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Hey everyone, I updated the standings spreadsheet now that S9 is over! Lemme know if anything is wrong:

Here are your new fun facts:
-VigilanteVigoroth is the first person to win in their first game since HeaLnDeaL all the way back in S3. We've had 6 seasons in between then and now where the winner had played at least one game before their win!
-RADicate has joined an exclusive club with Hannahh where he has gotten into the top 5 on 4 different occasions! As an added bonus, neither of them have ever placed below that (for Hannahh, her lowest is 4th).
-Drookez tied the record for most individual immunity wins in a season (with 6), and tied the record for most consecutive individual immunity wins (with 5). Both of these records are shared with HeaLnDeaL.
-After being a hydra in this past game as a twist (they ended up splitting at merge!), Umbreon and Takes Azelfie are now tied in the rankings. What are the odds?
-JALMONT joins Marjane, Hannahh, and ajhockeystar as the only people to make FTC multiple times.
-Season 9 had 12 newcomers, which is the most since CAP S2 (which also had 12).

In terms of times played,
-As of Season 9, we now have a total of 118 unique Smogon Survivor players, and 50 multi-timers.
-50 users have played in 2 or more seasons (24 have played twice exactly)
-26 users have played in 3 or more seasons (11 have played thrice exactly)
-15 users have played in 4 or more seasons (Hannahh/RADicate/ajhockeystar/rssp1/zorbees/Mikaav/Drookez/MK007 have played in exactly 4 seasons)
-7 users have played in 5 or more seasons (Flyhn/Whydon/RODAN/Toni XY have played in exactly 5 seasons)
-3 users have played in 6 or more seasons (Vooper and JALMONT have played in exactly 6 seasons)
-Trace has played in the most seasons (7 to be exact). Of the 11 seasons that have been hosted so far, he has only missed out on Circus S2, CAP S2, Circus S8, and Circus S9.

I'll probably get to updating the immunities and the total votes sections at some point too, so stay tuned for those!
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Also, just to represent, EpicUmbreon29 is the only multi-timer to find idols in all seasons that he's played I think :D

As of this season, multi-time players who have never been eliminated before the merge are:

2 seasons:

3 seasons:

4 seasons:

6 seasons:

I might be missing people, if I am feel free to holler at me :)

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