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Slowking moved from UU to OU

Decidueye moved from OU to UU
Iron Leaves moved from OU to UU
Pelipper moved from OU to UU
Quaquaval moved from OU to UU
andviet thoughts: Slowking is the only mon that moved to OU (As expected) based on the increase of Sun Spam, shockingly Armarouge is still OU (Which is awesome). Iron Leaves dropped which I thought is a bit soon, Quaq dropping makes sense because it was always bordering but I think usage could increase since it resists both of Kingambits STAB moves and you can create a bulkier 252 HP / 252 DEF roost set.

| 37 | Scream Tail | 4.049% |
| 38 | Quaquaval | 3.770%

Scream Tail is bordering pretty close, and my assumption is from it's fantastic Bulk in combo with Proto boost.

| 1 | Great Tusk | 55.685% |
| 2 | Kingambit | 39.162% |
| 3 | Iron Valiant | 30.546% |
| 4 | Gholdengo | 27.351% |
| 5 | Dragapult | 23.520% |
| 6 | Dragonite | 20.275% |
| 7 | Roaring Moon | 18.955% |
| 8 | Baxcalibur | 18.472% |
| 9 | Meowscarada | 17.831% |
| 10 | Hatterene | 17.824% |
| 11 | Corviknight | 17.139% |
The top 11 is interesting, Tusk staying at top, Gambit increased from 29% usage to 39%, Dengo dropped from 41% usage to 27% usage. Those are definitely the top 5 most notable things. Rotom-W dropped hella from 20% to 10% usage. Baxi made a well deserved jump as I been saying it's a top 10 Pokemon, from 10% usage to 18% usage (obviously from the Pao ban). Last notable thing is Ting Lu dropped from 15% to 9%, definitely because of Walking Wake spam. I think to close out my thoughts Kingambit and Valiant both beating out Gholdengo is shocking to me but makes sense to me because of the Sun Spam. Booster Valiant is for Walking Wake, and Kingambit can take on Crunch / Acro from Roaring Moon if it's the Choice Band set.
Gren makes it another month in OU, thanks Arceus. The ugly cat ruins the top 10 sadly…

Also, it’s shocking to see Chomp that low, it’s #27, if he ends up dropping to UU…
bordering but I think usage could increase since it resists both of Kingambits STAB moves and you can create a bulkier 252 HP / 252 DEF roost set.
Tusk already fills the bulky physical mon with access to spin that checks Kingambit, there is not a real reason to run Quaq over Tusk. Also, if Gambit teras it still beats it. This again the "in theory it checks Pao" scenerio, while in practice it is far from being an optimal answer and loses most of the time.
It took so long, but I'm glad it finally dropped, that mon never belong to OU.
what I'm supposed to meme now?
Honestly? Meme on the fact that Armarouge somehow has nearly 1% more usage than Indeedee and Polteageist despite Armarouge being borderline useless without them and despite the fact that this PsySpam core is extremely good right now.
The greatest April Fool's prank would be if those QB were real, and played off like a prank.
Or if they just banned Hazards for a day to see what the meta would be like without them.
Or if they implemented a team preview for tera types (a functionality which exists on showdown, because that's an imperative part of the Tera Donation OM).
Or if they implemented an item clause like the battle tower.

But good jokes nonetheless.

My current favorite is Great Tusk with 55% usage stat! And Pelipper dropping to UU!
My current favorite is Great Tusk with 55% usage stat!
Tusk at least has a great design and isn't ugly as hell like Lando.
Now to not just be an one liner, how do you feel about Gholdengo's usage falling that much? Yes, it is still used a lot but it looks like the meta is just too prepared for him. Despite its great typing, I believe that only Scream Tail and Corviknight can't touch it, the rest of the tier have at least a move to annoy Gholdengo. It has recover to beat 100% some mons, but that is where its problem starts IMO. It needs to run different sets to beat different things, but unlike Volc who runs a specific set to beat a couple of specific checks, Gholdengo loses to a bunch of different mons depending on the sets and tera. Gholdengo is a very good mon, but it kinda suffers a bit from a consistency point of view since it relies a lot on the match up of the set it is running vs the rival's team simply because it can't do everything it wants at the same time.
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