Project SV CAP - Victim of the Week - Week 14: Caribolt

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Week 6: Stratagem

Stratagem @ Power Herb
Ability: Levitate
Tera Type: Grass / Fairy
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Meteor Beam
- Paleo Wave
- Energy Ball / Dazzling Gleam
- Fire Blast
(I totally didn't steal the idea for doing this mon this week from Brown4Sides. This was a completly original thought.)

Stratagem is a very dangerous threat in SV CAP, and it's success can largely be attributed to its access to Meteor Beam. Thanks to Meteor Beam, Stratagem gets access to a one-time powerful attack that boosts its Special Attack, which in combination with its blazing fast speed, turns it into a very dangerous late-game sweeper. On top of that, thanks to Terastallization, Stratagem has the tools effectively blow past one of its primier checks last gen, Arghonaut. However, as strong as this rock is, it is still a rock, and it is still beaten by paper. What I'm asking from you guys is to give me paper (Submit checks and counters).

Submissions end Friday, March 3rd 11:59 PM GMT-5
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Clodsire @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Level: 100
Careful Nature
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD
- Earthquake
- Recover
- Toxic
- Stealth Rock

Muddy Mud boi is a hard counter to the gem. Unaware completely invalidates its boost, it resists its STAB and one of its possible coverage moves and it can Toxic it to beat it ever so slowly while it clicks Stealth Rock for absolutely free. Its Special Defense is so good that Fire Blast, on a good day, doesn't even 4HKO.

Bisharp @ Eviolite
Ability: Defiant
Tera Type: Ground (To help with this week , I usually run Dark on Bisharp , But Flying/Fairy/Water are all options depending on your team's need)
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Night Slash
- Sucker Punch
- Iron Head

As much as I love running stratagem (for obvious reasons) , This needs to be stopped , And Bishop is here to do the job. You may wonder at first "why Bishop over Kingambit" , The reason is extremely Simple ... We're no longer affected by New-toy Syndrom (In all seriousness , It's because Eviolite + Max HP Gives it effectively as much Bulk as a SpDef Kingambit while allowing to be a Threat Thanks to Max Atk). Anyway , I'll consider Bisharp a Check to Stratagem after the Boost has been Consumed (Granted , a bit specific per game , but It's easy to absorb the boosted hit while also forcing out Strata at the same time (Take Blissey , Tera Fairy Arghonaut , Tera Ground Equilibra if you know it's not tera Grass ...)) , and The advantages of Bisharp Are beyond just Checking Stratagem: It also Counters Gholdengo , is an amazing Spikes Abuser since it punishes Defog and can set up on Equilibra thanks to tera Water , Its eviolite also helps it tank many neutral Hits without a problem whatsoever , Making it usually an early game Wallbreaker , But You can set spikes early on , Set up with Bisharp and put the ally Corviknight in an Akward 50/50 , Either they don't defog and accept loss to Bishop (assuming no Arghonaut on the other side) and its teammates that also abuse Spikes (Gholdengo , Specs Stratagem ..) or Defog and accept loss to Bishop (I'm not mentionning the lure Tera Fairy/Flying set to help with Arghonaut Without Circle Throw because It's not relevant to checking Stratagem).


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Nominating Scarf Jumbao as a check.


Jumbao @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Trace
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Moonblast
- Leaf Storm
- Tera Blast/Focus Blast
- Healing Wish

While Jumbao lacks the resistances or bulk to take on Stratagem's attacks, it can revenge kill it thanks to its high natural Special Attack and powerful moves. Note that it helps to chip Stratagem slightly beforehand to ensure the KO in case Strata terastallizes. Baiting or scouting out Stratagem's tera type before going for the KO with Bao can help immensely with this, allowing Tera Blast to KO Tera Grass variants.

252 SpA Jumbao Leaf Storm vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Tera Fairy Stratagem: 276-325 (85.9 - 101.2%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock
252 SpA Jumbao Moonblast vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Tera Grass Stratagem: 202-238 (62.9 - 74.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252 SpA Tera Fire Jumbao Tera Blast vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Tera Grass Stratagem: 338-402 (105.2 - 125.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO

+1 252 SpA Stratagem Meteor Beam vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Jumbao: 268-316 (82.4 - 97.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
:revenankh:Revenankh @ Spell Tag / Leftovers
Ability: Triage
Tera Type: Ghost / Fire
EVs: 128 HP / 252 Atk / 108 SpD / 20 Spe
Careful Nature
- Bulk Up
- Drain Punch
- Poltergeist
- Shadow Sneak / Moonlight

Revenankh is a really stupid Pokemon, and while it serves mainly as a terrifying Bulk Up monster, it also doubles as a pretty nice counter to Stratagem. Its Ghost-Fighting typing makes it resistant to Meteor Beam and immune to Vacuum Wave, and its auspicious natural bulk allows its to take all of Earth Power, Heat Wave, Energy Ball, etc. quite comfortably. In turn, a max-invested Rev has fair odds to OHKO Stratagem with Drain Punch, and can generally turn its presence into an easy KO or free setup. In addition to this, due to Stratagem's respectable HP, Revenankh will be able to heal back most to all of the damage it takes from dealing with Stratagem, especially so if it manages to OHKO. Now granted, withour Leftovers, Stratagem will definitely leave a mark on Revenankh, especially with Tera Grass Energy Ball and the potential Dazzling Gleam, but Rev can circumvent this through Lefties, Moonlight, and its own Terastalization, though turning into a Fire-type against Stratagem could go awry pretty quickly. Overall, Revenankh's typing, natural bulk, and super-effective Triage Drain Punch allow it to pretty reliably counter Stratagem.

+1 252 SpA Stratagem Meteor Beam vs. 128 HP / 108+ SpD Revenankh: 105-124 (29.7 - 35.1%) -- 19.5% chance to 3HKO
+1 252 SpA Stratagem Fire Blast vs. 128 HP / 108+ SpD Revenankh: 129-152 (36.5 - 43%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
+1 252 SpA Tera Grass Stratagem Energy Ball vs. 128 HP / 108+ SpD Revenankh: 159-187 (45 - 52.9%) -- 28.1% chance to 2HKO
+1 252 SpA Stratagem Dazzling Gleam vs. 128 HP / 108+ SpD Revenankh: 188-222 (53.2 - 62.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

252 Atk Triage Revenankh Drain Punch vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Stratagem: 300-354 (93.4 - 110.2%) -- 56.3% chance to OHKO
+1 252 Atk Triage Revenankh Drain Punch vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Tera Grass Stratagem: 223-264 (69.4 - 82.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

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Voting time! We will be voting on both checks and counters this time since we got enough submissions for each.

:Bisharp: (Waldinji)
:Jumbao: (MurderousMantyke)

:Clodsire: (Lasen)
:Revenankh: (ryangregory78)

Vote for one check and one counter. Voting ends Sunday, March 5th 11:59 PM GMT-5.

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Week 7: Walking Wake

Walking Wake @ Choice Specs
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 12 Def / 244 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Hydro Steam
- Hydro Pump
- Draco Meteor
- Flamethrower
For anybody who has been keeping up with the metagame for the past couple of weeks, Walking Wake is a mon that needs no introduction. Choice Specs Walking Wake is an absolute monster to behold. The combination of its strength and the solid coverage that Water/Dragon/Fire provides causes it to massive damage to most Pokemon in the tier, and thanks to Protosynthesis, it can also outspeed most of the metagame behind Sun support. What truly makes it a threat to behold however, is its Signature Move Hydro Steam, which not only does not get weakened by Sun, but is actually strengthend by it, denying one of the most common forms of counterplay against Water-types. All of these factors have caused people to label this Pokemon as broken, hence why it is being suspected this week. As a challenge, or because I am cylinically insane, I have decided to choose this Pokemon for this week to test your abilities, have fun.

Submissions end Monday, March 13th 11:59 PM GMT-4

:iron valiant:

Iron Valiant @ Booster Energy
Ability: Quark Drive
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
- Moonblast
- Close Combat
- Thunderbolt
- Psyshock

This is what I've been running as my Walking Wake check. Booster Energy lets it outspeed Walking Wake sets that make Speed their Proto boost, and Moonblast kills it.

252 SpA Iron Valiant Moonblast vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Walking Wake: 342-404 (100.8 - 119.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO

That being said, the Speed boost is a one-time use, so be careful.
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