[Standard] Fuck the Mafia Tactical Game - The Men with 99 Problems win!

I'd like to point something out specifically from the log with LonelyNess.
<LonelyNess> the last aesir

Now why the hell aren't we lynching Earthworm when he's an enemy to all of us? -.-

The lynch is short and sweet. While some of you (and even the man himself) wants to lynch LonelyNess, those voices can't be heard under the shouts of those who are after Earthworm's blood. He tries to run away, even trying to hinder the assassins by rising some walls made out of bone and summoning walking skeletons, but all to no avail. At the end of the day, you all leave the square grinning, having buried him where he belongs:

Dear Earthworm,
You are Necromancer.

A man of the dark arts, not many have heard of your kind, and even fewer stays close to you willingly. And indeed, your skills in raising the dead and giving life to inanimate creatures would send chills down the spine of even the bravest man. When the Aesir Corporation heard of your kind, they decided to hire one of them for their invaluable skills. You were sent, and you will use this opportunity to gain more fame and notority for the Necromancers.

During the Night, you can submit "Night X - Surround USER with Bone Walls". You will use your spells to raise the bones of the dead out of the ground, surrounding USER in an impenetrable bone wall, stopping any killers from finishing their job.

In addition, during the Night, you can submit "Night X - Poison USER". During your studies, you learned to create poisons of any kind, and you will provide USER with some of the strongest one you have, killing them without any pain and mutilations to their body.

You will find more information in the letter that came alongside this one.
As the night falls, you can hear the wolfs howling in the distance: They are hoping for blood, but whose blood will it be?

Night 3 has started, and ends Saturday 21:00 GMT+2.

Also, for everybody to take note:
I won't be home from tomorrow (Thursday) till Saturday. Thus, there might be a delay on the update, but I will get it out as soon as I get home.

And remember to send in the PMs.
Alright, I am lacking two PMs. With this long Deadline, I didn't expect that I would lack any PMs. Also, due to the nature of these 2 PMs, I am not updating now. Deadline is extended till Sunday, 18:00 GMT+2.

On another note, Green_Pikachu has changed name to BlackHatGuy, and I am going to sub a person out. More on this tomorrow.
Sorry for the delay, UPDATE!

The sun starts to shine early, but it arrives with howls of fighting wolves. As you go to the square to see what is going on, you notice that they have a furious battle over a cheeseburger. While it isn't edible anymore, you can still read the role PM belonging to daquiri that is inside:

Dear daquiri,
You are Coach.

Your life used to be nice. Coach some young un's, eat some cheeseburgers and go to church on Sundays. But Lord wanted it otherwise. Now, zombies don't need no coaches, but the other survivors always appreciate another gun. And you appreciate a chance to kill these zombies for wrecking the food courts and your home town, of course while surviving this whole ordeal. Thus you decided to join The Green Mile Legion, because the more survivors, the bigger chance you all survive, right?

During the Night, you can submit "Night X - I'mma be a one-man cheeseburger apocalypse on USER1, USER2!" You visit and make it clear to USER2 that if he doesn't vote on USER1, he will face an unbeatable cheeseburger apocalypse.

You win if The Green Mile Legion has eliminated all the threatening factors.
Since there were no corpse to be buried, and the wolves had escaped when you arrived, you just threw the burger into a trashcan and start calling each other names: someone has to die, but who?

Day 4 has started, and ends Tuesday 21:00 GMT+2

In addition, Aura Guardian
has subbed in for Sledge (Personal request)

Also, I request the (possible) leaders of each faction to send me a PM where they tell their future plans. This should be done ASAP.

Night PMs are out.


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Hello fellow GMLs, and the sure to exist non-99 faction as otherwise the game would long be over!

Welcome to today's lynch, so how about not handing them this game and lynching LN today?

Lynch LonelyNess
or in morse
. ._.. _.
hailflameblast has subbed in for Uberiffic due to personal request.
Also, due to this, I am not calling it a day yet.

God damnit guys, this starts to become Fuck the Sub by now ._.

BUT: A Grace period has started, due to majority on Alchemator.This ends at 22:00 GMT+2 today, at which point the day will end. It is up to you if you want to keep the lynch or change it.

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