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Hey I'm not sure if this is already suggested but I wanna suggest the ability to move the room tabs left and right just like you moving your internet tabs left and right might be a good tool to utilize. This is so that the most frequent rooms I want to leave open but access the most I can leave them at the left hand side or right hand side of my screen.
shift+left arrow or shift+right arrow
also drag & drop works on chrome (not sure about other browsers)
Vacedit: this is not april fools... if it was it'd be lousy

Do not post metagame, tiering, or any non-PS suggestions here.

Post your suggestions for improving Showdown here! Suggestions posted in this thread will be archived in the OP - so be sure to read through it first before posting your suggestion and do not post previously-suggested ideas. Please be aware that we are not taking room suggestions. Note that this isn't a discussion thread.

Common suggestions that are already being worked on:

- Friends list
- Offline PMs
- Saving teams on your account
- Multi battles and free-for-all

Common suggestions that will never happen:

- Option to change username color

Common suggestions in which the answer is complicated:

- Mobile app (we'll make the web app better and more mobile-app-like, but a real mobile app is not happening)

- ability to /ignorepms of a user while still seeing their messages in chatrooms (especially helpful with roomauth)
- Implement a more advanced find-a-user system, ie. search that allows you to see all usernames that have the specific word mentioned in it.
- ability to type /clear into a pm box and just clear all pms from that user as opposed to /clearpms clearing them from every user
- Notifications when a user goes offline/comes online
- group pms
- Allow modnotes to highlight staff members (potentially including "/hl add, notes:" for highlights for any notes.)
- Room specific highlights
- add parameters to modlog so you can prevent certain things from showing up such as /modlog lobby, !poll, !tour, !uno
- allow Voices + Drivers to use the minigame option commands (Uno and Hangman) similar to how Drivers could set up tournaments.
- allow room owners to add custom room ranks such as elite four
- a way for roomstaff to call globals when a room would be left authless
- /roomprojects command similar to /roomevents
- /poll edit command to fix mistakes in polls
- add time remaining column to /roomevents
- make /warn show autoconfirmed alts like muting/locking/banning someone does
- option to disable highlights + notifications from declares as well as html boxes/showimage
- allow room owners the option to allow mods to edit/add /roomevents
- notes feature on teambuilder
- a feature in the teambuilder where common sets pop up when you enter a pokemon
- remove suggested spreads button or improve them
- make a way to choose your HP type without having the move HP.
- ability to hide certain formats from showing when you do /rank
- Increase number of rooms you can autojoin
- add to link whitelist (used in a bunch of rooms)
- ability to change text size
- improve color of scrollbars and teambuilder boxes to better match dark mode
- make hidden avatars not reset each time you log on
- implement pokeballs - useful for certain pokemon which in game can only be obtained with a certain ball.
- have it show the speed of a pokemon after it would mega evolve in randbats by hovering over it

- refresh button on ladder screen
- show move effectiveness on moves like they do in sumo - if this is added, also make an option to disable it
- longer disconnect timer (people complaining that the timer does not give you enough time to reconnect if you dc)
- command such as /pokedex pikchu, to show pokedex entries for a pokemon
- make /hl delete require confirmation
- make /bch permanent
- have EV yield appear on /dt
- add unreleased parameter to /ds
- option to make icons not show with /ds
- In search replays, add an option to search for a specific pokemon being used in battles
- make <<replay>> link to the
- in tournaments, have previous generations specify the gen. So rather than "UU tournament" it'd be "[Gen 6]UU tournament".
- ability to toggle tour notifications per room
- save the banlist from named tours so that they can be set quickly and easily
- a way for participants to easily see what the autodq is set at in a tour without having to scroll up in chat
- ability to see the full tour name on mobile, as it is currently blocked by user count
- have commands to be able to scroll a tour bracket, helpful for mobile users
- Ability to change name color
- Ability to use the /join command to join multiple rooms at once
- emotes in chat

- character counter in messages to show how many characters you have remaining.
- less sensitive caps/stretch filter
- See someone's peak on the ladder
- chat button not being grayed out when you click on your own name, or make it more obvious people can pm themselves
- After voting on polls make the option you voted more noticeable than it is, perhaps an asterisk or underline
- way to avoid being highlighted by tournaments without ignoring them completely
- add other language support
- link ps account to twitter
- return of seasonals
- warning that private replays can't be searched for
- freeze decay on inactive ladders

implemented | planned | Probably not
We cannot guarantee that suggestions will be implemented.
A button that allows you to view the battle theme playing.
This idea was rejected before, instead if neither player moves, and the timer hits 0, the game will be a tie.
It's just to easy to trick a guy with this "tie" doing a move in the last second - a guy do this to me -_-
This game really needs a real tie button, or a command, like the guy said : /proposetie, /accepttie, and /denytie.

A game like this is really current in this meta :
In regards to the display issues with pokemon gifs, can there instead be an option to use still images of the models?

*sidenote, I don't know if it's a crazy coincidence or what, but immediately after installing Stylish to get smogon's dark mode, the gifs actually started working again, and automatically switched back to being gifs instead of the gen 5 sprites


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*sidenote, I don't know if it's a crazy coincidence or what, but immediately after installing Stylish to get smogon's dark mode, the gifs actually started working again, and automatically switched back to being gifs instead of the gen 5 sprites
That's because your Chrome browser updated. Chrome 64 was bugged, which lead to the gifs malfunctioning
the ability for players to rename their battle rooms. it could be useful for tour games to name battles like 'game 1','game 3', 'finals', etc... and it would be nice to be able to give them a funny name rather than something like gen7ou-248757


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Split the Scholastic into two rooms, Politics, and University.

The ban on "Politics" for the week is quite clearly an indication that the room owners are simply "tired" of Politics and as such, beg's the question, why not just make a dedicated politics room? I see absolutely no negatives within this approach. Everyone in the Politics room will be on the same page, there won't be any people passing by who are ill-informed on Politics... well at least, weren't looking to in some way inform themselves and those who disliked politics would be free to stay in "University."

Those who make the claim that Politics "is to niche," I think are being a bit dishonest. This is an anecdote from a person with a single post on this forum, so take it will as much salt as you'd like but the majority of the discussions within scholastic are about Politics. Maybe it's my own bias towards Politics that makes me see it this way but I'm sure if there was a tangible way to prove this, the evidence would lean in my favour. However, I'm sure those would oppose me would believe otherwise and as such, will simply advise them that a room about "Pro-Wrestling," exists, niches aren't a very big issue quite clearly.

I think the honest reason why this split hasn't occurred, is that there's an understanding that Politics takes up such a large portion of the discussions, that it could lead to a substantial drop in interest in the Scholastic room. If that were to be the case, then having a "no politics" week would be counter-productive to the goals of scholastic, so why is it thing? Either way, I think this split would only benefit both sides, the Politics nerds will be free to have our circle jerk of Liberalism and the University-goers/larpers are free to get each other to do their math homework and brag about their degrees, in their own respective rooms.

Thanks for reading!
Room requests go here:
But I would advise talking to the roomstaff about the no politics rule, to get an understanding of why they banned it, if you haven't already.
I have a suggestion: Moves filter
Im an oldschool player, who likes showdown for fun, not just for competitive and annoying moves (Like: Baton pass, Stealth rock, Swagger, Spikes, Toxic spikes, Minimize, etc).
I would like a custom "filter" for each player of moves.
I mean, imagine that you have your "own" filter of moves, so, when you search for an opponent, the engine automatically discard the opponents who have those moves
This is probably a longshot, but it would be nice if ladder decided who is ranked above one another with equal ELO based on who has the higher GXE, instead of by name (That's what I think the ladder does in the event of ELO ties, not 100% sure). That makes the ladder slightly more indicative of skill. Kind of annoying to be denied #1 because my name starts with T. If the players have the same ELO and GXE, then ranking them alphabetically becomes appropriate again.

This would probably require a ladder reset, so I can understand if y'all wouldn't be down for this, but it seems like a just change imo

Btw thank you for implementing the ladder refresh button a few months back, makes me feel good that one of my suggestions was taken into account :) Though I'm sure a lot of people wanted it too
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I believe that we should have more customization options related to vanity. My idea is to add the ability to customize pokéballs with seals similar to the generation 4 games and being able to choose what pokéball your pokemon comes out in. My idea for the script inside the Import/Export menu that determines what your pokémon is and does is to have script lines after the moves that read:
Pokeball: {Name}
Pokeball: Master
For the generation 4 script:
Seal: X,Y {type}-{subtype}
Seal: 0,0 Smoke-B
Seal: -2,4 Electric-C
Seal: 2,4 Electric-C
For letters:
Seal: X,Y {Letter}-{Color}
Seal: -6,0 P-Red
Seal: -2,0 O-Red
Seal: 2,0 K-Red
Seal: 6,0 E-Red
As for changing these things outside of the Import/Export menu, an interactive menu would be added to the level/gender/happiness/shiny menu or a clickable option displaying the customized pokéball would be placed between the item picture and the stats display. It would look similar to the way it is pictured here:, but it would also have a section for pokéballs that, when clicked, places a menu below the seal customization that lists all the pokéballs' appearances, names, and opening animations similarly to the way that the moves are listed, but with name furthest left, picture in the middle, and opening animation shown on the right.

For displaying the opening animations without 3D models, just use the gen 4 animations, but for when a player has 3D models, seal animations will have to be created and I recommend that they are displayed in front of the pokémon when the pokémon lands instead of when the pokéball opens.
I think it would be useful to implement a /tour rules command that gives hosts the possibility to restrict the level of pokemon and another one for the number of pokemon players can bring. That can be used for LC tours that are not supported by official formats (like RBY, GSC and ADV LC) and Battle tower tiers (3v3 with Item clause) and of course lots of other custom tiers.

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