Tournament Sword and Shield UU Alpha Tour [Won by Alpha Rabbit]

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Activity Stuff

sketchy ecchi vs Estarossa - Extension requested.
Jacobikko vs Glav - Extension requested.
Daisuke Shirou HaxxSel - Extension requested.

Roginald vs Darkyspeed - Can see that you were scheduled to play today, but as no-one has come forward to claim act or post their win, flipping.


Rawbi vs Velcroc - Velcroc just totally stopped responding, so activity win goes to Rawbi.
Wigglytuff vs G-O-D BASTI - Wigglytuff granted act win.
luisotte vs Kamitokka - Luisotte granted act win.

Finchinator vs Kreme - No scheduling attempts visible anywhere or any act calls, so flipped.


Mannat vs Pak - No scheduling attempts visible anywhere or any act calls, flipped.


Bans for Round 3

Kommo-o and Gengar are now banned from Round 3 onwards!

This should come to no-ones surprise, as these two mons have been incredibly centralising in the tier, with both Pokemon forcing multiple different checks on all teams, and a 55% usage rate in particular for Kommo-o in Round 2 speaks for itself on how good this Pokemon is rn. The removal of Pursuit has also made offensive counterplay to Gengar very limited, putting huge amounts of pressure on teams without the few defensive counterplay options such as Pyukumuku and Umbreon, which are all incredibly passive. As mentioned recently in the NP thread, both of these Pokemon are near mandatory on any non (Semi) stall team, with a heavy opportunity cost to not running either Pokemon.

Round 3

Galactiknight vs. Alpha Rabbit
chimp vs. (Winner of Jacobikko vs Glav)
itsjustdrew vs. (Winner of HaxxSel vs Daisuke Shirou)
MetaRiolu7 vs. Hogg
SBPC vs. PinkDragonTamer
Darkyspeed vs. fanyfan
Kreme vs. Abyssal Ruins
sand1234 vs. Kickassin666
blinkboy vs. luisotte
Wigglytuff vs. Rawbi
EviGaro vs. (Winner of Estarossa vs sketchy ecchi)
atomicllamas vs. Drud
Raikaria vs. Elias PSY
Amane Misa vs. Moutemoute
Mannat vs. bugzinator
Indigo Plateau vs. Shadowmonstr4

Round 3 Deadline is Sunday 29th December 11:59PM GMT+0.

Round 2 Extension Deadline is Wednesday 25th December 11:59PM GMT+0.

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might be a little late for this but calling act on my round 2 opp

I waited 3 hours when we were supposed to play and they never showed up. with holidays and all I'd rather not ask for an extension.
i agree to moutemoute's point. Could obstagoon be removed as well? Removing gengar is one less decent revenge killer against it. Also, defensive kommo is one of the only checks to obstagoon, and removing that as well? Well boy...


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Please don't use this thread to ask for X Mon to be banned also. The over centralization of these two Pokemon are exceptionally high and the likelihood is they both rise to ou once alpha begins next week, so we came to the conclusion they warranted removal. If other Pokemon prove problematic they will be looked into and removed next round. PM us instead if you wish to voice your opinion on the matter. I will take any opinions into account when going over replays as usual. Thanks.
Also; keep in mind that on top of the Gengar/Komoo-o bans; there's the Dynamax ban as well. That's quite the significant shakeup.

Also I assume we have a similar case with any rises to OU as with Dynamax last round, they won't actually apply until Round 4.


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You all should have read the op so you know what you signed up for. It clearly states that any unhealthy or broken elements will be looked at and considered removed for future rounds of the tour. Your solution attempts to have this tour be based off the upcoming stats for beta but does that not go against the 'point' of the tournament as that's not a reflection of UU alpha. As I have already said if you wish to discuss about these topics whether it be suggestions or complaints then please pm us. Number Man has made a post in the metagame thread and, like I have previously stated, opinions like that won't be ignored.


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how is banning kommo and gengar an accurate representation of the tier? :| until it rises from usage or gets qb by council, banning it here goes against the point of the tournament
my g thought we were playing the UU open lol
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