Sun/Moon Random Doubles Battle Sets

I ran into a Mesprit set today that I thought was somewhat problematic, which was Choice Scarf Mesprit with Psychic/Trick/Calm Mind/Substitute. There's no proof of that in the replay as I only used one move with it the entire match (shocker!), but I'll include it below anyways. I suppose in theory it technically has Trick, so it's not like an objectively dumb thing, but I still think it's pretty bad and should be fixed. Even ensuring Choice'd sets have two functioning attacks would go a long way. (Psychic/2nd Attack/Trick/Sub is probably ok, for example)


Also about the Hariyama set I posted earlier--no I don't know its other moves. The only one I know is Helping Hand, which is the only other thing it did in the game.
I ran into this: I recieved a Stunfisk that not only had Limber (a useless ability on it since it's part electric) but it also had a Cheri Berry (Out of all items) which would cure it from a Paralysis that it couldn't receive. Why does this exist again? Bit odd if you ask me.
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Another weird one: got a Shaymin-Sky with HP Fire, Earth Power, Substitute, and Air Slash. Didn't save the replay but in chat we agreed this set was questionable.

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