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As some of you may not know, the Pokemon Showdown website has a replays page with a list of featured replays and daily replays that are logged on a regular basis. However, the featured replays list has gone a bit stale in recent months, so we're going to actively work at keeping it regularly updated. The goal is to update the page on a monthly basis, so don't feel bad if your replay doesn't make it the first or second time - there's always more chances.

It's important that to realize that these replays will be posted on the site's Replays tab, so if you're just having a casual STABmons battle with a friend, stick to the funny/amazing replays thread. We'll let everyone know each time the replays page is updated, either through this thread or through the PS! Facebook. Like the Facebook page and bookmark it to stay current on the project!

We invite players to post links to their replays here so that we can choose some to periodically update the list with. Please make sure that your replays aren't too old - around 3-4 weeks - so that the content stays as fresh as possible.
Context: End of Monotype's Bug-Mono only Tournament, finals between two very well-respected and well-known members. Competitive vibe going through the whole room. Everyone wants to see this fight. And then, suddenly, turn 13 happens:

Note: This does not involve me battling and is not fairly recent, but judging by what the featured replays system is meant to represent, I think people seeing this would be very cool and maybe inspire some creative teambuilding.
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This is a Smogon Triples battle I was in a few hours ago. Both myself and my opponent were using strategies that really only work well in triples, (Wonderpass and lightningrod/discharge teams) and I think both of us were doing a good job in terms of using triples strategy properly. Even though I led with my own Raichu that would normally absorb the attacks of electric teams, my opponents team had proper move coverage, making it so that victory would not be assured until I got wonder guard on Raichu. I think this battle demonstrates triples and the kind of crazy strategies that can come up there fairly well in an interesting manner.

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Not exactly from the last 3-4 weeks, but a highly entertaining game where some guy absolutely destroys a PS mod with a Mimic Shedinja gimmick - something pretty similar to what the current featured replays showcase. Anyway, both the match itself and the resulting reactions are fantastic, so I think it should be added to the list of featured replays. Cheers to Imanalt for showing me this one haha
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