SwSh Multi-Format Tournament [Won by 100%GXE]


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My opponent has missed the scheduled time twice already :psygrump:
I am going to do subs now instead of later so people can hopefully get their matches done earlier
TectonicDestroyer vs TheFranklin (Opponent missed time twice then gave win)
kythr vs Elgino10 (Opponent never responded)

Important Note for players being subbed in: I cannot edit the challonge bracket so on challonge you will be listed as the player you are subbing in for. (Tectonic Destroyer in for Thethunderbirds and Elgino in for dargnzero)
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Replays are compulsory. When I posted Round 1 “Replays are required” was listed in bold and all caps. Please edit your win post and include replays.
Since multiple players have not included replays in their winposts this round, I have decided to make replays optional (but highly encouraged) in this first round. However from round 2 and onward replays will be mandatory, and I will be enforcing the replay rule.


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Looks like it's time for Round 2. So without further ado here are the week 2 matchups:
Once again, here is the bracket for the tournament https://challonge.com/sxsnaco
Shadowmonstr4 vs kythr
micoytancinco12 vs TacticalFacepalms
EpicBoost vs get_lucki
RaJ.Shoot vs Poison Adhesive
Aloopuriza vs Roginald
Plimsoll Punks vs Senpai D.M
-Latios- vs sagar0027
100%GXE vs NRTS
giove97 vs
Coinflip between Acselsior and Apesh!t Winner was Acselsior13
agenS vs Ho3nConfirm3d
youngsterjoeyv69 vs boyn
Velvet Blood vs Michael213
Triopsman vs TectonicDestroyer
byronthewellwell vs MorganORNot
Axgwd vs solonor24
Stareal vs King Leo V

(I wont be doing predicts today bc im lazy and tired. someone yell at me and remind me to do them tmrw)​
Edit: I meant to make the deadline this Thursday at 11:59 pm gmt-5, but I forgot to mention that in this post. Therefore I will still post the next round on Thursday, but everyone who's already scheduled for the weekend will automatically be given an extension.


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Shadowmonstr4 Can u edit the usernames in the challonge? Im currently listed as the thunderbirds >.>

Also, probs playing weekend.

GL Everyone!

Cant be bothered to do challonge predicts, so i'll just write them here.

Shadowmonstr4 (45) vs kythr (55) -- Shadow has been very active this gen, which i think gives him a slightly tbuilding advantages, but i think kythr playing ability will outway that.
micoytancinco12 (40) vs TacticalFacepalms (60)-- Facepalms got a huge win last week, expecting him to continue the momentum
EpicBoost (35) vs get_lucki (65) -- Idt epicboost likes this gen
RaJ.Shoot (50) vs Poison Adhesive (50) -- Highlight 1. Both are great players, slight edge to Adhesive but raj can rajhax, so this will be great.
Aloopuriza (40) vs Roginald (60) -- Better player in my opinion
Plimsoll Punks (65) vs Senpai D.M (35) -- ''
-Latios- (50.01) vs sagar0027 (49.99) -- Highlight 2. Both are good, slight edge to latios.
100%GXE(50) vs NRTS(50) -- HIGHLIGHT 3. This is by far the best match of the week. NRTS is a quality player who has managed to beat many tours players in the past, but GXE is very well versed in a lot of metas, so im excited for this one.
agenS (40) vs Ho3nConfirm3d (60) -- Better player i think
youngsterjoeyv69(45) vs boyn(55) -- Anime power will hax joey.
Velvet Blood (55) vs Michael213(45) -- :3
byronthewellwell (60) vs MorganORNot (40) -- Aussie domination
Axgwd (50) vs solonor24 (50)-- Dunno both players
Stareal(45) vs King Leo V (55) -- GO LEO
70-90% accurate Week 2 predicts
Spookymonster vs Keethare- shadow said he's played like 800 dou games so he'll prob win dou, this set will probably go the distance
Meecoi#12 vs Casual.x- CDE has never lost a game in his entire life
EPIC Vs Lu_cky- I dont wanna predict against the GOAT EB but lucki is also a ball of happiness and i dont wanna predict against em
Rawj v furretlover102- raj will just steal one of my teams and then forget my shoutout
AlOop vs Poginald- as long as he doesnt get frozen 4 times
SenPai vs punk- Punk has never won a game in his entire life
//latios// vs 007- Jamez bond
ME vs Not. Really. Tall. Shrimp- only game i ever win is vs punk
Agent* vs Hoenn*- both are good, best set this week tbh
Boeing vs rattata- Superior aircraft
AsaMii vs Michael#- bad at giving discord instructions
OnlyMorgan vs well*2- other best set this week
Axed vs Solonorr- he might get permabanned b4 they play so we'll c
Leo :p vs Realstar- leo has never lost a game in his entire life
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God is making his predictions for winner's bracket (not including myself):
Shadowmonstr4 (45) vs kythr (55): I feel both are competent players but i have not seen much from shadow outside of dou, whereas kythr has had good showings ranging from every tier. Should be a close one
micoytancinco12 (30) vs TacticalFacepalms (70): Micoy swears he wants me banned from the tours room, so that automatically makes this prediction chalked as fuck; go tacticalfacepalms!
EpicBoost (60) vs get_lucki (40): As arrogant as EB is, i have seen him display some level of skill when we have played, along with decent team selection. I have 0 clue who get lucki is so i have to go with who i recognize here.
RaJ.Shoot (55) vs Poison Adhesive (45): Raj has 100%GXE team support, which is honestly the only reason im bolding him. Raj is probably a better player, but my god the teams he makes are fucking ass. Dunno much ab Adhesive but i hear they're decent so ye.
Aloopuriza (50) vs Roginald (50): Super coinflip in my eyes. I'd give Aloo prep advantage but im not really impressed by either's playing abilities. Team selection and prep will decide who wins this.
Plimsoll Punks (55) vs Senpai D.M (45): Both don't strike me as amazing players tbh. Plimsoll uses better teams and probably has more experience.
-Latios- (60) vs sagar0027 (40): Latios aka tempering aka best mod in the tours room is the better player. Sagar had a good showing r1, but im nowhere near sold enough to predict him beating latios in a b03.
100%GXE (70) vs NRTS (30): GXE has repeatedly called me the goat, whether that's just to gas me up or not is IRRELEVANT. He's also miles better than NRTS, don't see this one being close tbh.
giove97 (45) vs Acselsior13 (55): Should be a close one, both are similar in skill in my eyes. Acselsior looks like the better builder, which is why i give him the edge.
agenS (60) vs Ho3nConfirm3d (40): DO NOT SLEEP ON AGENS PEOPLE IM TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW. I've played against him and seen him play myself, dude's super underrated imo. Ho3n i hear is decent, but i have no idea how active they've been recently, so going with my gut.
youngsterjoeyv69 (40) vs boyn (60): Joey's teams are decent, but i think big broski ainzcrad is not fuckin around this tour. I've also seen him play a lot more. Only reason its a 60/40 is because boyn in my eyes is fucking horrible at closing out games and chokes way more than your average player. If he corrects this, i think he might actually go farther than most anticipate.
Velvet Blood (60) vs Michael213 (40): Velvet from what I've seen is a better player. Only thing ik about Michael is he got laid out in ru alpha curtosy of my boy ramolost. I hope Velvet doesn't get too cute in the builder tho, just get the job done and win or else Michael might catch u slippin with ur weird ass teams.
Triopsman (45) vs TectonicDestroyer (55): Watched Tectonic's series last week, good shit dude. I think tectonic has a bit of the boyn syndrome tho, terrible at closing out games. Idk who triopsman is soooo.... idk?
byronthewellwell (65) vs MorganORNotc (35): dk much about either player. Byron was in ltpl and has proven himself to be good in the past, so that alone grants a bold with a good edge.
Stareal (50) vs King Leo V (50): People are sleeping on this mu as one of the highlights. My hatred towards Stareal is very well documented, but he is just coming off a great series win versus OD, displaying good prep skills and decent enough playing ability. I still think Leo's the better player, but if he doesn't prep well or being meme teams this could easily go south for him.

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