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I see you've ventured into digital art, and you've still got a great way of defining form and a good sense of perspective/positioning with your lines, and I loved how you did the multiple heads on Hoorbok. The only thing I see is that they're a little messier, which is something I found when I started with digital art as well- I've found erasing as you go along helps, but I'm sure you'll figure out your own way/line style as you draw more. Keep it up!
Thanks a lot for the compliments :D
Yeah, I'll finish it soon, for now it's only a sketch, that's why (it seems) I didn't erase any line.
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I think you should move the fusion evolution based art over to its new thread.

(Mana, Charados, Hoorbok, Bastioking and Kangorus-Khan)

They all look really neat and I would love for them to get representation and further development in the thread.
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