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let's play bw lc!
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I'm just a measly Gold Protoss, but I can play practically anytime. Just highlight me on IRC or revive the smogon channel??


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At the top of plat right now (mmr is in mid-dia)... it seems like the most important quality is how well you can drop/hold off drops. I've just gotten into the habit of a big 200 food drop at around 15min with roach/hydra/infestor, just so I don't get murdered by all dem tanks/collosus. Not that I'm very good at that. Sometimes forget about getting drops or something and throw my army into a meat grinder in a desperate "oh no!! i'm maxed i should be aggressive!!" spastic attack.

Anybody know of any good rts games that don't have flying/invisible units? I'm trying to find a good thing that they add to this game. I realized I would be much happier if every unit could hit every other. Think it'd make a better real time strategy. At least at the lower levels.

I also wish every race had scan.

Just happened to me, and reminded me about it. What I love about low diamond mmr:

Soooo many diamond players trolling down. It's so much more frequent here than in any other league.
So, I guess this place just died. Considering how many new patches are out, and all the stuff there is to talk about this game, bump. So, what do you guys think about the recent league map pool and all the patches? As a Silver League Zerg player, I really hate entombed valley. It's just too easy for Protoss and Terran to turtle and then do a 3 base timing push. I also hate Korhal Compound. Such an annoying map, and it favors Terran.
So, I guess this place just died. Considering how many new patches are out, and all the stuff there is to talk about this game, bump. So, what do you guys think about the recent league map pool and all the patches? As a Silver League Zerg player, I really hate entombed valley. It's just too easy for Protoss and Terran to turtle and then do a 3 base timing push. I also hate Korhal Compound. Such an annoying map, and it favors Terran.
Honestly, in silver league, you don't have to worry about a map slightly favouring another race. Just work on your mechanics and map awareness. You can crush anyone with any build in silver as long as you execute it properly. Learn a 3 base roach timing attack and get good with it.


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I also hate Korhal Compound. Such an annoying map, and it favors Terran.
How...? spread creep, easy to just say 'this half of the map is mine, fuck you' then just get your fourth base while stuffing his third. If he doesn't have tanks and or a ton of dropping he has no chance of holding it.

or at least in my experience. but most of the people I face are terrible since my mmr's dropped to mid plat/upper gold. Can't wait until the summer so I can actually get into diamond.

Loving the new zvt with the patch. I literally never have to make lings until super late. Get my three-five queens and three-five spines, no amount of hellions can break the front if I block with hatch/evo chamber.
the map pool is so much better now! the only map that I really dislike is korhal because of the structure of the natural/third area. unfortunately also have to veto metropolis because of lag/fps issues with the doodads around the map. but yeah maps really don't matter until maybe diamond level... the reason they make a difference is because of positioning or "abuse" of map features (like harassing with an air unit across locations with close air positions and far ground positions, or cliff abuse), and no one does those well until they get better...

if you're having trouble against a fast third on entombed valley zvp you should tech fast to brood lord/infestor behind mass spines. get a fourth right after you see the third, and get infestor/brood lords in time for his 3 base push (14-15 minutes in gsl, realistically 17+). don't waste your gas or supply making a ton of roaches since you won't do damage unless he forgets how to forcefield, and everyone who takes a third won't attack you until the base gets up and their additional tech, probably colossus, kick in. after you stop the attack with brood lords, deny his 4th by parking your brood lords over that pit, and use ling runbys to harass the remaining trio of bases in the remaining corner.

or you can just roach max really well and run them over with sheer numbers even if they get force fields. macro is by far the most important part of the game, you can do whatever the fuck you want as long as you make units that can hit his units and win if you simply have more shit.

to actually improve: figure out what you should do by using tl strategy forum, then practice it. mass ladder is the best overall practice. for droning practice (ex zvp up to 8 minutes) you can get a practice partner (more fun) or just do it against a cpu (boring, I don't do this).
Yeah, I've actually had a lot of success lately with some builds. Have recently been running over tons of people with speedling/baneling then teching up to mutas or investors and saturating my expansion while they're getting pressured. It works well, actually. (considering I'm only one league above wood, sometimes the speedling/baneling pressure kills them.)

The one problem I have is breaking heavily fortified groups of units. I'm starting to experiment with ovie drops. It works pretty well, especially with banelings. I definitely think I'm getting better. Anyway, what's your favorite map to play on? I kinda hated metalopolis at first, but now I like it a lot, especially when the other guy spawns close to me. (close spawning positions on metalopolis is one thing I'm pretty good at.)

I don't use roaches much expect against toss, as banelings usually cut it in ZvZ and ZvT, and no one pressures me early. Roaches are pretty cool though. Kinda tough to beat stalkers even on creep unless I have speed upgrade though. (which sometimes is tough to get without focusing too heavily on roaches. Hmm, maybe I should try more speedings in order to surround stalkers and clear the way for the roaches.) If you couldn't tell, I'm more of a speedling baneling guy. (Used to be roach, but now I'm different.) I also think I've been really good at scouting lately. In fact, most of my ZvZ games have been won because I charged in with speedlings and banelings at 7-8 minutes after scouting a really late spawning pool. [For some reason, no one can build their spawning pools very fast at all in the silver league (unless it's a 6 pool lol!).]

I do find that mass ladder is a good way to practice. One of the things I love to do is: when I start to lose, take a week off and accumulate like 200 bonus pool, then come back. Now any game I win will count double, and I'm not mentally burdened by my losses. I actually think I can get to gold around the time season 8 rolls around.

(also, free cookie for who knows what brood my avatar features!)
well the thing with taking a week of is that you get rusty... kind of sucks spending practice time just to get back to where you were the week before.

map preferences depend on matchup.

pvt entombed valley is nice because there's basically zero dead space for drops and late-game warpin harass is really effective with the map layout; the only thing I don't like is that the bridge connecting your natural and the third makes positioning against medivac timings difficult before sufficient aoe is out. daybreak is also pretty good for pvt since it's so large you get more of a defenders advantage. cloud kingdom is also pretty nice since the natural/third can be defended along the same path and drops are relatively easily zoned. I really dislike antiga because drop play can abuse the shit out of unit pathing and air travel distance vs ground travel distance.

pvp anything with a ramp is not shitty, anything with a natural ramp is good.

pvz I like cloud kingdom and daybreak; the main requirements are that the natural can't be too open and that the third can't be too difficult to defend. really dislike korhal because it's almost impossible to hold a third vs heavy roach pressure. tal'darim and antiga are decent too. shakuras is good for allins... void ray sentry, warp prism mass gate, immortal sentry, LOL so much abusive shit to do on this map. or just taking an absurdly greedy third with cannons and FF.
Yeah, I just hate entombed valley. It's just annoying as zerg because the other races can get drops rather quickly and have great harass options, and just throwing zerglings at stuff doesn't work too well until mid to late game when you have like 30 and can rebuild the whole stack in about 20 seconds. I also hate thirds that are far away. Such a pain to hold, which kills me as I am an economy person. Antiga really is a pain when someone drops into your main, because it is really tough to render drops useless without splitting your army. On some of the other maps you just have an infestor or two up there, then run speedlings at the dropped army. On Antiga, if they kill the infestor you have stationed. . . I hate those drops. That third is also clear across the map, and is a pain to hold if you don't spawn clear across the map from each other. Daybreak is also pretty fun, and it is just fun to play, although I don't care for the aesthetics much. Shakuras plateau ZvP and ZvT is such a pain as zerg because it is so easy to defend the main base. throw in a few AA stuff to protect against small ovie drops and you're set. It pretty much turns into a huge stalemate mid game and then I get rolled over late game if I don't weaken them significantly early game. I also hate the fact that everyone can defend their third on this map so easily except for me. (LOL spine crawlers! Probably the weakest tower in the game. Except for bunker with no units.)

This kinda makes me wish zerg had a unit that actually got a bonus vs armored that could actually move.

The only time I just take a week off is when I'm losing, so it doesn't take me much to get back to where I was the week before at all.

(also, smogon channel on starcraft II is apparently still inhabited.)


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1. Fuck shakuras plateau
2. Is metropolis not in the map pool for anybody else? I didn't notice them taking it out... I really liked that map, had a couple of my best long term zvt's on that map.
Metalopolis is in my map pool, but apparently everyone else hates it, because I can't get a match on it. For the next map to take out of the season pool, I think it's time to retire shakuras plateau. The shattered temple was boring enough, but shakuras plateau so overwhelmingly favors terran and protoss that it just isn't funny. I kinda liked ohana. very long map, which gave me a better chance of teching up, which is what I'm good at. Antiga shipyard is such a pain as zerg, as terranes just throw a bunch of siege tanks in the middle. Either that or they put them in their main, which mean you have to go up through the natural just to hit them, usually. Mutas and brood lords are good for destroying outlying siege tanks though.
Apparently they took out metropolis. I didn't like that map very much, so that was nice. No close spawning positions for early pools, and not a huge map from any two positions. I've had some of my worst games on that map.

Here's a question: what new unit do you think the zerg need the most? I think the zerg need a moving unit that can hit ground that actually does bonus damage vs armored. (spine crawlers are borderline useless late game.) Another alternative would be another MOVING unit with decent range. Say, 7? Hydralisks are kinda weak, and brood lords take a long time to tech up to. Queens. . . well. . . not so good except for early defense. Infestors have great range with fungal growth, but each one can only use it up to three times before they have to recharge. Roaches have so little range that it's almost like having no range at all when fighting units such as stalkers (at least not until you get the speed upgrades), although it does come in handy for kiting zealots.
Yet another alliterative is a cliff walker. The toss have colossi, the terrans have reapers, which are going to be buffed, supposedly, and the zerg have nothing.
There are so many things the zerg could use. . .


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soooo uuhhh
I just can't play the game anymore?
at all?

I guess I'll just um
play story mode with my ethernet cable unplugged?

Man #8 in that post/image is so fucking stupid
what a non issue
I'm not sure why people are under the impression that their macintosh mouse doesn't have a right click
are there genuinely people that dumb?
who really command click when they want to move something somewhere?
So, Uhm...... I guess it was a good idea I didn't follow everybodies advice and get a mac laptop then? Although I gotta admit, this is a pretty big hit for those who gloat about how superior Mac is to PC. Guess that means a big chunk of starcraft users won't be playing then!


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So, Uhm...... I guess it was a good idea I didn't follow everybodies advice and get a mac laptop then? Although I gotta admit, this is a pretty big hit for those who gloat about how superior Mac is to PC. Guess that means a big chunk of starcraft users won't be playing then!
Well anybody who says mac is superior to microsoft is pretty dumb anyways. And my mac is 5 years old, if you were going to buy your mac sometime recently I'm sure they'd have a recent enough os that would still be supported.
Oh hey. Well, I actually got good. I'm high silver league now. Just haven't been playing enough to rank up to gold. I finally stopped doing 7 minute all ins. I'm now using roach/muta which works beautifully, especially on protoss ffe. Speaking of ffe, I love it when everyone ffes. There were two times where I took an early third on an ffe. I was maxed in 17 minutes flat and steamrolled them with superior economy and roach/muta balls. (I honestly don't know how I did it to this day) It was hilarious and it felt great.

Also, your thoughts on the creep spread nerf? I personally don't have much of a problem with it. They really didn't fix the issue of creep spread. It's not how far each creep goes, it's how fast you can spread it. I altered my vespene gas timings and am pumping out 4 queens before I upgrade to lair generally, so creep spread isn't too problematic for me.

Oh btw, you can still play the game VirtualKaraoke, you just need a more recent version of OSX. You're probably running Leopard or snow leopard. I know it works on Lion and Mountain Lion, which just released.
I downloaded this from my friend's disc, but I can't go on using the weird Starter Edition and I won't be able to spend the $40 to get a registration code for quite a bit... :( Just trolling through the couple campaign missions atm. I played SC1 a few times so I have a decent idea of how the basic mechanics work but until I can play online I'm going nowhere.


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Oh btw, you can still play the game VirtualKaraoke, you just need a more recent version of OSX. You're probably running Leopard or snow leopard. I know it works on Lion and Mountain Lion, which just released.
lol I realize that. my mac is pretty old but I'm nearly sure it can support up to 10.7 (lion), I just didn't want to spend the money on a new os because fuck macintosh and why the fuck would I spend forty bucks updating software that's literally exactly the fucking same as what I have now.

However, my parents bought this new stupid track pad thing, presumably wowed in the store by all the 'functionalities' it 'posses' (as an aside, have you ever heard someone say how much they like laptop trackpads? I sure as fuck have not). As it turns out, it needs 10.6 (snow leopard) to run, so they bought that software and updated the mac, so I can play again.

Got promoted to diamond after my first game (which was a loss, i'm pretty confused, my mmr would have still been in diamond I guess, but I was like in 32nd place in my platinum league since I hadn't played in nearly a month). Also, I'm a big fan of all the 150+ apm players in diamond who're awful and get mad at me for just overrunning them with x/infestor at the fifteen minute mark. ("omg I did so much damage to u with my banshee/hellion/dt harass!!! how'd you win??") I don't understand why people don't macro behind harass. I'll go to their third, they won't even of taken it, then I'll get to their nat and all they have is like one or two siege tanks/immortals. ("zerg op!")

I really really don't understand why more terrans/protoss's don't just take a quick third when they see zerg is taking a quick third. At one of the recent mlgs there was a game between mkp and drg, where mkp did just that, and they stayed entirely even in army supply until the 22 minute mark, mkp eventually loosing because he kept on trying to take a base that was impossible to take instead of the other fourth.

Oh also I'll assume everybody played the hots mod that was on arcade? I only got to play it for three days before it got taken down yesterday, but I'm a lot more excited for hots than I was prior to trying it. Not a fan of the new toss units at all, playing as or against them, but the new zerg and terran units/abilities are fucking awesome.

Viper + infestor/ling is awesome. Blinding cloud on top of fungals is amazing vs bio, and vs toss deathballs. Hydra speed+ultra/ling lategame is so awesome too. Really makes the lategame feel like ling/muta midgame with the ability to quickly bounce around. I beat quite a few master mech terran players with hydra speed+ultra/ling just because I could be everywhere at once in the late game, so they just couldn't secure expos. The swarm host is neat I guess, but they really feel like a stronger and slower infested terran. Locusts are faster than infested terran, but swarm hosts are so much harder to position and setup than infestors are. Locusts do have ridiculous dps which is kinda nice.

All that being said though, I still think terran got the sweetest end of the stick with the new expansion. Battlehellions are so fucking awesome vs any number of zealots/zerglings, and the new goliath is so amazing vs toss deathball/mechterran. I just massed them for victory quite a few times tvp. They're fast enough that they aren't to hard to spread from storms, they have better range than stalkers, and their range isn't too much lower than colossus. Supported with a few hellions and thors they seem unstoppable. I guess many of my games weren't vs players of my skill level though, so that could be skewing my perception a bit, but I still think t's getting the best stuff. Combat drugs for the reaper are also really cool. I can seriously see mass reaper replacing marine/medivac. Terrans always have so much gas, it wouldn't be too hard to make reapers instead of marines. Dps is slightly higher too.

Unrelated to anything else I've written, every body should read the gsl top 32 players guide. It's a really excellent read, and does a good job of hyping this season of code s, which looks sick as fuck.
Judging from the HotS replays I've seen casted. Nothing is going to change except toss having the mothership core and the occasional battle helion or swarm host.

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