[Standard] Fuck the Mafia Tactical Game - The Men with 99 Problems win!


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Seriously, any non 99 vote with us, or you are handing them the win, there is no point in staying hidden because you will get weeded out as soon they kill off all GML, and trust me that will soon happen!

Blame yourself if you don't vote, I sure will.

As the crowd starts voting again, it's quite clear who they want dead today; Alchemator is soon overpowered, but when you take a closer look on him and his looks, you realise it wouldn't even be worth your energy to kill him. And since the wolves were still quite hungry, you just decide to throw him for wolf-food. They will appreciate a bit fish into their diet:

Dear Alchemator,
You are Remoraid.

What's the world coming to nowadays? People finding a random fish and making it look like it's good? Still, they made you sort-of famous, and that has to count for something. Except that with fame comes enemies too. And what can a stupid, helpless fish do to them? Nothing. So when you heard about The Green Mile Legion, you decided to join them so they can cover your sorry ass. Or so you hope.

Durnig the Night, you can submit "Night X - Attacking USER". You will try to attack USER, but when he sees your pathetic splashing, he will laugh so hard that he can't move for the rest of the night, preventing any action he would have done.

You win if The Green Mile Legion has eliminated all the threatening factors.
As the (quite clean) ordeal is finished, you leave the area in silence for once; the wolves are too busy eating to start their howls again. But it doesn't matter. There are deeds to be done, but what kind of, and on whom?

Night 4 has started, and ends Wednesday 21:00 GMT+2.


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Hey 99 inspect, I suggest you inspect LN, if you don't want to lose hardcore.

It's not like it hurts you if you do so, you surely know all our roles, and clearly know we can't do shit. Hell, not even that we can't do shit, but that you have no one else to inspect, you known all of us and according to LN no fourth party exists...
Almost a week has gone, but none of the nights could be compared to last night; the noise was almost unbearable, metal banging against metal, small explosions, buildings falling. As the morning arrives, everybody is already at the lynching site, watching the wreckage of a machine that is there. It looks like it's bipedal, but you can't be sure. As you search through it, you notice that the cockpit is open; inside it, you find the body of Raikage:

Dear Raikage,
You are Neo.

Originally just a normal hacker and a programmer for a big company, you were dragged into a world of machines and shown the truth when you took the Red Pill. Afterwards, you started to save the humanity, and became The One, but it brought only more problems. Agents are after you now, and you have the whole mankinds faith on your shoulders. With all these problems, you decided to join The Men With 99 Problems, so you could get help with your problems and more humans to realize the truth.

During the Night, you can submit "Night X - Yank USER forcefully out of Matrix". You will pull the plug of USER, killing him. This can only be done of someone on your team gains positive results, however. You will be informed when this happens. As of now, no positive results have come in.

You win if The Men With 99 Problems has eliminated all the threatening factors.
As the man is dragged out of the wreck and put along the other bodies, you look on each other. This battle is soon over, but who will emerge victorious?

Day 5 has started and ends Saturday 21:00 GMT+2.

Night results are out.


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Hello fellow non-99, how about we try something new today, as you don't really seem to be keen on lynching LN.

Lynch Spiffy

Also could you contact me? We could at least coordinate our roles... You know pretty well that I have no reason to sell you out as then we lose our last chance to win...


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There is one more Aesir, that's to be sure. But he's not an idiot apparently, he knows that as soon as he votes against me he's dead. Even without his vote, I own the lynch. If he outs himself by voting against my faction, then he's a dead man. His best hope is for him to kill my informative roles so I can't clean my men, and hold out until we eliminate the GML, whittling down the 99's roles at night.

Change of plan though, guys. We're getting rid of someone who definitely needs to die before pookar.

Lynch ~NJ

The lynch is done with no resistance, and you start to gather around ~NJ. But before you can kill him and leave, he takes out his revolver. "There wouldn't be any honor in my death if I let some cowards like you kill me." Then he swiftly places the gun under his chin and pulls the trigger:

Dear ~NJ,
You are Revolver Ocelot.

You are a master of interrogations and an expert of torture, who has worked for many different organisations in the past. And via that, you have also gained many contacts and friends. And what friend wouldn't help out his friends (unless you got to backstab them)? Thus, when your old buddies asked, you joined The Green Mile Legion: Maybe you could get a chance to use your good ol' revolver for something useful again.

During the night, you can submit "Night X - Ricochet bullets around USER". You will use your gunslinger skills, and fire your Colt Single Action Army Revolver around USER. USER will not be hurt, but the carefully aimed, ricocheting bullets will prevent any random people from closing in on USER. A killer will not be intimidated by this, however, and will finish its job.

You win if The Green Mile Legion has eliminated all the threatening factors.
You carry the body into the building before you leave the area, preparing to survive the next night. Who will be dead when morning arrives?

Night 5 has started, and ends SUNDAY 21:00 GMT+2, since there are so few players left. Get the actions in, and we can ends this soon.
Fuck this, I ain't getting more action PMs. UPDATE!

The morning arrives, with eerie silence. Nothing can be heard, the wind has died down; the place is completely silent. And as you arrive at the oh-so-known place, you realise nobody died last night. Nobody wants to comment on it though, so the silence isn't broken. Looks are thrown around, but nobody utters a word. Who would break the silence and finish off someone else today?

Day 6 has started, and ends Tuesday 21:00 GMT+2.

Night result is out.

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