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We have made a change to the Backup/Restore All Teams button in the teambuilder. If you have 350 or more teams, your teams will be displayed in "packed string" format. Packed string format is a much smaller and less readable version of a team. For example:
We made this change so that loading the Backup/Restore All Teams screen would be less laggy when you have a large number of teams.

Unfortunately it has been brought to my attention that an unintended side effect of this change is that if you try to add teams of the original format to your packed team strings in Backup/Restore all teams, you will lose all your teams instead of adding the new ones. So, until we fix this, please do not mix different types of stored teams in Backup/Restore all team, instead add each new team by clicking "New Team" and then clicking "Import/Export" (which is next to the bar to set the team's name). In addition, if you have not already, or have not recently, backup all your teams. So if you accidentally lose your teams to your computer dying, your browser wiping your cookies, a bug on PS wiping them, or something else, you can recover them.

Were sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, a reply will be posted here once the issue is fixed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.


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agreed with gary, this feature is really inconvenient. i don't mind waiting for the backup teams box to open. i'm currently on untitled 2252 and it took under a minute for it to load with the old format (i don't remember more specific than that, i'm pretty sure it was under 30 seconds with a bunch of tabs open but i'm gonna stick with a really conservative estimate). you don't open it up unless you really need to but it's not like it crashes the tab or anything, if you've been around long enough to have 350 teams you know what you're dealing with when it comes to the backup tool. and instead of taking a minute (conservative estimate) to load but then being exactly like the teambuilder i'm used to using, it's a totally foreign structure that i have no experience looking at.

there should at least be a warning that the builder gets wiped in the short term until it gets fixed because many people aren't gonna see this thread

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