SwSh Multi-Format Tournament [Won by 100%GXE]


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Shadowmonstr4 Can u edit the usernames in the challonge? Im currently listed as the thunderbirds >.>

Also, probs playing weekend.

GL Everyone!

Cant be bothered to do challonge predicts, so i'll just write them here.

Shadowmonstr4 (45) vs kythr (55) -- Shadow has been very active this gen, which i think gives him a slightly tbuilding advantages, but i think kythr playing ability will outway that.
micoytancinco12 (40) vs TacticalFacepalms (60)-- Facepalms got a huge win last week, expecting him to continue the momentum
EpicBoost (35) vs get_lucki (65) -- Idt epicboost likes this gen
RaJ.Shoot (50) vs Poison Adhesive (50) -- Highlight 1. Both are great players, slight edge to Adhesive but raj can rajhax, so this will be great.
Aloopuriza (40) vs Roginald (60) -- Better player in my opinion
Plimsoll Punks (65) vs Senpai D.M (35) -- ''
-Latios- (50.01) vs sagar0027 (49.99) -- Highlight 2. Both are good, slight edge to latios.
100%GXE(50) vs NRTS(50) -- HIGHLIGHT 3. This is by far the best match of the week. NRTS is a quality player who has managed to beat many tours players in the past, but GXE is very well versed in a lot of metas, so im excited for this one.
agenS (40) vs Ho3nConfirm3d (60) -- Better player i think
youngsterjoeyv69(45) vs boyn(55) -- Anime power will hax joey.
Velvet Blood (55) vs Michael213(45) -- :3
byronthewellwell (60) vs MorganORNot (40) -- Aussie domination
Axgwd (50) vs solonor24 (50)-- Dunno both players
Stareal(45) vs King Leo V (55) -- GO LEO
Unfortunately I cannot edit the usernames on challonge. The site locks the bracket as soon as it is finished.


Tournament Banned
gonna make my predictions in advance of next round (not including myself)

me and stareal will be playing this weekend btw or else im calling act cuz i have exams ;)

Casual dot exe (35) vs kythr (65): This ones quite simple. CDE is good, but u cant bold someone when u think they are worse as a player and as a builder. Kythr's great, and i think cde is really gonna struggle now that he's playing a real player.
Poison Adhesive (65) vs (winner of get_lucki/epicboost) (35): I picked epicboost to win last round so this is why he's bolded. I had no idea get lucki was lanturnlight or else i'd change my predict LOOOL. Anyways, i give adhesive a 65% chance to win against either player. His playing skill combined with solid, standard teams leads me to believe he (or she idk) will not struggle one bit unless hes haxed. DONT MAKE ME LOOK BAD NOW.
Aloopuriza (55) vs Plimsoll Punks (45): Going with an upset pick here. I've heard PP is good but i have seen 0 evidence of this outside of r1 in this tour. Aloo is solid enough and will have good team support. Slight edge in what should be a close series
100%GXE (55) vs -Latios- (45): Easily highlight mu of the week if i dont count my own match. I am very high on both players skill level, but i think GXE is the slightest bit better. Tier selection and teams may decide who wins this. Should be a super close one cant wait for this
Acelsior13 (40% vs h03n, 35% vs agenS) vs (winner of AgenS/ho3nconfirmed3d): Both of these players will probably beat acselsior. I think he's good but he's no agenS or ho3n confirmed. He will have a good shot against h03n simply based on his builds, but i give him very minimal odds to beat agens because agens is equally as good a builder and better player.
TectonicDestroyer (65% vs morganORNOT, 49% vs Byronthewellwall) vs (Winner of Byronthewellwall (51) vs MorganORNOT (35)): Didn't know much about tectonic before this tour but i gotta say hes fairly good. Him vs Byron would be super close. I only give Byron the slighest bit of edge's ever because of his track record. Tectonic will wash morgan if he plays them though.
Velvet Blood (45 vs boyn, 70 vs youngsterjoey) vs(Winner of Boyn (55) vs Youngsterjoey (30)): Gonna trust boyn here. He knows almost every meta decent enough to put on a good match in any tier, idk if i feel the same about velvet even though she might actually be better playing wise.

Do not get offended if i called u bad. IF in any event u do, thats on u fam. These are UNBIASED predictions and reflect how i truly feel
e: just heard boyn lost to joey........ so velvet's getting a bye week basically lololol
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Time for Round 3! If your name is on the left you must lock your tier first. Once again, here is the full bracket https://challonge.com/sxsnaco
Matches from round 2 must be completed by 11:59pm gmt-6 on Wednesday. The deadline for round 3 is 11:59pm gmt-6 on the 23rd.

Some important notes: Pokémon Home is now in effect!
In OU Melmetal and Black Kyurem are banned
Ubers, UU, and RU will also function exactly how it is on ladder
is more of a unique situation. The dou council has voted to ban jirachi, Marshadow, and Black Kyurem and thus they are all banned from this tour even though the dou ladder has not yet been updated with the bans. Additionally, Melmetal is banned from dou on the basis of its strong bst and the dominance of double iron bash in trick room. Also, Terrakion may not be used on any team where a Pokémon knows the move Beat Up. Many in the dou community have commented on how beat up teams have improved substantially in gen8, and now that the best justified abuser in doubles is back and has made beat up teams extremely toxic. For this reason I believe it is best for the competition to simply ban the use of Terrak with beat up. Of course you can still use your pre-home beat up teams if you wish. All of these bans will be revisited in the next round after the tier councils have more time to decide on how the formats should move forward.
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