who gave away phantasia wasted his role, which could've caused a lot of controversy and confusion among the village had he used it, and gave away important information. Bunnymaster also gave the enemies ANOTHER inspect so they had... 3? I don't remember.

So, between those 2, we had almost no chance. =/

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Well, BM was right in a way to come to the village, because by the time of Raito's lynch, close to the enitre village had been unied(only HQs, and LW was there for cross-checking if we targetted his allies(he wasn't too willing to reveal them tbqh, but that's fine)) and I pretty much controlled all the lynches, so I was just keepin him alive for his mayor vote, and to announce the lynch making him a temporary shield for me, while my enemies wasted kills on eliminating them. It was a stroke of genius, possible because Slim Guldo united BM and me(and to anybody who thinks BM was leading, that's silly, I just had him draw attention by announcing lynches, publishing an enemy list etc., so that I would be safe to cross-check people's claims using our multiple inspectors, and find HQs).

When BM died, I didn't want to sacrifice another persn to lead, so I stepped up, and had LW keep Nachos on me.

Oh, and undisput3d could not have killed me. I had an intact BPV, had the resources to stop Team Aether(Crux, and put a BG on him to ensure he survived the night), and could afford to lose one villager to the night(since all pins kept their BPVs), and then proceed to lynch off Team Aether, then use Crux + Towelie to stop undisput3d, and use Sledge's kill(if he was alive) to on undisput3d to end the game, or just stop his kill for the night, and then lynch him the next day for the win.

I don't get best player award? :(

Kidding, I know undisput3d played just as well, if not better than me, since he managed to go undetected so long, and kill quite a few people. It was a good thing he used 2 whole kills on eliminating BM:)

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Yeah, but Crux and I drilled some sense into Thoughts.

Crux was also an excellent mole, he uncovered TA and undisput3d's role, along with the kill being passed on. undisput3d made the mistake of trying to contact him, and Crux my man, gave me all the data, which enabled my endgame plan.

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