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I’d like to request that Indeedee-F be added to the list of reservable Pokemon for the following reasons:
  • It's a new pokemon and all new pokemon are getting OU analyses
  • Precedent seems to imply that it will be tiered separately from Indeedee-M, since all out of battle form changes with different stats have been tiered separately in the past (see deoxys forms, rotom forms, kyurem forms, necrozma forms, gourgeist forms. only difference is the deciding factor is gender this time)
  • Even if it is not tiered separately there is precedent for it to get two separate analyses (see meowstic forms, greninja and ash greninja)
  • Its differing stats and access to Healing Wish (and Psycho Shift I guess) let it fill different roles competitively, it is not in practice 100% outclassed by Indeedee-M
I don't want to do the write-up but I really think it merits one.
Am I able to submit a Rocky Helmet Eldegoss set analysis? I'm new so I'm not too familiar with how this works but the set is reasonably different from the existing one and more in-depth.

Also Gardevoir

Jordy: no to Rocky Helmet Eldegoss and no to Gardevoir
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I'd like to reserve Cloyster. With the Meta-shift, I think it might have a place on some OU teams, and I accidentally wrote the whole thing already as a self-analysis.

Jordy: no
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