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School is almost done for the year but somehow more hell than usual for these next few days, please wait until Thursday at the earliest for me to get anything done.


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Friday (June 10th) through Sunday (June 12th) I'll be out of town for a basketball tournament. I ask for leniency on DQ if I'm up in anything, thank you and sorry for the inconvenience
Life is very busy for me as of late. I need to step back for a short bit to get things back in line, so I will have reduced activities until Sunday-Monday.

I will, however, try to make time for important things, but might need an extra day or two to do so.
Okay so people might have noticed I was running uncharacteristically behind this week. I'm opening a new store at work and the workload is immense. Opening day is this Wednesday and although I managed to find enough time today to catch up on everything consider me basically out of commission until this time next week. Frosty jayelt413 Dogfish44 Rainman Legends I will hopefully find the time to get to LCT matches if I am up, otherwise I will organise subrefs to take over while I am busy.
hi sorry for this somewhat late LOA
school just started for me and requirements are flying around, and since we leave at 4 and always have to go to the mall to buy requirements, like probably 100+ more ppl from my same batch will do, i get home somewhat late, and to top it off my internet's being shit (nice)
so i'm requesting some patience for 2 days
YellowAdminSilver @earthtraveler Willow Wisps Exclaimer Iggy Azalea AWailOfATail jayelt413 Gale Wing Srock and anyone else i missed (sry if i missed your name)


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I think most of you are aware of this, but I'm getting married (!!) over the next month. If you haven't noticed by my extreme lack of activity and lack of attention in competitive battles, I have already been gone for quite some time. I've been sneaking out the back door for a month now, so there isn't really anything I need to drop out of. We should be good on that front. I may sneak in a flash TLR with jayy over the next few days if I'm feeling sassy.

ZhengTann and jayelt413, I just posted orders in your gym matches. You should both be able to win. Due to this LoA, I am asking for a two month sabbatical from the Fighting-type gym. If this break is too long for the gym league's liking (Frosty) then I am willing to resign the position. But if allowed, I will return to accept challenges around August 19th. Rainman Legends and Dogfish44, I am sorry to do this, but I know I won't be able to provide the necessary attention to your matches if I accepted them now. Perhaps we could convince an interim gym leader (Elevator Music) to take your challenges using my Pokemon and arena?

That should be about it. Since I'm not participating in anything else, I will have just enough time to focus on tournament matches. So please do not disqualify me from matches unless I am egregiously over deadline. I will drop out of matches if I find that I can't devote enough time to them. Except for Team Tournament. Those guys are stuck with me no matter what :)

See y'all on the flip side!
I'll make this quick. Due to a combination of irl factors (resulting in my noticeable activity drop and splitting my full attention from orders, among other things), I will be taking a hiatus from ASB for an indefinite period of time, effective immediately, with the following exceptions:

1. I will continue to order for however long I have left in tourneys.

2. If/when Water Gym qualifiers start, I can make the five minutes a day to play my part, so I will be keeping my hat in that ring.

3. Anything miscellaneous I am involved in will be finished promptly, although I doubt there is much that falls under this category at this point.

I might post a claim before I go, but Other than that, I will be gone for the foreseeable future. No formalities as this has been a long time coming, and I don't have a great deal of time now, either.


I'm truly still meta, enjoy this acronym!
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Going to be away for the next two days, please give me a 48 hour extension on anything I'm approaching DQ in.
Guys life has been hectic, so requesting DQ leniency for the next two weeks till 9th July.
I could be inconsistently away during this time, so hit me up if I take too long.


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Sick since yesterday. Dunno when I will be able to get to things here.

EDIT: Better.
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I'm truly still meta, enjoy this acronym!
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I've posted on this page three times >.<

From now until Friday evening (EDT) I will have only occasional internet connection. I should be able to send things out or order second without a problem, but stuff that involves significant time to do is unlikely to happen.
Starting right now till the entirety of tomorrow (probably, unless I find a very convenient, foolproof, and clever excuse), I'll be gone. School + schoolwork, sadly. Of course, the only thing affected would be my TT2 with Dogfish44. Sorry DF ;;, I should've ordered today as well, but still doing schoolwork till now.


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Will be at camp from 8th 'til 10th of July, so dropping out of forums radar. Will be back by 11th July, give or take a few timezones.
A bit of an update with regards towards my tournament activity: things have gotten busier than busy enough to constitute my hiatus for me, so I may need a bit more time (although I hope I won't) to play my part over the next few rounds.

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