Suspect SV BH Suspect 2: Shapeshifter (Terastallizing)

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I got the reqs, from my experience laddering, setup Zacian sets are very good. Actually, Strength Sap + Sub + Q/VD is underrated, you can setup against most things with the combination of those 3 moves and sweep. With hazards, knock off and poison, most haze/unaware walls will eventually get whittled down and die anyways.

This is the team I used. It has Volt Absorb Zacian and Water Absorb Fairyceus to hard wall Palkia and Miraidon. They also double as setup sweepers with the aforementioned setup trinity moves. Tera dark on arceus for a ghostceus check. Fur Coat Groudon is my check for Zacian but it can lose to my own Zacian set. Magic Guard is another underrated ability I don't see anyone use. Slaking hits quite hard and is very hard to kill. Would recommend if you hate salt cure/hazard/poison spam. With tera fire you can also check Zacian if needed. I'm also using Magic Guard Palkia which is similar to Slaking. Hard to kill, does a lot of damage. Arceus and Palkia also can't get knocked off but you can run LO on Palkia for more damage. I highly recommend you try using sub/strength sap/dance on your sweepers with hazards + poison (tspikes/mortal spin).

Hard Voting for Ban, the sheer amount of pressure Zacian alone forces through Tera is absolutely disgusting, though it's arguable on whether or not this is a Zacian problem/Tera problem, however Tera still enables so many other things that I'm leaning to vote ban.
Don't ask about the AAA Game


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I literally have a screenshot of when I was 28-1, lost 1 game and got haxed to death right after, I won 2 times and got +0GXE, a combination of bad luck and weird things happened during this run, I can't tell how much I hate this game rn :)

Besides this, probably voting no ban.

I blame 3 games to 1600 sweats, 1 to hax, 2 to skill issue.

Dunno what I’ll vote, there are positive effects and negative effects that Terastallization gives.
Defensively, it can give you the chance to live an otherwise super effective hit if you time it perfectly, it can give an overall better type MU against the rest of the opponent’s team, and can even do a bit of self-proofing.
Offensively, however, 3 STABs or 1 STAB + 1 super charged STAB is incredibly strong and the havoc it does has even surprised me. It can break through otherwise strong defensive cores or plow through the enemy team in general.
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