Stat Specialization Tournament II [Round 1]

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I'm fine with Whitequeen taking over. Or heck, if I'm not going to play in this tourney anyway(which seems to be the case), I can take over so we have someone not participating in the tourney running it.

Note: I would like to play. ='(

Eo Ut Mortus

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I am going to allow WhiteQueen and Articanus to take over this tournament with the condition that Articanus is responsible for generating the pairings. This is mostly because awhile back, WhiteQueen submitted some weird "rigged pairings tournament" idea that makes me feel a bit wary (no offense). Both of you can still participate in this tournament.

I will give WhiteQueen control of the OP. Articanus and WhiteQueen, please handle substitutions, deadlines, etc. accordingly and work together to post subsequent rounds.

PM me if any issues arise.
haha eo, despite my recent negative reputation, I do have integrity because I am Asian. but I do understand your point of view

I will help update the op (wins/losses) and call activity when I get home from school tonight
Alright so when you update the OP I will post round 2 shortly afterwards.

Stay tuned, guys! We'll get this through eventually! =D
OP Updated. Remaining matches should be done by Wednesday, December 5th @ 8PM EST. NO EXCEPTION WHATSOEVER ANYMORE.

Damn that was work. Took me over an hour for this mess.
Activity post. Good thing i got told by the initiator that i actually was subbed in, VMed opponent, let's see what happens~

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Uh ok, activity post ~

EDIT: lol, just give Princess Bri the win, she would probs beat me anyways x_x
Bri has a penis.

Heads up people, please get your matches done today. I will finalize everything when I get home around 10pm EST tonight. This round has gone on long enough, so there will be no more extension whatsoever. Show activity and geniune attempts to get your opponent to battle to get an activity win, otherwise I will coinflip.
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